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Full text of "Michigan volunteers of '98; a complete photographic record of Michigan's part in the Spanish-American war of 1898"

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Michigan Volunteers of '98 

A Complete Photographic Record of Michigan's Part in the 
Spanish-American War of 1898. 

Published by G. F. STERLING & CO., Detroit, Mich. 


By Q. F. sterling & CO., 








Since the beginning of the war wilh, April 2r^ iSqS, Michigan has raised il\-e regiments, or nearly 
6500 n.:ien, and in tlie Naval l\.eser\^es over 300 men, etril:)ra.cing tlie Uncsl. yonng blood, of onr Sia.te. 

The Michigan, regiuients were organ i.zed at (.amp .Eaiou. .Island ]>ake. a.nd the meniory of life in the 
tented oily is one ihat tlie soldiers ^\■il] a.s long as tliey live. .It was the ])esl canii) in tiie Ignited 
Stal.:es. 'idle rec<..n"d of onr ])0y^ at tliia].), and at: (..diiekainanga, '.ranipa, an(.l (..)tl.ier Sou.tiier.n carnj)s, is one 
tl"ia,t our Sta.te .may well he |)r<."!i.!rl of; while tlie record, of tliose who participated in ilie bh.>ody battles of tlie 
war another bright si;H)t.. to oiu' Stat.e's history. 

Tlie close of tlie war, Angnsi 12, 1898, f!.>(rnd Miclrigan's sons on land, and sea, freeh' oifering their lis^es 
in defence of onr country's honor, and carrying lier iiag to gU.M.*iou.s vict(.>r3\ 

In. tlie .following pages wil.1 be f<.>nnd the (aces of onr patriotic heroes, s<..nne of whom rest in soi<.lier's 
graves forever the sod. ilieir niem<.)ry in the gratefu.! hearts of ou.r ].)eop1e. 

To th.ose who enlisted, tlieir families and friends, tliis memento is offered as faithful!)^' repi'esenting the 
active participants of Micliigan's part in. <..)ne of the most stirring events of our country's history. 

The Spanish-American War of 1898. 

APRIL II — President McKinley asked Congress for 
power to intervene in Cuba. 

APRIL 19 — Intervention ordered by Congress. 

APRIL 20, 11:24 a. m. — Resolutions signed by the 

APRIL 20 — Ultimatum cabled to Minister Wood- 

APRIL 21, 7 a. m. — Beginning of the war. 

APRIL 22, 5:45 a. m. — Admiral Sampson's fleet 
sailed from Key West to blockade ports of 

APRIL 22 — First gun of the war fired by the gun- 
boat Nashville. 

APRIL 23 — The President asked for 125^000 volun- 

APRIL 29 — Michigan Naval Reserves left Detroit 
for Newport News to man the auxiliary cruiser 

MAY I — A great naval battle fought in the harbor 
of Manila, Philippine Islands, and the Spanish 
fleet of ten vessels destroyed by the United 
States squadron, in command of Commodore 
George Dewey, 

MAY II — The gunboats Wilmington and Hudson 
and the torpedo boat Winslow in the first en- 
gagement in Cuban waters. Ensign Bagley and 
four other men of the Winslow killed. 

MAY 12 — Acting Rear Admiral Sampson's squad- 
ron bombarded San Juan, Porto Rico. 

MAY 16— Thirty-first Michigan left Island Lake for 

MAY 19 — ^Thirty-second Michigan left Island Lake 
for Tampa, Fla. 

MAY 19 — Arrival of Admiral Cervera and his 
squadron at Santiago de Cuba. 

MAY 24, 10:30 p. m.~Arrival of the battleship Ore- 
gon at Jupiter, Fla., after a voyage of 13,000 
miles from San Francisco. 

MAY 25 — ^The President's second call for troops — 

MAY 28 — Schley semi-officially reported by the 
auxiliary cruiser Harvard to be off Santiago de 
Cuba with twelve warships. 

MAY 28— Thirty-third Michigan left Island Lake 
for Camp Alger, Va. 

JUNE 3— -Lieut. Richmond P. Hobson and seven 
men take the collier Merrimac into channel of 
Santiago and sink it there, so as to close the 
harbor and prevent the escape of the Spanish 

JUNE 6— Thirty-fourth Michigan left Island Lake 
for Camp Alger, Va. 

JUNE 10 — The invasion of Cuba begun by the land- 
mg of 600 marines, after warships had silenced 
the enemy's forts at Guantanamo. 

JUNE II — ^American troops at Guantanamo at- 
tacked by the Spaniards, who were repulsed. 
Six Americans killed. 

JUNE 13 — The first expedition for Santiago left 
Key West, Maj.-Gen. Shafter in command. 

JUNE 15 — Second Manila expedition left San 

JUNE 20 — Arrival of Gen. Shafter and his army off 

Santiago de Cuba. 
JUNE 22 — Gen. Shafter's army landed at Baiquiri. 

JUNE 23 — ^Companies F, I, K and L, First Battal- 
ion, Thirty-fourth Michigan, and the Thirty- 
third Michigan sailed from Newport News, 
Va., on the cruiser Yale for Cuba. 

JUNE 24 — ^Ten men were killed, including Capt. 
Capron and Sergt. Hamilton Fish, Jr., both of 
Col. Wood's Rough Riders, and about forty 
wounded, in a skirmish with 2,000 Spaniards. 

JUNE 25— Gen. Chaffee took Sevilla. 

JUNE 26— Second and Third Battalions of the 
Thirty-fourth Michigan sailed on the Harvard 
from Newport News bound for Cuba. 

JUNE 27— Thirty-third Michigan and First Battal- 
ion Thirty-fourth Michigan landed at Baiquiri, 

JUNE 28 — Yosemite forced ashore the transport 
Antonio Lopez off San Juan, Porto Rico, and 
came off victorious in a fight with three Spanish 

JUNE 30— Two battalions of the Thirty-fourth 
Michigan landed in Cuba. 

JUNE 29 — Gen. Merritt sailed from San Francisco. 

JULY I — Michigan troops participated in the as- 
sault on Santiago de Cuba. 

JULY I and 2 — A general assault on Santiago de 
Cuba by the army and by ships was begun at 
7 a. m., the American troops capturing and 
holding the lines of the enemy. 

JULY 3 — Gen. Shafter demanded the surrender of 
the city of Santiago de Cuba. 

JULY 3— Admiral Cervera made a dash out of the 
harbor of Santiago to cut his way through the 
American ships, and his squadron was de- 

stroyed and many men and officers were killed 
by the fire of the Americans, under Commodore 

JULY 4— The Navy Department received a dispatch 
from Admiral Dewey announcing the arrival at 
Manila of the cruiser Charleston and the three 
transports, the City of Peking, the Colon and 
the Australia, with troops on board, on June 30. 
The squadron stopped at the Ladrone Islands 
and the Charleston bombarded the Island of 

JULY 6 — Lieut. Hobson and his Merrimac men 

JULY 6— Gen. Toral, commanding the Spanish 
forces at Santiago, sent a flag of truce to Gen. 
Shafter asking three days' grace and cable oper- 
ators to notify Madrid of Santiago's desire to 
surrender, all of which was granted. 

JULY 6— Rear Admiral Dewey chased the German 
cruiser Irene out of Subig bay with the Raleigh 
and the Concord. 

JULY 7— Maj.-Gen. Miles left Washington for San- 

JULY 12— A flag of truce waved by Gen. Toral at 
Santiago and the truce granted by Gen. Shafter. 

JULY 14 — Santiago surrendered, the United States 
government agreeing to return to Spain all the 
prisoners of war. 

JULY 17— The American flag was raised over the 
city of Santiago de Cuba. 

JULY 21— News reached this country that the sec- 
ond expedition to reinforce Admiral Dewey had 
arrived at Cavite. 

JULY 22— Troops C and A ordered to Porto Rico. 

JULY 23— Another expedition for the Philippine 
Islands sailed from San Francisco. 

JULY 25— Gen. Miles and 3,500 men reached Guan- 
ica, Porto Rico. 

JULY 25— Gen. Nelson A. Miles landed at Guan- 
ica, Porto Rico. 

JULY 26 — Peace overtures made by Spain were 
announced by the authorities at Washington. 

JULY 30— News of Gen. Merritt's arrival at Cavite 
received at Washington. 

AUGUST 12 — Peace protocol signed by M. Cam- 
bon, representing Spain, and Secretary of State 
Day for the United States, and the forces of 
both governments ordered to cease hostilities. 

Col, Kli R. Suttofi. Col. Clias, W. Iferbst 

'CM. 15. M. Irish. Gov. Piegree. 

A. A. C5e«i'1. 

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'WtilfRS-OiJARTErRSirHiCK^AUGA BA^Ki^f^-^ riuG^HCH-^L: 


S- > ' ^Iw" 

CO. A, 31 ST. RE6. MICH. VOL. CnpYRiGHT 1S98. STERLING 8f CO. DETRqit, 

p A- ^ -^ -^ 


'*:•%: 41- 

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C0.B.3ISTf?EG.MfCH.V0L. Copyright 1898, 5TERLIN6 &C0.DETROIT. 

|4. 1 i ^ 

■.COD:3I§I'RE6.MICH.VOL copyrisht 1898, STERLING &< CO. DETROIT. 

C0X,..31..ST. REG. MICH.VOL. Copyright 16 95 . STERKNG & CO.DE TR QJT. 


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GO.F. 31 ST REG. MICH. VOL... Copvrs&ht 1838, 



% ■■:*- :^^ ^^ ^^ c^^^f it^ ■^■■- #H . ^ ^,i 

COrH^ 3!^ f^K.MICH.VOL. ■ . copyright 1 898 STERLING &C0 DE T ROIT 

^ 'P*t' .,jirN-">- -lif"- 

CO. i . 31 sj REG. M ICH.VOL. Copyright 1693 , ST ERLi N& & CO.. DETROIT. 

4^ttk Ifi^. 

#% .f'%: ^'■ 

-■.-r ;.-;*^. 


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" ♦ ' ^\, : '■ * ::. ■' " ''1' a' _ ": :,'^ ■ "1 « 



:iT *"l^,ii W 

^"^ €> §'fx*^J^^' J^ 

CO. 1:31 ST. REG. MICH. VOL, 


^ #- ^k> 'M- Mr ^fi^ 


'IfdPYRjGHT 1838, 5TCRLIN6 & CO. DETROfT. ' 


3|~ ^^IICWVOL. O; 




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Ig'fg*! ^ *;! 

t|* ^ *|* *^ «% f%r% *^ *c*^ i^Pc* -»p^ ^ *^ *?»■ *e* 


t'O'. ar-3'2„Ni»: HE:o;m'| CH.VOL. GOPy^iGHT 189a.'STE.RL1NG'"i-Cd:D tl R IT. 

^--r ^'i^- #';;^ 



r% •#^::;;^ *^ ^ <^ 4* 


C0,E.32^^ REG/MICRVOL.. COPYRiGHt189a/5tERLiNf FCO.DtfKOn 

#■* -^^^^^-^^-^l. 

■''1!^" -isfi^ '^' '%' 

. VOL . C0PVRI6HT i-69 B ^-St eH LI f^tj-^%: Ca .OEf RC)fT. ^^^ ' -^f- 

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* ,*»^*^--, A;^'^--.'^ ;^ ^-'^ ^m *^A''^*r^^s^:^''^^*''^^^^ .m.: ' 'i 







iff *il'-liiJi * 

;:C0; L? 32*l?E53f MICMA/OC. copyright 1098: STERLlNe & CO DEJRplT, 

|t1li| -'||»; ]|P'|. 

#'f* # ^ 4^ ^ <t* S?. 




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COPvfliOri i 16- )8 STi^ JNG >:'. CO iJL 1 i^vTi '. ^ 

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P^^i :f * ■■ ^my^ 


^^*y^'^^y±^±^:LJL f- ^s^fffM. 

'^IO^^vXCPENA^■""■■ COPYRISHT I 898. sterling a CO. DETROtt;' 

^-t; # '^flf^ ^^ ^ij> ^ f* , f* :■ "^ 4- 

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i ■' =" . ^., ^ # - ^;\ ^.- -' ^^ ^^^^ ^, ^- ' :' ^ % ^^ ;■,'/■ \ . -4 ,J-:m 


^^tl '^^^t^^^^^l^.^t:^ 



■ 'to. D . 35 IP R ee. 'MiCH .•■■'sm«, . •■ -• CaPYRi^Hl 1 ^38 , STE^U NG & CO. DETHOtT.-"" . ' .-*. 

n|Si».y*Tii-v i 4 AollBii A \a.. iiii|i iiimini .jt .A iHi iiiiii J A»i,.. 

• -M «, *• ., ; ^^^ ^i': ■.» '■#, % 

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j3«D:-ne(|. ■Klfcw:#aLr 

loPYRi^HT laaS .STERLfKG & CO, DtTROiT. 

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'%l -.^X b-#SS^l?HEi '. mWk: voi: :''- ■ ■■■■'^^TSflKr Tarsf r s re rung ^"c a "dc? r o it; 

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I • 1 : I ^ : m': ^ l:: •■ iTi--^ . I'S-^^ '-^T-t ^^^ n ■•••^ :^ -: i-^ I I ^ L,^ 

'^^CO; K .-3 3 r'& R ^0' M'icH. Vol . ■ 

■Gopy«iGHT'i69&. Sterling & Co,.DETRof.T..' 

±^^^% ^ ± ^^ 


C L ; ^'f fex ■fteiiWfK^.SLJM qc"2-^:. 

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toilil-viJS f^R j^£%;Mf<A^-i:W0L:- 

■■■ ■fejVmo Wf 1 838. St tKLl N6 & CO.- DETR O tr. 


HOSPITAL Corps a-i-xr- f^elgx 


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CO . H . 3 4 T H R ei6 . M I C H .VOL.. Co pv R ioh t 13^8, 6T E -R L I N 6 . & CO. OETRO I T. 

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";io; B. 36 ly REG. MiGM.VOL. ".coPYmGHT iBSd-rSTERLlNG &C0 fiETROiT."^ 



'^"^ *■; *"^'t'*^'^fc^''! 


C0C.35^'^RE.G.f-liCH.V0t. cOPyr^iOHT i6y8 STCf^LING & CO. DETROIT. 


§f^., jl^.f I A *f ^ t^ .|:'5s^' 

,.;'.* .>i€p.B:35^.ReS.H}CfiTV0L. ' CopyRieHt 1808, STERL.IN6'&,C0.DETR0iT.. 

if. f^- *n; 

;: ••|^^' 

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T- :: jrf^'.W. • 'P^'^ >Wi; • ;'» , w -, g- w -i- ^« •''. ' W - W ,« i » » '^ « ^- ^ 

ta-l- ||;'J: te-^'^. # 1 ' ■ v ' ^ : «■ • ^ T '-•'•. S?- !^-^^^ ^^ MJCH. VOL COPYRIGHT !898, $TERL(NG a^CaOETfJOiX ^' 

■ ■!• :■ ,/*t ^^ ■*% 


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ft « I :*■'« I .'r; 




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2C^ .# 


CO H. 35 1« REG. M ICJi . VOL . copyri6ht 1898. 5TFRLIN6 & CO. DLTROfT. 

1. 35TM REG. MICH. vol . copyrisht 189 8 , STERLING * CO. DETROIT. 

*%. *% 1^ #*» €^ ^^ *% ^ r^ r» 

C0.K.3STH RE6. MICH. VOL. Copyright 1899, STERlJNG & CO. DETROIT. 

ii.^ ^ It 9. t. 1i ^21^ 

^ JeL. j^ ^ j^ -«. >-. i.i 


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iiP-:fL-.: ..^^-^i- •;^'="^:i. •^-^- : %«. --*»--*t«ri«^%* 

■ ft fl 

.... ■ .. -■ " C0.L.3S"''i:^ RF-G.MICH.VOL. copyright 1898. STERLING SrCO-DEIROCT. 


':■■ :-i-^?ii*:.:sr -^ --^" 

■ .COPYRIbHT 1898 ■ '. ^^^---^ i''- 

j:% -■..% m^'WS. 


7 Jack Hall, livening Sews, Detroit. 

8 Kd. J. Bulkley, Grand Rapids Deniocrat 

9 Hugo A. Giliiiartin, Detroit l~ree Press. 

M.K. Coolfv, Chief Kn 
D. h. Parker, P. A. Sur 

T. H. Newberry, I^ieut. Junior (h-adc. 

F. L). Staiiclish, K 
V. L. Katoii, Kiisi 

G. Wilkes, Ijeiit. 

S, H'eiidrie, Kusig'ri, 
W, R. Parker, Htistjfu. 


li i lii ii i iiii^ M 

sssmfisitmmiisssm i 


.. G. n. Brown, 33d Mk-h., Acting Ordnance Officer. 

Lieut. J. H. Found, 33d Midi., Acting A. I). C. 

Brjg.<;en. Diiffield. 

Major Cljarlea B. Nancrede, Chief SHrge< 
Capt James H. McMillan, A. Q. M. 

■Muster Roll Thirty-First Michigan Volunteers. 

Field and Staif. 

Cornelius Gardener, Colonel Detroit 

Fred Shubel, Jr., Lieut. -Colonel Lansing 

Henry L. Hunt, Major Jackson 

Charles W. Harrah, Major Detroit 

John P. Kirk, Major Ypsilanti 

Andrew P. Biddle, Surgeon Detroit 

Chas. D. W. Colby, Assrt. Surgeon.. Lansing 
Frank K. Owen, Asst. Surgeon.... Ypsilanti 

Elhridge W. White, Chaplain Jackson 

Chas. .H. Ruhl, 1st Lieut, and Qr... Jackson 
Fred'k L. Abel, 1st Lieut, and Adjt. .Detroit 

Sanford Hunt, Sergt. Major Jackson 

Robert L. Scott, Qr. Mr. Sergt Jackson 

Allen D. McLean, Hosp. Steward... Detroit 
Orrin H. Freeland, Hosp. Stwd..Ann Arbor 
Wallace G. Palmer, Hosp. Stwd.Ann Arbor 

Chas. iB. Boys, Ch. Mus Albion 

Fred A. Dixon, Pr. Mus Dexter 

Nelson E. Freer, Pr. Mus Chelsea 

Company A. 

Ross Granger, Captain; Ambrose C. 
Pack, 1st Lieut.; Martin L. Belser, 2nd 
Lieut.; William C. Cooper, 1st Sergt.; Fred 
Huntoon, Q. M. Sergt.; Dean M. Seabolt, 
Sergt.; John W. Haarer, Sergt,; Chas. L. 
Petrie, Sergt.; Albert C. Wilson, Sergt.; 
Wm. L. Walz, Corporal; Frank Tice, Cor- 
poral; Edward O. Schairer, Corporal; Earn- 
est Bethke, Corporal; Wm. F. Gates, Cor- 
poral; Chas. H. Watson, Corporal; Albert 
Long, 'Musician; Chas. Kyer, Musician; 
Louis A. Kraussi, Artificer; Albert Allmen- 
dinger, Wagonet, Ann Arbor. 

Privates— jRoy G. Alexander, Adolph G. 
Andres, Oscar F. Burkhardt, Waldo B. 
Bach, Fred Bury, Arthur A. Baker, Wm. P. 
Baker, Elmer B. Bancroft, Sidney M. 
Bangs, Edson S. Bastin, Edward Blerce, 
Adam J. Bross, Elihu H. Boynton, Florian 
A. Carnal) John Caywood, Percy C. Church, 
Earl A. Clcmans, Oscar P. Cole, Edmond P. 
Conde, Wm. Corsion, Adrial A. Crawford, 
•Otis A. Critchett, Lynn A. Coyle, W. Fred 
Dodsley, Eugene Gender, Irving Edwards, 
Herman J. Ehnis, Richard L. Flynn, Math- 
•ew Fischer, John I. Flynn, Hugh E. Gal- 
Ifgan, Frank W. Garlinghouse, Sheldon 
Granger, Marvin Gray, Algernoh Green, 
Arthur Herbert, Clarence B. Hurrey, Geo. 
T. Hoelyle, Edward W. Hoelyle, Chas. F. 
Juttner, Arthur .Tones, Willis G. Johnson, 
Frank B. Kearney, Carl S. Kennedy, Sam- 
uel T. Lee, Willis Kent, W^m. L. Kimmel, 
Albert Kline, Chas. La Year, Russiell Lom- 
bard, Ralph V. D. Magoffin, Gustave M. 
Meyer, Andrew Maulbetsch, Noble E. Mon- 
iroe, Bruce Monroe, Wm. H, Murray, Jno. 
W. Murphy, Edward L. Morrison, Jno. H. 
-Notley, Samuel F. Nichols, Harry B. Pond, 
Wm. B. Richmond, Robert E. Robinson, 
IBdward Ross, Chas. F. Severson, Jno. A. 
l*errin, Jno. W. Reilly, Isaac G. Reynolds, 
Jaa R. Sage, Philip R. Sherman, Gustave 
H. Sodt, Jerome B. Stocking, Lee Stumpen- 
"husen, Ann Arbor; Chas. W. Skinner, Te- 
cumseh; Otto Schwemen, Jas. E. Tice, Jno. 
P. Trojanowski, Fred Von Walthausen, 
Frank A. Wagner, Wesley J. Wilson, Arba 
Wilson, Clyde E. Wilson, Walter M. War- 
ren, Wm. O, Wright, Arthur C. Warren, 
Arthur Wistrand, Max Wittlinger, Ann Ar- 

Company B. 

James M. Hollo way. Captain; Edwin A. 
Wells, Ist Lieut.; Myron C. Bond, 2nd 
Lieut.; Wm. W. Bird, 1st Sergt.; Frank 
Freitag, Q. M. Sergt. ; Guy M. Claflin, Sergt. ; 
Chas. C. Burger, Sergt. ; Matt. Riley, Sergt. ; 
John J. Morris, Sergt.; Wm. D. Schoolcraft, 
Corporal; Claude Peters, Corporal; Wm. 
Chamberlain, Corporal; Chas. Sortor, Cor- 
poral, Ernest Bitley, Corporal; Earnest B. 
Davis, Corporal; Edwin Spies, Musician; 
Geo. H. Walker, Musician; Wm. L. Snede- 
ker, Artificer; John Terry, Wagoner, 

Privates— Denmer L. Andrews, Chas. H. 
Austin, Wm. S. Armstrong, Chas. E. Bart- 
rem, Chas. F. Bohn, John Beyer, James L. 
Carlton, Dan. Connors, Fred. S. Conklin, 
Thos. Carlton, Obert B. Clark. Jno. F. 
Conger, Peter Costello, Henry J. Dietz, 
Wm. M. Delano, Edward A. Dryden, 
Joshua E. Drake, Stuart Daft, Herbert P. 
Delano, Geo. R. Erlacher, Geo. E. Fiske, 
Geo. W. Fletcher, Edward A. Gallagher, 
Fred H. Gray, Henry J. Griewalm, Chas. 

A. Gussenbauer, Ward A. Gambee, Wm. 

B. Goodwill, Lewis Goldsmith, Orie O. 
Gardner, Edward Hoddinott, Chas. P. 
Hoeft, Jno. E. Hunter, Wm. H. Howe, 
Chas. Hammill, Wm, H. Himes, Arthur M. 
Howell, Fred A. Hines, Jas. H. Inglehart, 
Samuel D. Jay, Glenn Judson, Herman W. 
Kramer, Walter M. Knight, Chas. F. 
Lange, Asa Lane, Chas. O. Lawrence, Geo. 
F. Leas, Earl C. Minchener, Herbert W. 
Milner, Charlie R. Mudge, Jno. May, Her- 
man D. Meyer, Andrew Molloy, Walter S. 
Marshall, Samuel W. McClure, Willie S. 
Mackenzie, Ernest S. Meyers, Ralph B. 
Morse, Fred W. Matthes, Frank A. Olm- 
stead, Frank W. Peavey, Geo. A. Peavey, 
Frank D. Price, Vern Pattison, Marvin B. 
Rumsey, Jno. M. Randies, Harley A. Ray- 
mond, W'm. O. Raynor, Jos. C. Seabolt, 
Chas. B. Smith, T. Xury Swick, Albert O. 
Schultz, Harry G. Scott, Geo. C. Sparks, 
Daniel R. Smith, Oscar H. Smith, Chas. A. 
Thompson, Butler Treat, Chas. W. Vande- 
grift, Jno. M. Vogt, Fred L. ^agner, Wm. 

A. Wellivere, Wilbur S. Westerman, Walter 
W. Wheeler, Frederick Whitmarsh, Lewis 
Willis, Harry M. Warner, Thos. J. Wood- 
ward, Lavergne H. Wilcox, Wm. Watson, 
Wm. C. Wright, Adrian. 

Compamy C. 

Thos. R. Kyle, Captain, Teaumseh; Harry 
U. Kies, 1st Lieut., Manchester; Roy B. 
Hughes. 2nd Lieut., Tecumseh; Frank A. 
Nay, 1st Sergt, Holloway; Jas. R. Winsley, 
Q. M. Sergt., Britton; Geo. L. Rubadon, 
Sergt., Tecumseh; Willis G. Green, Sergt., 
Manchester; Geo. L. Bond, Sergt., Tecum- 
seh; Frank M. Drumm, Sergt., Jackson; 
Oscar S. Hall, Corporal, Chas. M. Doolittle, 
Corporal; Thos. Lowry, Corporal; Harry 
J. Pattison, Corporal; Reuben R. Van Win- 
kle, Corporal; Edward J. Prichard, Cor- 
poral, Tecumseh; Harry A. Driggs, Music- 
ian, Palmyra; Milton E. Jenkins, Musician; 
Olin E. Hodges, Artificer; Ralph S. Cum- 
mings, Wagoner, Tecumseh. 

Privates— Obed J. Alvord, Clinton; Ray 

B. Brazee, Tecumseh; Fred B. Burtless, 

Manchester; Archie C. Beebe, Jno. J. 
Blessing, Wm. M. Boyd, Jno. Breen, Te- 
cumseh; Chas. M. Banfleld, Ann Arbor; 
Herbert H. Bradley, Albion; Frank H. 
Covell, Dundee; Earle F. Chase, Manches- 
ter; Wm. B. Crosley, Clinton; Wm. E. 
Chase, Jno. K. Bailey. Chas. A. Beasley. 
Bert A. Brazee, Jackson; Theodore J. 
Davis, Tecumseh; Geo. Dibble, Cone; 
Frank C. Dudley, Corning, N. Y.; Arthur 
A. Davis, Adrian; Fred A. Ellis, Cone; 
Bret W. Eddy, Clinton; Chas. W. Eckert, 
Geo. W. Graves, Berten A. Fisher, Ridge- 
way; Edward H. Grossman, Manchester; 
Leon C. Gray, Clifford R. Hendershot, Te- 
cumseh; Alvin J. Hough, Manchester; Wil- 
lard S, Holmes, Ann Arbor; Geo. P. Hart, 
Michigan City, Ind. ; Lewis F. Holtz, 
Adrian; Chas. W. Herrmann, Wm. E. Hag- 
adorn, Chas. A. Kapp, Ann Arbor; Geo. A. 
Kennedy, Earl Kelly, David J. Kern, Jno. 
Krant, Blissfield; Arba W. Luce, Jesse L. 
Lee, Palo; Edward McMahon, Ann Arbor; 
Fred Marsh, Tobias J. Mudget, Jno. B. 
Miller, Wm. C. Marx, Geo. Malon, Henry 
Moe, Samuel B. Montgomery, Wm. M. 
Naumann, Fred J. Nobles, Will O. Os- 
borne, Lyman B. Ousterhut, Edward A. 
Packard, Frank Pagel, Tecumseh; Homer 
O. Palmer, Manchester; Harry N. Patton, 
Thos. Prest, Terre Haute, Ind.; Ferdinand 
H. Ray, Sandusky, O. ; Albert L. Rector, 
Chas. A. Ryan, Tecumseh; Shirley L. 
Smith, RJdgeway; Jas. F. .Smith, Ernest O. 
Spaulding, Tecumseh; Wm. G. Stewart, 
Macon; Leon W. Slattery, Tecumseh; Jas. 
A. Sullivan, Clark B. Semark, Clinton; 
Barnard J. Salsbury. Cambridge ; Henry M. 
SpofCord, Fr^nklinville, N. Y.; Chas. C. 
Stark, Ann Arbor; Burton A. Sweet, Car- 
son City; Geo. D. Schaffer, Ann Arbor; 
Clarence E. Smith. Delray; Ted Sullivan, 
Jno. Senger, Geo. Smalley, Cyrus L. Stev- 
ens, Ann Arbor; Chas. A. Teaboldt, Clin- 
ton; Edward A. Uphaus, Clifford Under- 
wood, Manchester; Jas. Van Horn, Lapeer; 
Geo. W. Winsley, Britton; Fred D. Welch, 
Tecumseh; Jno. L. Whetsell, Arthur S. 
Weeks, Macon; Willard A. Wheeler, Ann 
Arbor; Gust A. Wuerthuer, Manchester; 
Francisr A. Wiggins, Britton; Frank L. 
Wootten, Adrian. 

Company D. 

Cyrus F. Smith, Captain; Chas. G. Is- 
mon, 1st Lieut.; Louis J. Collins, 2nd 
Lieut.; Robt. B. Stevens, 1st Sergt.; Mich- 
ael Maloney, Q. M. Sergt.; Wm. C. Shana- 
felt, Sergt.; Chas. E. Bretherton, Sergt.; 
Walter E. Heyser, Sergt.; Jason B. Hunt, 
Sergt.; Geo. C. Brink, Corporal; Ralph H. 
Smith. Corporal; Fred H. Lake, Corporal; 
Seth S. Bean, Corporal; Frank Hurd, Cor- 
poral; Albert E. Taylor, Corporal; Elbridge 
J. Aiken, Musician; Luther A. Nowlin, Mu- 
sician; Geo. F. Frushard, Artificer; Cor- 
nelius J. Crf^bb, Wn goner, Jack-nn. 

Privates— Harry R. Avery, Walter L. 
A\ery, Jas. A. Poland, Daniel L. Brown, 
Chas. Buckingham, Chas. E. Bancker, Jno. 
M. Eeckwith, Florenz Breitmayer, Don L. 
Clement, Alexander Carpe, Wm. A. Cass- 
ler, Wm. A. Chalcroft. Fred A. Caldwell, 
John J. Gushing, Walter A. Crowe, Harry 

W. Donnelly, Wm. P. Dallugge, Thos. B. 
Elliott, Eliphalet E. Ensign, Welby A. 
Eadie, Chas. R. Eadie, John E. Eckman, 
Henry Bbbert, John C. Freitag, Mervin 
Ferris, Edward Finney, Martin E. Fuller, 
Jas. Fyannes, Chas. E. Foren, Earnest D. 
Gregg, Geo. M. Griest, Paul A. Gardner, 
Chas. D. CJrimth, Sherman S. Huird, Arthur 
F. Hennessey, Fred C. Hall, Geo. E. Hoyt, 
Chas. W. Jackson, Lansing; Jas. 
Jewell, Clyde E. Kerns, Paul S. King, Fred 
Killeen, Joseph Kirk, Clarence S. Linder- 
man, i\lbert Lake, Chas. D. Livingston, 
John E. Murray, Percy P. Moore, Harry C. 
Miller, Lawrence B. Merrick, Geo. A. Ma- 
loney, Jno. AV. Maybee, Jackson; Michael 
F. McCarthy, Detroit; Clarence McCain, 
Frederick W. McGraw, Leon J. Miller, 
Fred A. Miller, Chas. F. Morse, Geo. H. 
Mcllvaine, Chas. F. March, Chas. H. Neu- 
mayer, Chas. Oswick, Jas. M. O'Neill, Thos. 
W. Payne, David B. Phillips, Lewi» L. 
Pike, Jackson; Jas. A. Quackenbusih, Lan- 
sing; C!has. E. Riker, Roy C. Rose, Harry 
A. Stanbridge, Guy B. Sample, Christie A. 
Stearns, Jep|tha P. Speer, Frank Stadel- 
man, Geo. JF. Stadelman, Christian Schne- 
irla, Arthur C. Streeter, Jackson; Albert 
Schuon, Lansing; Benja^nin C. Turner, 
Warren 11. Tinker, Howard B. Tracy, Geo. 
R. Walker, Fred C. Willison, Jack J. Wat- 
son, Fane B. Whedon, Carl F. Wakeman, 
Chas. M. Wooten, Jno. H. Wiley, Jackson. 

Cainpany E. 

Robt. J. Crais-, Captain; Jno. C. Durst, 
1st Lieut.; Frank A. Baker, 2d Lieut.; Ed- 
ward H. Baker, 1st Sergt.; John I. Mat- 
thews, Q. M. Sergt.; Frank G. Leadley, 
Sergt.; J. Charles McCuUough, Sergt.; 
Marsh L. Hoffman, Sergt.; Otis R. Cole, 
Sergt.; Walter J. Hasse, Corporal; John W. 
Atchison, Corporal; Frank P. Dunnebacke, 
Corporal; Henry P. Baumgras, Corporal; 
Wm. J. Cook, Corporal; Thos. S. Scott, Cor- 
poral; Luther A. Moses, Musician; Walter 
C. Huffman, Musician; John F. Powers, Ar- 
tificer; Wm. Daniels, Wagoner — Lansing. 

Privates.— Oliver R. Austin, Jno. J. 
Barnes, Frank N. Bovee, Henry Behrendt, 
Thos. S. Beals, Jr., Fred W. Baumgras. 
Frank D. Boult, Leland C. Briggs, Walton 
K. Brainard, Frederick Bearley, F. Carroll 
Caine, Robt. E. Cole, Howard L. Clark, Jas, 
Culver, Fred. T. Champion, Jno. C. Crouch, 
Ralph W. Clark, Wm. M. Coopes, Wm. A. 
Dell, Rov E. Dresser, Homer P. Donovan, 
Jo. C. Duranceau, Benj. H. Davis. Jack 
Daniels, Wm. Decke, Edgar A. Durfey, 
Earnept G. Eddy, Frank B. Edison. Her- 
bert A. Edison, Chas. Edington, Otto M. 
Elohele, Frank J. Bckenfels, Ralph S. Fin- 
Velstein, Beni. M, Fowler, ,Tohn Farrell, 
Carleton F. Gardner, Germond A. Graham, 
Don M. Gleason, Oliver C. Hollister, Geo. 
C. Henderson, Herbert C. Hendershot, 
Frank Henery, Hugh W. Harmon, Lemuel 
J. Hart, Don B. Jewell, Marvin R. Knicker- 
bocker, Chas H. Lawrence, Chas. W. Lin- 
den. Paul Lepke, Wm. C. Mathews. Burr 
McCurdy, Ernest D. McMillan. Wm. E. Mc- 
Phee. Ora H, May, Nicholas Moers, Phelps 
L. Millar. Frank W. Payne, Frank H. 
Presley, Frank H. Peck, Chas. J; Frost, 

Chas. H. Rufly, Allan M. Russell, Fred L. 
Rice, Chas. T. Retter, Ro*bt. R. Reece, 
Stewart R. Ramage, Claude B. Reeve, Don 

E. Robbing, Barton C. Reynolds, Wm. Sher- 
wood, Louis Shattuck, Frank Shattuck, 
Fred. T. Stewart, Chas. H. Sabin, Fred. H. 
Shadwin, Louis F. Spice, John K. Step^hen- 
son, Pliil. Shepard, Chas. O. Tompkins, 
Clyde W. Truxwell, Elmer H. Turrill, Dan- 
iel C. Trumble, Elmer H. Trumley, Frank 
S. Wimble, Clarence Winchell, Chas. M. 
WUlson, Jacob J. Zeeb, Karl A. Zimmerer 

Company F. 

Creorge P. Griffin, Captain; Roy C. Van- 
dercook, 1st Lieut.; Chas. J. Whiting, 2d 
Lieut.; Wm. A. Olds, 1st Sergt.; Chauncey 
J. Ingalls, Q. M. Sergt.; Earle H. Gregg, 
Sergt.; Warren A. Small, Sergt.; Fred. C. 
Parker, Sergt.; Robert C. Thorburn, Sergt.; 
Wm. P. Rayner, Corporal; Frank H. Wil- 
lianis, Corporal; Chas. R. Bullen, Corporal; 
Oliver A. Harris, Corporal; Wm. W. Morse, 
Corporal; Byron W. Bushnell. Corporal; 
Cornelius L. Carrier, Musician; Frank M. 
Smith, Musician; Frank C. Ives, Artificer; 
Chas. T. Wilcox, Wagoner— Mason. 

Privates.— Eugene L. Allen, Fred. Bortle, 
Sthel J. Blakely, Leonard Banghart, E^ank 
J. Brainard, Harry J. Bond. Ray H. Bird, 
Mason; Jas. E. Ballard, Lansing; Wm. M. 
Colbath, Wm. L. Clark, Jr., Walter Cas- 
well, Ray L. Chase, Eby C. Carr, Harry D. 
Curtis, Earl A. Cleveland, Orla J. Carn, 
Chas. E. Collard, Arthur E. Coburn, Willis 
H. Crownover, Lansing; Frank E. Carrier, 
Mark Dever^aux, Henry F. Dell, Alvin L. 
Dowllng, Harry H. Dyer, Frank J. Emmer, 
William Franklin, Albert E. ^French, Myron 
Foskit, Harry Flintz, Chester Gardner, 
ArcOiie D. Gates, David A. Grimes, Ernest 

B. Garrison, Judson Gregory, Floyd N. 
Grow, Walter D. Gulick, Albert Holock, Jerry 
M. Kent, Mason; Wm.Kunkleman, Lansing; 
Bert G. Lyon, Andrew G. Lang, Alexander 
Ijang', Wm. E. Liafurge, Chas. Millbury, 
Glenn R. Morse, Edward W. Milburn, 
Clarence L. Madden, Joseph Miller, Chas. 
I. Merritte, Clyde A. May, Lorenzo 

F. iMiller, Burton B. Miller, Walter 

A. McCoy, Mason; Timothy J. Mann- 
ing, Michael A. Mahoney, John Managh, 
Lansing; Axel Nilson, Fred. A. Nichols, 
Earl Norten, Chester A. Osborne, Wm. 

C. Pratt. Burdette J. Potter, Harrie 

B. Price, Will H. Perrin, Chas. A. Purdy, 
Ambrose M. Potter, Marvin Pratt, Josei^h 
H. Phtnkett, Chas. B. Pierce. Mark P. Pier, 
Wm. D. Patrick, Nelson E. Rogers, Edward 

C. Rumer, Wilbur Raum, Geo. Rehm, 
Hanson P. Ripley, Daniel J. Rice, Jas. E. 
Rice, Millard Sw^eeney, Elon A. Smith, 
Herbert H. Sitts, Frank R. Smith, Geo. L. 
Tallman, Geo. Thorsby, Leroy M. Van 
Wagner. Arthur W. Willcox, Chas. Wash- 
burn, Wm. B. Walker, Austin Young, Chas. 
H. Zickgraf, Rutherford B. Hawn, Geo. W. 
Peterson, Mason. 

Ooiiipany G. 

Frank D. McKeand, Captain; Fred W. 
Green, 1st Lieut.; Elmer Warner, 2d Lieut.; 
Andrew Stoll, 1st Sergt.: Geo. Kenny, Q. 
M. Sergt.: David R. Morford, Sergt.; Alec 
R. Boutell, iSergt.; Joseph F. Webb, Sergt.; 
Chas. Campbell, Sergt.; Matt Kirk, Corpor- 
al; Guy Tuttle, Corporal; John T. Spencer, 
Corporal; Edwin Wier, Corporal; Frank A. 
Palmer, Corporal; Edward Owen, Corporal; 
Walter Pierce, Musician, Ypsilanti; Clyde 
A, Bewltt. Musician, Dexter; Alex LeDuc, 
Artificer. Detroit; Fred. Yedely, Wagoner, 

Privates; — Earl Y. Austin, Ann Ar- 
bor; Jno. M. Alexander, Lawton; Ab- 
bott W. Avery, Clarence E. Bots- 
ford, Da:vid Brooks, Albert Bennett, 
John Bishop, Ypsilanti; Geo. Brown, Den- 
ton; Jas. M. By craft, Ed. J. Burgess, Ypsi- 
lanti; Theodore M. Burgess, Milan; Philip 
J. Becker, Bridgewater; Ormand Burt, Ypsi- 
lanti; Fred. Bunn, Ann Arbor; Talcott W. 
Crane, Carleton; Ralph Churchill, Burnside; 
Myron Cady, Chas. Cady, Ypsilanti; Win- 
ford C. Campbell, Ann Arbor; Geo. J. Cox, 
Brighton; Robt. Crowley, Hamburg; Frank 
W. Campbell, Walter Cole, Fred. C. Coquil- 
lard, Marion Darling, Thos. Donaihue, Ypsi- 
lanti; Jas. S. Doyle, Detroit; Merritt L. 
Deyo, Denton; Frank J. Dickerson, Ann 
Arbor; Chas. B. Eaton, Don Freeman, Ypsi- 
lanti; Spencer K. French, Ann Arbor; Wm. 

E. Felt, Waltz; Wilbur C. Farrington, Geo. 
A. I^rick, Ypsilanti; Andrew B. Glaspie, 
Oxford; Wm. Garner, Ypsilanti; Frank 
GafCney, Ann Arbor; Chas. A. Garner, 
Albert Horsman, Ypsilanti; Earl B. Hawks, 
Dowagiac; John R. Hudson, San Jose, Cal.; 
Howard M. Harris, Chas. V. Hylen, Cadil- 
lac; Harry L. Hunt, Ypsilanti; Jno. B. 
Hillman, Ann Arbor; Clarence M. Harring- 
ton, Chas. H. Hyzer Edmond Hewitt Ed- 
ward A. Jackson, Wta. Jeseph, Frank E. 
Kirk, Joseph N. Kirby Ypsilanti; Isaac N. 
Kinney, Ann Arbor; John Kolb, Ypsilanti; 
E(fear A. Moore, Cambria: Arthur L. 
Macomber, Grant G.. Macomber, Brighton; 
Geo. E. McKona, Ann Arbor; Lee Mc- 
Pherson; Frank Pickrem, Clyde Pierce, 
Louis W. Perrine, Etnest C. Philips, Geo. 
Ridhel, Harry Rose, Wm. Renton, Fred. H. 
Smith, Harry L. Summer, Ypsilanti; Samuel 

A. Smith, Howell; Frank Shcstterly, Samuel 

F. Stewart, Ann Arbor; Fred. J. Simons, 
Wilbur J. Tuttle, Herbert B. Tenny, Melvin 
Temple, Wm. Thayer, Leon Tenney, Joseph 
Vokaoh, Ypsilanti; Otto Von Renner, Rich- 
ville; Wm. Van Riper, Ypsilanti; Dwight G. 
Watson, Lacota; Clinton Wellbrook, Robt. 
Wint, Wm, Wain. Everett W. Wiard. Ypsi- 
lanti; G^o. W. Wood, Bangor; Daniel W. 
Webster, Ann Arbor; Elzer C. Winters, 
Wm. Youngs, Ziegler Paul, Ypsilanti. 

Company H. 

Benjamin O. Newell, Captain; Homer D. 
Na^h, 1st Lieut.; Thos. H. Phillips, 2nd 
Lieut.; Hugh R. Wetmore, 1st Sergt.; Mur- 
ray Irwin, Q. M. ISergt.; Halbert E. Wat- 
kins, Sergt.; Albert M. McGee, Sergt.; 
Benjamin M. Byrne, Sergt,; Samuel J. 
Klner, Sergt.; Walter Crosby, Corporal; 
Airthur (E. Huntley, Corporal; Chas. A. 
Conway, Corporal; George Lukes, Cor- 
poral; Carleton A. Harris, Corporal; Harry 
Van Antwerp, Corporal; John L. Meyfarth, 
(Musician; Fred Chapin, Musician; Birney 
J. Blanchard, Artificer; Chas. H. Ward, 
Wagoner, Jackson. 

Privates.— Fred B. Anderson, Chas. H. 
Allen, Geo. A. Adams, Jr., Will B. Allen, 
Harry C. Bailey, Walter R. Bailey, Frank 

B. Bannister, Erick L. Bostrom, Frank 
Blackman, Albert K. Briggs, Clarence J. 
Caldwell, Chas. Clissold, Geo. W. Cole. Geo. 
W. Crosby, Meade Correy, Roy W. Cham- 
berlain, Floyd Cummings, Chas. R. Clough, 
Converse A. Dyer, Hugh L. Davis, Chas. 
E. Denton, Chas. C. Dienst, Chas. O. 
Daniels. Jas. O. Evans, Daniel J. Fowler, 
Jackson; Lewis A. Frost. Armada; Dick S. 
Ford, Albion; Howard C. Frink, Jackson; 
Bert E. Gray, Tecumseh; Willard B. Gard- 
ner, Albion; Clifford Greene, Guy E. Hol- 
comb, Jr., Wm. E. Hardy, Ernest F. Hinz, 
Sidney C. Haywood, John W. Hules, Wm. 

F. Haag, Gilroy H. James, Ralph R. Jones, 
Xerxes A. Jones, Herbert W. Johnson, 
Daniel Johnson, Peter Jansen, Thos. James, 
John E. Kinkead, Jackson; August E. Kar- 
ner, Tecumseh; Edward S. Lemon, Geo. B. 
King, Harry M. Luttenton, Charles R. 
Luttenton, David Marshall, wm. H. 
(Miller, Frank A. Mathews, Harry S. 
Magee, Edward McDonald, Wm. C. Mc- 
Lean, Fred B. Morris, Chas. W. Markey, 
Jos. Needham, Wm. J. Nichols, Ira Palmer, 
Geo. Primeau, Frank E. Phelps, Nathan S. 
Potter, Jr., Kennedy L. Potter, Arthur 
Poole, Wm. H. Pudel, Earl Quirk, Horace 
Reason, Albert O. Reece, Albert G. Riggs, 
Chas. W. Ryan, Wm. J. Shirley, Maurice 
E. Shaw, Walter R. Snow, Wm. M. Spicer, 
Frank H. Stallknecht, Floyd S. Teall, Jack- 
son; Glenn A. Trowbridge, Ann Arbor; C. 
Emmett Vining, Clark Lake; Thos. Vree- 
land, Schubert Welling, Herbert O. Weston, 
Jay B. Waggoner, Robt. L. Way, Loren F. 
Washburn, Percival ,H. Wilson, Geo. D. 
•Wickwire, Fred W. Allen, Irvin E. Austin, 
Frank E. Jones. W^m. J. Miles, Jackson. 

Company I. 

Duncan Henderson, Captain; Walter G. 
Rogers, 1st Lieut.; Wm. A. Campbell, 2d 
Lieut.; Geo. Barger, 1st Sergt.; Stephen R. 
Renton, Q. M. Sergt.; Victor M. Dumas, 
Sergt ; Lewis Thai, Sergt. ; Geo. R. Wool- 
fenden, Sergt; Lewis McMullen, Sergt., 
Detroit; Herbert F. Davis, Corporal; Chas. 
L. Dibble. Corporal; Edward M. Bruckner. 
Corporal; Wm. M. Kay, Corporal; Walter 
S. King, Corporal; Elias W. Cross, Corpor- 
al; Earl J. Howes, Musician; Burr Burton, 
Musician; Edward H. Walker, Artificer; 
Frank Elliott, Wagoner, JacJiSon. 

Privates— C. O'Reilly Atkinson, Geo. W. 
Andrews, Harry W. Andrews, Chas. Ander- 
son, Wm. T. Bourke, Aloysius Bailer, Geo. 

D. Bailey, Mark H. Baker, Joseph Bryans, 
Wm. C. Burns, Ford Bellinger, Frederick 
A. Carse, Harry H. Craigie, Wm. R. Cut- 
ting, Bert Derindinger, Jackson; Everett 
Dibble, Howell; Chas. E. Dohany, Edward 
Davison, Robert Danforth, Frank Diedrick, 
Louis L. Dunbar, Gordon M. Bddington, 
Wm. J. Egan, Ambrose Ege, John D. Fur- 
niss, Harry W. Fielding, Harry M. Gillette, 
Edward C. Gray, Martin Gapski, Willis 
Hausner, Albert B. Henderson, Herman 
Hildinger, Richard HougOaton, Rheinhart 
Hundriesser, Frederick J. Harris, Albert 

E. Hamilton, Henry E. Houle, Claude D. 
Kane, John T. Kerwin, Arthur J. Knox, 
Chas. A. Learned, Roy Logan, Geo. K. 
Lawrence, Wm. L. Love. Griffith W. Lang- 
ley, Wm. J. May, Geo. F. Mero, Daniel J. 
Minnehan, Henry H. Meginnis, JoHin W. 
McLaren, John McKenna, Jas. W. Mc- 
Ewan, John McCloy, Hugh Miller, Roderick 
J. May, Frank I. Merrill, Wm. 'Monborg, 
Frederic A. Munger, Gordon O'Day, Geo. 
H. Palmerlee, Frank Potter, Jr., Ellery D. 
Preston, Geo. Paddock, Geo. Chas. Pinnell, 
Geo. Parker, Clhas. Pontius, Harry R. Peck, 
Rudolph Peschke, Joseph D. Rourke, De- 
troit; Louis B. Rolison, Howell; Marshall 
Ransford, Edgar E. Robinson. Thos. W. 
Smith, Detroit; Wm. S. Sinclair. Ann Ar- 
bor: Frederick Snyder, Geo. H. Shaunessy, 
Theodore L. Smith, Jr., Detroit; Wm. H. 
Stephens, Howell; Earl S. Saunders, Chas. 
S. Sloane, Frederic G. Smith, Chas. G. 
Stanyer, Chas. A. Stevens, Wllbrod Ther- 
rien. Jos. E. Vermette, Joseph W. F. Wil- 
son, Detroit; Eddy H. Whitney, Farming- 
ton; Geo. P. Welz, Columbus Ward, Ed- 
ward P. Woleben, Arthur Williams, Wm. 

L. Young, Detroit; Chas. T. Young, Grass 
Lake; Wm. M. Wolf, Arthur Williams. Wm 

T. Lorimer, Detroit. 

Company K. 

William H. Sink, Captain; Cassius C. 
Fisk, 1st Lieut. ; Addis G. Doyle, 2nd Lieut. ; 
John G. Miller, 1st Sergt.; Louis P. Muffat, 
Q. M. Sergt.; Henry W. Busch, Sergt.; 
Wm. M. Watson, Sergt.; George W. Moore, 
Sergt.; Wm. J. Jones, Sergt.; Bert L. 
Kress, Corporal; Chas. M. Duggan, Cor- 
poral; Frank Gleason, Corporal; Jos. L. 
Sullivan, Corporal; Wm. P. Kinney, Cor- 
poral; Chas. B. Clark, Corporal; David Co- 
hen, Musician; Jno. H. Duclo, Musician; 
Joseph Mathiel, Artificer; Edwin J. Wuest, 
Wagoner, Detroit. 

Privates— Louis A. Andrich, Frank B. 
Broderick, Chas. E. Beddow, Geo. W. 
Brook, Leroy D. Bence, Henry Boucher, 
Frederick F. Bence, Edward Braamer, Wm. 
Bell, Jas. H. Clark, Edward T. Clark, Ed- 
ward J. Cody, Edward Campau, Harry H. 
Castle, Geo. W. Clark, Adolph Dlttmar, 
Wm. A. Dee, John Dunn, Clayton Dean, 
Wm. H. Forster, Raymond C. Fox, Fred- 
erick W. Frede, Wm. C. Gillespie. Chas. H. 
Gillespie, Wm. J. Gault, Chas. B. Gray, 
Geo. Gill, Joseph Grabowski, Earl Hoster, 
Adelbert Hutchinson, John F. Hooper, 
Chas. B. Hitchcock, Alfred Hammond, 
Harry P. Hough, Clinton P. Hurd, Max H. 
Jabusch, Emll Kuhn. Paul A. Kraft, Alex- 
ander A. Kosack, August Kolb, Leonard 
E. Larkins, Wm. L. Longsworth, Jas. Liv- 
ingston, Earnest A. McLean, Thos. W. Mc- 
Beth, Jas. L. McDougall, Frank McBvoy, 
Wm. H. McKellar, Edwin P. McMullin, Ar- 
thur J. Mills, Thos. J. Muldary. Stanley O. 
Miller, John J. Mack, Owen Mulligan, Leo 
L. Mielke, Robt. Monat, Chas. Meiers, 
Chas. O'Leary, Arthur S. Phelps, John E. 
Peters, Millard A. Perry, Angus E. Penne- 
father, Clive Price, Eddie J. Robinson, 
Jess N. Russell, Geo. Ross, John Radcliffe, 
Arthur G. Rathbone, Alexander M. Rob- 
erts, John H. Rosin, Alva E. Remey, Wm. 
Shanley, .John R. Scarlett, Edward Sheehy, 
Todd C. Shriver, John W. Shafer, Edward 
Schlitz, Henry Stanton, Henry J. Tomes, 
Emil C. Tews, Wm. Veth, Eugene Van- 
sickle, Isaac Vansickle, Nicholas Walsh, 
Chas. H. Whan, David H. Wynkoop, Fred 
R. Wickham, John Clarence Wales, Artlhur 
Zerbe, Detroit. 

Cojiipany L. 

Chas. S. Baxter, Captain; Jobn S. Bersey, 
1st Lieut.; Valentine R. Evans, 2nd Lieut.; 
Emil A. Lawrence, 1st Sergt. ; John A. Fal- 
vey, Q. M. Sergt.; Frederick J. Perrin, 
Sergt.; Wm. H. Thomson, Sergt.; Alma 
Lake, Sergt.; John C. Evans; Sergt.; Starr 

A. Voght, Corporal; Conrad Orth, Corporal; 
Wm. B. Wilbur, Corporal; Kenneth I. 
Guest, Corporal; Shirley N. Fisk, Corporal; 
Jacob Shires, Corporal; Clyde M. Webster. 
Musician, Detroit: Samuel J. Davis, Musi- 
clan, Jackson; John G. Loranger, Artificer, 
Harry J. Bramble, Wagoner, Detroit. 

Privates— Bruce M. Babcock, Wm. T. 
Benner, Chas. R. Berry, Wm. H. Bradley, 
Maurice M. Butzel, Hugh Brady, Alanson 
P. Brush, Wm. Bird, Gustav Baumgart, 
Chas. P. Brown, Arthur W. Carson, Wm. 

B. Chester, Henry Clark, Harry J. Calllan, 
Arthur J. Cross. Detroit; Joslah M. Case, 
Flat Rock; Frederick W. Cron. Walter D. 
Duclo, Monroe; Percy P. Dagg, Wm. R. 
Downey, John Dwornek, John W* Dean, 
Wm. W. Failing, Chas. Falvey, James 

Freeman, Detroit; iPrank A. Fall, Albion; 
John Freck, Le Grand Field, Peter Gehrke, 
James Grace, Thos. A. Gullifer, Harry B. 
Ooold, Harry Gutches, Byron HoUenbeck, 
Halsey J. Harrington, Joseph iM. Hughes, 
Vern J. Hooper, John H. Herdwan, Rich- 
ard S. Johnson, Benj. Jenkins, Walter J. 
Kershner, Wm. R. Kieler, Detroit; Harry 
Kramer, Lansing; Frank M. Langdon, Nel- 
son T^awrence, JaSi E. Lee, Frederick H. 
Lynd, Jag. H. Lindsay, Detroit; Ulric J. 
Longprey, Flat Rock; Geo. Lane, Lee Mc- 
Mullen, Edward L. McFern, Harry J. Ma- 
loy, Harry C. Mower, Walter Murray, 
Samuel Mclntvre, Jr., Carl McMuUen, Hope 
Reginald Oliver, Walter. J. Petherick, Her- 
vey E. Roberts, Edwin Rood, Frederick 
P. Rvff, Henrv D. Saunders, Arthur P. 
Schroeder, Herbert W. Seaman, Carl G. 
Scherff, Frederick M. Slater, Norman A. 
Shaw, John E, Stelzer, Detroit; Everett J. 
Stoddard, Jackson; Eugene W. Scott, Ann 
Arbor; Wm. E. Shemild, Channing H. 

Stiles, Geo. L. Swain, Wm. A. Shockelford, 
Wm. O. Stewart, Edmund E. Vizard, Ern- 
est E. Waylett, Chas. Wheaton, Jr., Mar- 
tin K. Whelan, Robert J. Widrig, Albert 
H. Wilton, Edward P. Woolfenden, Julius 
Weiss, Norman Edgar Weldon, Wm. R. 
Wobbrock, Chas. W. Walker, John Woods, 
Harry A. Young, Andrew W. Zavitz, Malon 
J. Zavitz, Chas. J. Gerbert, Morris T. Hag- 
gerty, John J. Ryan, Edward Sullivan, Da 

Company M. 

John M. Gutmann, Captain; Irving S. 
Harrington, 1st Lieut.; Geo. J. Schmid, 2nd 
Lieut.; Otto E. Reisig, 1st Sergt. ; GustaveL 
A. Ferner, Q. M. Sergt.; August C. Ver-''^ 
hoeren, Sergt.; Wm. J. Luft, Sergt,; Fred 
J. Schultz, Sergt.; Alexander C. Rupp, 
Sergt.; Fred C. Hoag, Corporal; Richard 
Vivian, Corporal; Mark L. Osgood, Cor- 
poral; John J. Kiley, Corporal; Bert C. 

Root, Corporal; Burt A. Tisdale, Corporal; 
Gustavo F. Marx, Musician; Joseph Pernor, 
Musician; Adam F. Cron, Artificer; James 
E. Navarre, Wagoner, Monroe. 

Privates— Fred J. Ackley, Geo. A. Arm- 
buster, Fred E. Axt, Monroe; Austin L. 
Bruckner, Detroit; Frank Babcock, Levi 
Bannie, Franklin Bond, Chas. Bonshau, 
Leonard Buerlein, Chas. L. Cady, Edward 
D. Cogswell, Frank W. Charter, Robt. L. 
Coutts, John Clemens, Monroe; Wm. F. 
Dusablon, Detroit; Fred W. Dus'hane, Al- 
fred W. Duvall, Wm. Duval, Alex. T. Dein- 
ger, Frank -W. Davis, Henry L. Dushane, 
Wm. C. Eaton, Frank Evoe, Jc^hn W. Fox, 
Abraham iM. Fix, Isaac C. Godfrey, Carl 
A. Gruner, Lawrence G. Graessley, Ernest 
Goldfinch, Edward Grovener, Irving T. Hol- 
land, Oliver Jondro, Louis A. Kline, 
Michael Kissweather, Irving W. Knapp, 
Anthony A. Kopke, Otto H. Kring, Chas. 
Kopf, Daniel Kergan, Mark W. Keeler, 

John J. Luft, Wm. P. Longley, Frank M. 
Laberne, Wm. Lizette, Geo. Loose, Allen 
Moshier, Hugo A. Meinecke, Harry Mi- 
cheau, Wm. McGill, John F. McClarey, 
Daniel Nadeau, Columbus J. Navarre, Jas. 
H. Nicholson, Monroe; Stanley O. New- 
comb, Carleton; Bert J. Nickels, Jessie W. 
Navarre, Wm. Oetjens, Otto H. Ohr, Ern- 
est W. Ott, Fred G. Phillips, Irven A. 
Ploof, Joseph Palmer, Gustave Pollefyt, 
Alexander J. Plewes, Edward T. Pousha, 
Joseph Pontree, Wm. L. Quell, Angus H, 
Quell, Frank J. Rabbit, John C. Rod, Jos- 
eph Ranville, Chas. F. Roberts, Chas. 
Saintcrant, Edward E. Smith, Leroy Sor- 
ter, Harry L. Strong, Arthur Sorter, John 
W. Scott, Harry Shultz, Wm. J. Steffes, 
Wm. R. Turner, Frank S. Tripp, Fred L. 
Triquet, Moses Valequette, Vern O. Westa- 
gate, Monroe; Maurice Willow, Detroit; 
Arthur P. Wagner, Burton A. Wright, Geo. 
Waltz, Joseph Welgel, Louis Wilhelm, 
Joseph Zeller, Gustave Zeller, Monroe. 

Muster Roir Thirty-Second Michigan Volunteers. 

Field and Staff, 

William T. McGiirrin, Col Grand Rapids 

John J. Fos, Lieut.-Col Grand Rapids 

Thomas H. Reynolds, Major Detroit 

Perley L. Abbey, Major Kalamazoo 

Wm. B. Kalmbach, Major — Grand Rapids 
Lawrence D. Knowles, Surgeon — 

Three Rivers 

John L. Burkart, Asst. Surg.. Grand Rapids 

Odillion B. Weed, Asst. Surg Detroit 

Will G. Hardy, 1st Lieut, and Adjt. 

Grand Rapids 

Wm. S. Kinney, 1st Lt. and Qr. M.. 

Grand Rapids 

Francis C. Kelley, Chaplain Lapeer 

Earl Stewart, Sergt. Major... Grand Rapids 
James iM. Campbell, Q. M. Sergt.... 

Grand Rapids 

T'rank Millard, Ch. Mus Grand Rapids 

Mendelsohn M. Marrin, Pr. Mus 

Grand Rapids 

T'red Idema, Pr. Mus Grand Rapids 

Frank D. Kipp, Hosp. St wd.. Grand Rapids 
Geo. J. .Sweetland, Jr., Hosp. Stwd. 

Grand Rapids 

^Wm. D. Hawley, Hosp. Steward — 


Company A. 

Frank D. Newberry, Captain; Edward D. 
Legg, 1st Lieut.; Fred E. Ferguson, 2nd 
Lieut.; Chas. Culp, 1st Sergt.; Jas. B. 
Smullen, Q. M. Sergt.; Frank B. Reynolds, 
Sergt.; Robt. Rattray, Jr., Sergt.; Frank 
L. Earley, Sergt.; Fred G. Barber, Sergt.; 
Origen L. Bingham, Corporal; Norman D. 
Kimble, Corporal; Ambrose Talmage, Cor- 
poral; Guy A. Thurston. Corporal; Chas. S. 
JStuart, Corporal; Guy T. Keene, Corporal; 
Jlalph J. Andrews, Musician; Clarence H. 

Barrett, Musician; Wm. H. Stockwell, 
Artificer; Judson S. Lockwood, Wagoner, 

Privates— Leo F. Akenhead, John C. P. 
Ambrose, Mark S. Andrews, Nathan Bar- 
low. Bert E. Barlow, Fred Bidwell, James 
Bolton, Orrin M. Bowen, Edward A. Burnes, 
A. Sidney Champion, Bert Cole, Grant S. 
Cox. Geo. S. Craw, Ned C. Drake, Oscar 
Dtibendorf, Geo. A. Dunn, Loren R. Eligh, 
Caleb B. Fisk, Hervey C. Fisk, Jay B. 
Foote. Ernest Fuller, Burt Herrick, Lynn 
L. Hilliar. Austin Holland, Wm. T. Hoyt, 
Horace Jerome, Frank A. Kelly, Wm. H. 
King, Hal S. Legg, Frank E. Lindsey, 
Reuben H. Langdon, Albert R. Martin, 
Will W. Marvin. Wm. B. Mason, Levern E. 
Mason. Frank A. Nichols, Ensign Olm- 
stted, Frederick Preston, Benj, E. Ralph, 
L, Glenn Saxton, Jas. R. Shoecraf t, Levi 
A. Silverthorn, Chas. Simmons, Wm. N. 
(Skinner, Timothy B. Stoith, H. Eugene 
Smith, Harry A. Snyder, Martin Stahaniak, 
James T. (Smith, Ralph R. Stoddard, Geo. 
I. Teachout, Lynn R. Teller, Ray E. Tel- 
ler, Burkella J. Treat, Paul G. Underwood, 
Jay H. Vanaken, Wm. D. Vielhaber, Fred 
Voorhees, Edward C. Wallace, Rich. D. 
Wattles. Fred A. Wilcox, Sigmund Wing, 

Jay Bender, Coldwater: Wm. W. Betts, 
Ray, Ind.; Herbert L. Bowersox, Litch- 
field; Frank Brooks, Chas. Burr, Cold- 
water; Lee Cosper, Quincy; Don P. Daven- 
port, Coldwater; Arthur G. Goble, Kinder- 
hook; Samuel J. Grundy, Coldwater; Cor- 
nelius M. Hadley, Litchfield; Chas.' GJ-. Ken- 
nedy, Bronson; Judson S. Lockwood, Cold- 
water; Geo. M. Magle, Quincy: Wesley A. 
Miner, Hodunk; Geo. E. Mivision, Quincy; 
Andrew Nachbauer, Fred J. Nichols, 
Stephen A. Otis. Wilbut C. Palmer, Fred 
J. Peppiatt, Coldwater; Fred B. Saunders, 

Herman L. Shank, John B. Shank, Bron- 
son; Chas. W. Short, Verney R. Stettler, 
Coaly L. Stygles, Coldwater; Dell Thomp- 
son. Quincy; Geo. Tompkins, Kinderhook; 
Wm. M. Turner, Coldwater; Elto L. Wil- 
liams, Bronson. 

Company B. 

Fred W. Morrison, Captain; James H. 
Noel, 1st Lieut.; Frank E. Spraker, 2nd 
Lieut.; Frank J. Greenley, 1st iSergt.; Ray 
M. Campbell, Q. M. Sergt.; Delbert D. Car- 
lyle, Sergt.; Marin P. Lonwerse, Sergt.; 
Edgar H. Campbell, Sergt. ; Chas. V. Hunt- 
ley, Sergt.; Frank J. Eseltine, Corporal; 
Harold C. Strickland, Corporal; John D. 
English, Corporal; Cornelius Manni, Cor- 
poral; Clarence A. Gott, 'Corporal; John 
Bogert, Corporal; Percival R. Stephenson, 
Musician; Carroll N. Erzcorn, Musician; 
Horace Clifford Hydorn, Wagoner; John 
Quinten, Artificer, Grand Rapids. 

Privates— Elbert Ackley, Geo. O. Arman- 
trout, Leazo Rogert, Grand Rapids; Frank 
Brown, Burnips Corners; Martin L. Beery, 
Jacob Beery, Allegan; Fred Brainerd, Eat- 
on Rapids; Wm. J. Brogan, Ypsilanti; 
Chas. L. Babcock, Arnold Claver, Patrick 
W. Coughlin, Thos. Carolan, Anthony Du- 
pree, Wm. I. Dake, John A. Dow, Carl E. 
Day, August M. Erikson, John O. Brikson, 
Grand Rapids; 'Clark M. Emery, Chicago, 
111.; Frank H. Englehart, Hastings: Leslie 
C. Fuller, Detroit; John P. Fetz, Alva G. 
Goewe3% Wm. J. Gessler, Geo. Gardner, 
Adolph Hornung, John Hall, Maynard 
Hirst, Emil Heers, Jas. Healey, Edmund 
P. Jansheski, Grand Rapids; Geo. F. King, 
Leonard Kos, Chester Lardle, Newaygo; 
Irving C. Lamoreaux, Mill Creek; Robt. P. 
McLaughlin, Belding; Geo. E. Mc Arthur, 

Eaton Rapids; John Maurits, Lucius F. 
MacDonald, Fred W. Mohnke, Frederic L. 
Marsh, Grand Rapids; Milton Murphy, 
Hastings; Willard H. Olmstead, Middle- 
ville: Claude J. Potter, Bertrand S. Porter, 
Timon R. Post, Grand Rapids; Fred Rock, 
Hastings; Frank Rhodes, Wm. H. Richter, 
Grand Rapids; Arthur R. Slegel, Shafts- 
burg; Jesse T. Stringham, Eaton Rapids; 
Otto J. Simon, Grand Rapids; Elmer G. 
Smith. Rollin S. Stiles, Walter Saunders, 
Sterling, N. Y. ; Gersihuih E. Severance, 
Hastings; Fred L. Swift, Eaton Rapids; 
Peter B. VanderWerf, Gilbert A. Westfall, 
Grand Rapids; Roy S. Watson, Lima, O. ; 
Harry G. Whidd^n, Byron W. Whitney, 
Grand Rapids; Homer C. Washburn, Hast- 
ings; Robt. Wheeler, Traverse City; Fred 
J. Zwald, Grand Rapids. 

Peter Beye, Grand Rapids; Geo. M. Bess- 
mer, Hastings; Joseph Baker, Wilson B. 
Cook, Jos. A. Campbell, Ward V. Garcau, 
Andrew Kamp, Edgar M. Linsley, Elmer 
Lane, Grand Rapids; Jos. A. Lardie, Alle- 
gan; Floyd Merrill, Henry Nyhaft, Harry 
Northrup, John Oliver, Louis Pearl, Frank 
Ratasky, John Rasmussen, Louis Reese, 
Grand Rapids; Chas. Sartwell, Ensley; 
Frank L. Thomas, Dorr Centre; Ralph G. 
Vaughan, Albert A. Vogel; Wm. Verbriigge, 
Simon Wuis, Frank Wisniewski, Martin 
Zylstra, Grand Rapids. 

Company C, 

Joseph B. Westnedge, Captain; Wm. J. 
Redmond, 1st Lieut.; Don O. Ingraham, 
2nd Lieut.: Will E. Osborn, 1st Sergt.; 
Harry A. Krumm, 1st Sergt.; Frank B. 
Webster, 1st Sergt.; Edward A. Shields, 1st 
Sergt.; John J. Decker, 1st Sergt.: Carl 
Baeumer, 1st Sergt.; Bert P. Ell, Corporal; 

Fred L. Hunt, Corporal; Otho Hunger, Cor- 
poral; Chas. C. Mall, Corporal; Orrin S. 
Parmeley, Corporal; Harry li-nsing, Cor- 
poral; John Robbers, Artificer; Edward P. 
button, Wagoner; Henry Fietter, Musi- 
cian; Fred A. Appleton, Musician, Kala- 

Privates— Louis N. Abbott, Geo. C. Arm- 
strong, Andrew B. Borland, Webb W. Bel- 
knap, John P. Bowen, Glenn S. Burnett, 
Henry Burgh durf, Ray S. Burlingame, 
Fred G. Bremer, Lewis Bla,ney, Geo. S. 
Brown, Edmond A. Cloney, Nelson R. 'Car- 
veth.Clifford C. Carson, Ernest G. Cham- 
pion, Archie U. Campibell, Eaward W. 
Chase, Asher J. Clark, Fred J. Dorsey, 
Wesley D. Clapp, Edward D, Durand, John 
Deleury, Edw^ard Fisher, Will M. Griffin, 
Sylvester Gilbert, Chas. A. Grover, Rich- 
ATd C. Horlon, Chas. Holdship, Edwin J. 
Heywood, Leonard W. Hopkins, Thomas F. 
Harrison, Frederick J. Hays, Harry B. 
Irland, Angus Inkster, ©. C. Kinney, 
Chauncey Krymer, Chas. J. Latta, Oscar 
F. Lienan. Hugh S. Mead, Jas. Marshall, 
Chas. L. Maxfleld, Harry J. McCormick, 
Kalamazoo; Geo. L. McCollum, Ann Arbor; 
Louis L. Nason. Edward J. O'Brien, An-, 
drew C. Preston, Harry L. Porter, Fred A. 
Patterson, Chas. W. Read, Geo. J. Rey- 
nolds, Francis I. Southwell, Gus L. Stein, 
Will L. Smith, Wm. A. Shelven, Harry J. 
Sherwood, Roy L. Sergeant, Henry D. 
Schultz, Carl D. Smith, Glen E. Thompson, 
Glen E. Taggert, Arthur J. Vose, Wm. Van 
Norden, Kalamazoo. 

Herman Behrens, Wm. W. Boekeloo, Cor- 
nelius Ball, Howard E. Brownson, Jas, E. 
Cramer, John W. Doonan, Lewis B. Dow- 
ney, Wm. P. Doyle, Wm. J. Emery, Arthur 
1>. Farley, Theodore Gehring, Wm. 9. Hast- 
ings, Kalamazoo; Harry Hadland, Cold- 
water; Jas. Henderson, Chas. D. Ingraham, 
Joseph Jeffery, Edward W. Johnson, Ed- 
ward L. Kinast, Kalamazoo; Otto L. Ken- 
agra, Clyde; Melvln Leach, Clarence L. Mil- 
ler, Kalamazoo; Henry A. iMorse, Island 
Lake: Walter B. McEwen, Albert E. Mor- 
ton, Kalamazoo; Clell O. Pennock, Chas. A. 
Beeves, Geo. R. Rickman, Wm. F. Stohrer, 
Lynn R. Underwood, Guy on F. Vose, Byron 
Wells, Galesburg. 

Company D. 

William M. Hatch, Captain: Miles W. 
Ward, 1st Lieut.; Paul W. Geddes, 2nd 
Lieut.; Chas. G. Peters. 1st Sergt.; Syra 
E. Lewis, Q. M. Sergt.; Dee P. Leach, 2nd 
Sergt.; Eugene R. Cole, 3rd Sergt.; Harry 
A. Hamilton, 4th Sergt.; Melbourne E. 
Truitt, 5th Sergt.; Ralph R. Stewart, Cor- 
poral; Geo. N. Bliss, Corporal; Earnest E. 
Wtllbur, Corporal; Clarence L. Cole, Cor- 
poral; Orton G. Culver, Corporal; Jay R. 
Snedeker. Corporal: Chas. L. Bartlett Mu- 
sician: Harry S. Bidwell, Musician; Thos. 
C. Beanblossom, Artificer; Chas. T. Craw- 
ford, Wagoner, Battle Creek, 

Privates— Geo. F. Ames, Albert Amy. 
Walter H. Buechner, Chas. F. Bacon, Otis 
J. Cessna, Lewis R. Cope, Benj. F. Cham- 
bers, Geo. F. Condon. Battle Creek; Earl 
Cox. Lansing; Walter W. Evans. Gilbert 
Erard, Battle Creek; Edward H. Ellis, 
Kalamazoo: Prank L. Finch, Josiah N. 
Freeman, Norman N. Geddes, Wm. T. Gre- 
nfer, Jos. F. Gregory, Orvie H. Gould, Fred 
H. Hamilton, Battle Creek; Chas. A. Ham- 
ilton, Bedford; Alexander H. Hyndman, 
CJuy Jimerson. Claud C. Jones. John E. 
Jones, Harry P. Knlbloe, Wm. N. Kenzie, 

Nelson A. Kellogg, Loring Lane, Floyd 
Long, Allan Marsn, Fred J. Martin, Eugene 
Munn, John M. Mc'Clellan, Louis R. Mc- 
Leod, Elton L. Miller, Grant J. Miller, 
Thos. C. Morgan, Francis J. Murphy, Roy 
B. North, Wilford N. Nelson, Battxe Creek; 
Wm. Nevans, Grand Rapids; Michael R. 
O'Mallay, Fred B. Payne Battle Creek; 
Percy Pendleton, Leslie; Lester Quigley, 
Stephen J. Rathbun,- Alan C. Reed, Mar- 
tin Sloan, Wm. Schmid, Jos. G. Stewart, 
Fred H. Skinner, Fred T. Shaver, Rey- 
nolds Smith, Battle Creek; Alexander L. 
Smith, Grand Rapids; Don (Stephens, Geo. 
S. Scoville, Jas. iSoules, Sylvenus A. Soules, 
Battle Creek; Frank Sweet, Ceresco; 
Sanny B. Vessey, Louis F. Werstein, Glenn 
H. Wilder, John M. Wilder, Jesse F. Wal- 
dron, Harry W. Yanger, Battle Creek. 

Roy Adams, Frank O. Barton, W^m. E. 
Bryant, Wallace Carr, Henry C. Chase, 
David E. Calkins, Frank J. Cams, Benja- 
min Chapman, Geo. David, Frank J. Dar- 
row, Fred H. Ferguson, Roscoe C. Free, 
Albert M. Gilbert, John Grodaveut, Wm. 
H. Halladay, Jesse J. Holes, Louis A. Kress, 
J. Roy Lewis, Geo. Leth, Irwin I. Meek, 
Edwin Macomber, Edwin C. McPeaker, 
Chas. Mackinder, Alfred M. Smith, Chas. 
F. Scheifer, Alvah W. Walton, Lawrence 
Warner, Battle Creek; Chas. J. Wooley, 

Company B. 

John L. Boer, Captain; Geo. C. Blickle, 
1st Lieut.; Oswald H. Fiebig, 2nd Lieut.; 
Dennie W. Berry, 1st (Sergt.; Bernard P. 
Snitseler, Q. M. Sergt. ; Oscar E. .Kilstrom, 
Sergt.; Chas. F. Parrisih, Sergt.; Harry J. 
Fitts, Sergt.; Rufus Boer, Sergt; David 
E. Beebe, Corporal; Frank P. Allen, Jr., 
Corporal; Ralph A. Mosher, Corporal; 
Channing E. Thompson, Corporal; Elmer 
B. Gavett, Corporal: Edward W. M. Ryder, 
Corporal; Chas. Boon, Jr., Musician; Chas. 
W. Emmer, Musician; Gustavus Lawson, 
Artificer: Arthur C. Barber, Wagoner, 
Grand Rapids. 

Privates— Harry F. Adams, Arthur A. An- 
sorge, Mark L. Alexander, Leston E. Buss, 
Louie L. Beach, Walter H. Bynon, Marlin 
N. Baker, Walter H. Brooks, Henry G. 
Barstar, Jos E. Comiskey, Edward Crabbe, 
Fred S. Crabb, Fred L. Comstock, Maurice 
Courtney. Don D. Davis, Wm. G. Dicken- 
son, Jno. H. Dunnewind, Jno. H. Dority, 
Henry R. Daily, Harry W. Engle, Amos 
Eastman, Frank A, G. Feltzer, Joseph A. 
Fortier, Louis H. Gunther, Chas. Gephart, 
Roy R. Gilson, Walter E. Honor, Robt. G. 
Hill, Milton A. Holmes, Adelbert H. Har- 
rington, Chas. Harlock, Henry Jacoby, 
Martin B. Kimm, Fred P. Kegle, Daniel 
Kelley, John W. Lyon, Andrew F. Law- 
son, Louis C. Lovell, Peter M. Louwerse, 
Alexander A. Leishman, Andrew F. Mac- 
key, Adolph Meier, Melvin McMurray, John 
Miller, Herbert G. Morris, David H. Ma- 
gaw, Hugh Macdonald, Wm. S. Meyers, 
Harry S. Otis, Clayton L. Packard, Royar 
R. Robinson. Claude C. Robinson, Orton L. 
Robinson, Floyd W. Remington, Daniel Ri- 
ordon, Prank M. Rose, Warner A. Spencer, 
Ralph M. Sharman, Benjamin Southworth,*^ 
Osmund H. Tower, Irwell N. Woodworth, 
Chas. L. Wood, Clarence Young, Frederick 
A. York, Wm. H. Zylstra, Grand Rapids. 

Gilbert A. Bacon. Henry P. Bloese, Al- 
mena; Otto G. Bajema, Beabudan: James 
Ball, Gommert Bergers. Paul L. Bischoff, 
Jas. R. Bignell, Grand Rapids; Jas. De- 

Pree, Hans Dykhuis, Holland; John E. Ea- 
son. Ravenna; Wm. D'Oooge, Grand Rap- 
ids; Frank Fuller, Allegan; Edward F. 
Gough, Edward Glowczynski, Grand Rap- 
ids; Jas. R. Jackson, Ravenna; Frank C. 
Kibbey, Arthur F. Kennedy, Frank H. Kin- 
caid, nilfrea J. Lowing, Jonn J. i^ee, Grand 
Rapids; Earnest C. Millard, Saranac; Frank 
J. McBride, Edward J. Mohrhardt. Grand 
Rapids; Jas. W. Newcornb, Reed City; Al- 
fred J. Prangnell, Mobert J. Rafferty, Earle 
W. Rumsey, Henry P. Schuit, Theodore F. 
Stein, Theodore P. Vanderwall, Edward L. 
Wagner, Frank L. Weed, Wm. C. Witforth, 
Grand Rapids. 

Company F. 

Edward H. Andres, Captain; Sherman S. 
Dickinson, 1st Lieut.; Jacob Dykema, 2nd 
Lieut.; John Huizenga, 1st Sergt.; Wm. 
Sleutel, Q. M. Sergt.; Giles P. Hiler, Sergt.; 
George DeYoung, Sergt.; Henry Van Dou- 
gen, Sergt., Grand Haven; Wm. J. Mickell, 
Sergt., Grand Rapids; Richard Huizenga, 
Corporal; Wm. Westcomb, Corporal; 
Thomas Zeldenrust, Corporal; Peter Fase, 
Corporal; Frank C. Behm, Corporal: Her- 
man C. Kohloff, Corporal, Grand Haven; 
Chas. D. Mosher, Musician, Coopersville; 
Duke H. Yonker, Musician, Ferrysburg; 
Wm. A. Kieft, Artificer, Grand Haven; 
Chas. Higgins, Wagoner, Coopersville. 

Privates— Geo. C. Borck, Grand Haven; 
Erie R. Ames, Coopersville; Seba H. Bots- 
ford, Lansing; Walter S. Brooks, Cale- 
donia; Frank JBurns, Jay H. Bender, Cold- 
water; Munro Cleveringa, Grand Haven; 
Frederick M. Carr, Coopersville; Henry 
Collis, Corunna; Thos. W. F. Cooley, Allen- 
dale; Louis A. Cohen, Detroit; Chas. R. 
Chapman, Muskegon; Dick T. Dykema, 
Spring Lake; John F. DeYoung, Grand 
Haven; John Deikman,- Nunica; Arthur A. 
Drew, Grand Rapids; Albert Foerster, Yp- 
silanti: Frank Grunst. Grand Haven; Wm. 
C. Grimes, Coopersville; Wm. A. Gillett, 
Grand Haven; Ulysses Green, Nunica; El- 
ton Goldthwait Gardner, Albion; Chas. W. 
Hott, Brighton; Frank B. Hunter, Levina; 
Elmer Harris, Coopersville ; Chas. Ham- 
mond, Spring Lake; Joseph Hemmes, Ja- 
cob Hemmes, Louis C. Howard, Grand 
Rapids; Chas. E. Jubb, Nunica; Alfred S. 
Johnson, Lansing; John A. Keith, Grand 
Rapids; Robt. Kerr, Grand Haven; Otto 
Kelley, Cohoctah; Henry H. Kinkema, Ed- 
gar E. McKay, Grand Haven; Thos. Ma- 
han, Geo. M. E. Oliver, Muskegon: Geo. 
Pritchard, Coopersville; Nathan E. Pelton, 
Robinson; Chas. N. Quigley, Nunica; Her- 
man Rosin, Grand Haven; Albert Ruiter, 
Ferrysburg: John H. Richardson, Robin- 
son; Geo. J. Slager, Ferrysburg; Cornelius 
G. Smart, John A. Slaghius, Harry M. 
Sawyer, John P. Smith, Grand Haven; Lee 
A. Shaw, Manhattan: Robt. Smith. Ferrys- 
burg; Jacob Start, Spring Lake; Chas. W. 
Streeter, Coopersville: Chas. E. Skeels, 
Nuncia; Frank Spoon, Spoonville; Edgar I. 
Stewart, Coopersville; Curtis B. Stevens, 
Battle Creek; Fenno Tysman, Muskegon; 
Frederick Turner, Grand Haven; Henry A. 
Tripp, Robinson; Leonard VerBerkemoes. 
John F. Vincent, Thos. Welsh, Grand 
Haven; Wm. Wagoner, Muskegon; Freder- 
ick Wint. Grand Rapids. 

Henry W. Baldus, Holland; Jos. W. Bas- 
sett, Coldwater: Geo. Conklin. Ernest De- 
Feyter, Jame^ DeBoe. Holland; Edward S. 
Deiiser. Coldwater; Thos. Eastman, Hol- 
land; Jos. W. Fitzpatrick, Coldwater; Wil- 

liam J. Gessler, AVard V. Garcau, Grand 
Rapids: Louis B. Hadden, Holland; Benj. 
F. Hill, Coopersville; Jas. E. Kelley, Cohoc- 
tah; Gerrit Klaasen, Holland; Edward 
Koats, Grand Haven; Patrick Lennon, Cold- 
water; Josan A. Pelton, John H. Pippel, 
Robinson; Dwight Skeels, Lester Seymour, 
Nunica; John L. Sullivan, Coldwater; Fred 
H. Taylor, Cooperville: Melvin Terrell, 
Byron Centre; Gerrit Van Houte. Teanis 
Van De Water, John H. Van Lenti, Hol- 
land: John Van Htilt, Nunica; Herman 
Woltman, Holland, Ralph C. Yager, Grand 
Haven; Leroy Young, Coldwater. 

Company G. 

Eugene B. Jones, Captain; Walter K. 
Schmidt, 1st Lieut.; John J. Lane, 2nd 
Lieut.; Leander W. Steketee, 1st Sergt.; 
Harry D. AVatson, Q. M. Sergt.; Wm. A. 
Ansorge, Sergt.; Frank G. Jenks, Sergt.; 
Guy B. Dayrell, (Sergt.; Fred M. Loomis, 
Sergt.: Frank C. Hoskins, Corporal: Jno. 
C. Bradfield, Corporal; Robt. Y. Speir, Cor- 
poral: Wm. E. Raiguel, Corporal; Ferry K. 
Heath, Corporal; Henry R. Bevler, Corpor- 
al; Lloyd M. Coppens, Musician; Mton A. 
Starr, Musician: Clinton Farrell. Artificer; 
Henry M. Warber, Wagoner, Grand Rap- 

Privates— Ralph R. Anderson. Waldo M. 
Ball, Geo. H. Besaucon, Jas. R. Bradford; 
Herbert P. Bowen, Armin W. Brand, Elton 
J. Brown, Amasa K. Brown, Chas. H, 
Burns, Wm. H. Cady, Fred B. Calkins, 
Chas. D. Collins, Seymour B. Oongrer, Clar- 
ence B. Colburn. Chas. F. Disbrow, Frank 
DeBoer, Wm. O'Donohue, Geo. Dubridge 
Elmer J. Ely, Harry E. Fairchlld, Wm. 
B. Fitzpatrick, Varion Fulton, Geo. V. 
GuUiford, Maynard A. Guest, Clinton S. 
Harley, Jas. C. Hemstreet, Fred P. Hig- 
gins, Fred E. Ickes, Arthur A. Krieger, 
Leonard L. Lawson, Clayton W. Lawson. 
John Maculy, Edmund J. iMantz. Bernard 
S. May, Wayne L. Mills, Warren P. Mor- 
rill. Charlie L. McGuire, Arthur D. Norton 
Wm. J. Pulte, Arthur F. Putnam, John W. 
Quigg, John J. Rafferty, Geo. H. Reeves, 
Frank A. Richmond, Adam Ritz, John 
Roost. Phillip W. Seipp, John S. Sholes, 
Truman M. Smith. Harry M. Snow. Chris- 
tian W. Snyder, Carl A. Stanffer, Maurice 
R. Sweet, Alton Van Wormer. Heman Van 
Wormer, Ozro Van Wormer, Chas. C. Wal- 
lin, Lester M. Ward. Wm. W. Wendell, 
Fred J. White, Wesley L. White, Welling- 
ton R. Youngs, Arthur W. Zoet. Conrad J. 
Klaasen, Robt. L. C. Jones, Grand Rapids. 

Privates— John Anderson, Ludington; J. C. 
Anderson, Newaygo; Alvin C. Ayer, Her- 
man J. Bullen, Henry Baker. Grand Rapids - 
Everett Cole, Holland; Wm. A. Combs, Isle 
St. Geo., O. ; Frank B. Cu mm inge. Grand 
Rapids; Deforest C. Darling, Morley; Schuy-- 
ler B. Eddy, Ann Arbor; Frederick W. 
Forstman, Grand Rapids; Joel F. Hatch, 
Batavia, N. Y.; Geo. P. Haggard, Grand 
Rapids; Edward M. Hilton, Trent; Freder- 
ick Kurmmerle, Grand Rapids; Chas. L. 
Mulder, Holland; Jas. R. McClure. Custer; 
Lewis Nyhoff, Grand Rapids; Harry E. 
Nies, Holland; Peter Penning, Grand Rap- 
ids; Harry B. Plant, Grand Rapids; Henrv 
B. Robinson, Roche»3ter, N. y.» Frank A 
Stauffer, Casnovia: Wm. M. ;Sftinner, C?am- 
bria, Wis.; Fred Shalton, Reed City; Orrin 
H. Sabin, Grand Rapids; Anton F. Self, 
Holland: Claude Snitz, Grand Raoids; Wm. 
G. AVood. Holland; Fred Wiersma, Zeeland; 
Martin H. Werts, Gaylord. 

Company H. 

Louis C. Covell, Captain; Alfred T. Flet- 
cher, 1st Lieut.; John H. Schouten, 2ncl 
Lieut.; William W. Taylor, Jr., Sergt.; Geo. 
W. Bowen, 1st Sergt.; Mark M. J. Lannon, 
Q. M. Sergt.; Harry Mershon, Sergt.; Wm. 
C. E3rgenzinger, Sergt.; W. Burt Smith, 
Sergrt.; Kobt. E. Sproat, Corporal; Chas. 
W. Hury, Corporal; Camillo J. Serfling, 
Corporal: Wilder D. Lemon, Corporal; Wm. 
A. Gould, Corporal; Robt. E. White, Cor- 
poral; Harry A. Holdeman, Musician; 
Frederick N. Watts, Musician; Edward C. 
Ansorge, Artificer; Thos. R. Dale, Wagon- 
er, Grand Rapids. v, 
Clarence Mosher, Sergt., Grand Rapids, ^v 

Privates— Edgar M. Andrews, Eugen C 
Bailey, Lawrence J. Barrett, Frank Beam- 
ish. Carl P. Bessmer, Cornelius A. Boone, 
Hugh L. Bradley, Wm. C. Braeden. Al- 
bert D. Burdick, Milburn Carothers, Harry 
F. Coats, Claude F. Coppens, Elwin A. 
DeVore, Edward Downs, Hartt H. Eason, 
Chas. O. Evans, Guy R. Forbes, Henry A. 
Grebel, Chas. O. Gunther, Mason C. Hall, 
Albert P. Harper, Samuel T. Hardman, 
Earnest C. Huling, Frank L. Kampf- 
schulte, Richard Klak. Geo. B. Kulp, Jr., 
Albert G. Landauer, John J. Lawler, Fay 
C. Larch, Frank LeFevre, Emerson I. 
Lewis, Joseph Loncks, Oscar J. Lundquist, 
Lester A. McDiarmid, Andrew McLaggan, 
Harry McNulty, Jas. E. Mooney, Geo. A. 
Morley, Leo. A. Morrissey, Frank E. Muir, 
John H. Murray, Samuel P. Osting, Chas. 
F. Prange, Chas. F. Quinlan. Wm. J. Rem- 
us, Ernest Rinn, Harry S. Robens, Horace 
Sessions, Frank A. Schumann, Wm. Slater, 
Chas. R. Sligh. John A. Snyder, Jas. Stand- 
ley, Karl L. Solosth, Henrv B. Spackman, 
Patrick H. Sullivan. Dell H. Sutton. Robt. 
W. Swift, Wm. A. Toot. Frank P. Towse, 
Jr., Howard G. Tracy, John Vos. Edwin C. 
Walcott. Chas. S. Wagner, Louis E. Young, 
Grand Rapids. 

Privates— Schuyler W. Albertson, Cadillac; 
Joe Barnes, Steven Blok, Grand Rapids; 
James R. Cameron, Marquette; Jesse W. 
Clark, Grand Rapids- Wm. J Damson, Hol- 
land; Marion M. Daniels, Holland; Soloman 
Davis, Detroit; Riley O. DeVall, Ned G. 
Doan, Grand Rapids; Geo. C. Gillett, Van- 
derbuilt; John J. Haslem. Harry P. Hickey, 
Geo. H. Jacobs, Jos. A. Lardie. Chas. B. 
Letts, .Toseph tMcMaster, Grand Rapids; 
Arthur E. Meige, Jacksonville, Fla. ; Samuel 
Orcutt, Grand Rapids; Wm. H. Phillips, 
Grant Station: Thos. S. Pipe. Frederick 
Remus, Grand Rapids; Geo. W. Roberts, 
Jamestown; Mahlon E. Rock, Cadillac; John 
Roos, Holland; Edward Simpson, Chaa A. 
Strickland, Grand Rapids; Leonard Swiger. 
Big Rapids; Roy H. Toren, Joseph Trimble, 
Grand Rapids. ' 

Company I. 

Louis F. Hart, Captain; Alden G. Cat- 
ton, 1st Lieut.; Leonard G. Eber, 2nd 
Lieut.; Thos. I. McCormick. 1st Sergt.; 
Frank A. Meyfarth, Q. M. Sergt.; Joseph 
G. Burnett, Sergt.; Adolph Deginder, 
Sergt.: Conrad . Dietle. Jr.. Sergt.; Thos. 
Beattie, Sergt.; John P. Heinkle, Corporal; 

Edward Stickei, Corporal; Robt. J. Dancer, 
Corporal; Frederick Bahr, Corporal; Wm. 
J. Allmand, Corporal; Wm. R. Jacob, Cor- 
poral; Chas. Wallaster, Musician; Wm. J. 
Hunter, Musician; David P. Graham, Arti- 
ficer; Geo. E. Clark, Wagoner, Detroit. 

Privates — John S. Ackley, Gusse J. An- 
dres, Geo. T. Brandon, Edward W. Barr, 
Mervin A. Barr, Joseph N. BuUey, Geo. I. 
Buckman, Jas. A. Boeberitz, Bruce E. 
Cochran, Wm. H. Clune, Geo. W. Cronen- 
wett, Detroit; Roy G. Colquitt, Leesville; 
Chas. P. Chene, Fenn M. Durkee, Freder- 
ick Dunlap, Walter A. Dauphin, John B. 
Depfer, Frederick E. Ebeler, Thos. J. Fear- 
son, Herman E. Giied, Edward M. Gordon, 
Dwight E. Garwood, Louis W. J. Hend- 
ricks, Joseph Japes, Herman Kaps, Wm. 
Kramer, Otto Klein, Henry Langenhagen, 
Chas. E. Manske, Chas. F. Morgan, Chas. 
A. Masserang, Alexander Mackay, Edward 
Michels, Detroit; John Mallouch, Waltz; 
Lewis Martz, Frederick Mollison, Henry 
Monahan, John A. Miller, Wm. Menchin- 
ger, Joseph Neff, Edward Newmann, Otto 
Nieding, John Nort, Louis Perthes, Daniel 
Pltchel, Albert Pauli, John Patrick, Al- 
fred F. Rigley, Orin H. Rlgley, Gottlieb 
F. Rommel, Chas. Seiser, Paul Bchulz, John 
Schmitt, Wm. Suppus, Herman Stork. Otto 
Schmult, Henry Thison, James Williams. 
Prank P. Weiland, Wm. J. Walmsley Otto 
Wandrie, Wm. W. Dorman, Frederick 
Ku'be. Detroit. 

Robert Alger, Birmingham; Fred Bar- 
sehell, Harry Barrows, Phil E. Campau. 
Detroit; Al Cronenvett, Wm. Dee. Lees- 
ville; Arthur French, Birmingham; Louis 
H. Punk, Chas. Harder, Joseph Hart, John 
M. Hebbard, Gustav Herwarth, Chas. Hip- 
pier, Otto Hoffman, Chas. Kent, Frank Mc- 
Brearty, Harry .T. Price. Paul Rusch, Fred 
Schmalzsiedt, Edward Schmalzsiedt, John 
Stankowski, Edward Sutherland, Anthony 
Schneider, Frank Votruba, Fred Waltz, 
Louis Zwick, Anthony Michenf elder, De- 

Company K. 

J. Edward Dupont. Captain: Harry S. 
Starkey, 1st. Lieut.; Geo. L. Winckler, 2nd 
Lieut.; John Pattison, 1st Sergt.; Frank M. 
Lindsay, Q. M. Sergt.; Walter Barlow, 
Sergt.; Geo. A. Dick. Sergt.; Edward A. 
Strieker, Sergt.; Julius Stuetzer, Sergt.; 
John P. Stuart, Corporal; Wm. B. Hard- 
ing, Corporal: John E. Poli, Corporal; Jos- 
eph Bousca. Corporal; Geo. T. Gaston, Cor- 
poral: Frank A. Mcintosh, Corporal; Ern- 
est W. Nicklin, Musician; Julian Steyskal, 
Musician, Detroit: Milo A. Price, Artificer, 
Mt. Clemens; William Osborne, Wagoner, 

Private? — Alfred A. Beebe, John Brown, 
Peter H. Banta, Nelson Browning, Wm. F. 
Cheek, Chas. E. Courtney. Duncan M. Con- 
ley, Harry M. Crawford, Frank P. Collins, 
Daniel Cunningham, Fred W. Doolittle, 
John W. Duff, Chas. Dreyer, Sidney N. 
Eaton, Gustave Fromberg. Arthur G. 
Forbes, Detroit; Samuel T. Fisk, Jr., To- 
ledo, Ohio; Geo. H. Gardner. Franklin C 
Gies. Alexander E. Gasco, Frank C. Hill. 
David A. Hill. Edward D. Hanlv, Freder- 
ick Hoffer, Geo. A. Hanly, Emil E. Jost, 

Allen R. Keyes, Titus J. Kaiser, Anthony 
Kubitzky, Frank Lewis, Robt. E. Living- 
ston, Robt. L. McArthur, Herbert J. More- 
head, Albert Mahler, Detroit; James 
Mooney, Northvill^; Herbert - Mueller, 
James Mitchell, Jr., Geo. H. Northcott, 
Thos. Nolan. Wm. O'Keefe, Henry G. Pou- 
pard, Milton J. Robertson, Spranger Ram- 
say, John Gordon Rankin, John Schweim, 
Charles W. Sass, Wm. H. iScott, Melville 
M. Smith, Raymond M. Scarlett, Chas. 
Scarlett, Wm. E. Smith, Gordon D. Thomp- 
-son, Detroit; Myron D. Taylor, Northville; 
Frank F. Tyler, Martin J. Treichler, Claud- 
ius H. Von Essen, Arthur A. Vlier, Jr., 
Robt. A. Whitney, Arthur C. Whitcomb, 
Chas. H. Weber, Oscar O. Walmath, Ed- 
ward Welch. Brooks Webster, Detroit. 

David Bell, John A. Bockheim, Fred N. 
Barrows, Detroit; Henry J.^Barritt, Grand 
Rapids; David iW. Carruthers, Otto Cizek, 
Detroit; Jacob Cedarquist, Forest R. Dick- 
enson, Thomas W. Duncan, Grand Rapids; 
Chas. Diehl. Jas. W. Darr, Joseph Finucan, 
Oscar Gorenfio, Wm. M. Harris, Lewis 
Kunze, corporal, Nathan G. Leakey, Jos. 
Lingenau, Detroit; Reubin H. Morley, Sag- 
inaw; Walter N. Magee, John Miller, Fred- 
erick P. Moser, Edward Motl, Joseph P. 
Ploe, Oloff W. Randall, Samuel H. Spater, 
Vincent C. Stanley. Emil A. Sterns, Jos. E. 
Schulte, Karl M. Tunison, Detroit. 

Company L. 

Henry B. Lothrop, Captain; Winslow W. 
Wilcox, 1st Lieut.; John McBride, Jr., 2nd 
Lieut.; Geo. C. Holbrook, 1st Sera^t. ; Ern- 
est C. Kast, Q. M. Sergt.; Henry W. Leach, 
Sergt.; Russell J. Cooney, Sergt. r Louis M. 
Hefner, Sergt.; James S. Hopper, Sergt.; 
Joseph B. La chance. Corporal; Wm. E. Irv- 
ing, Corporal; Alfred H. Crittenden, Cor- 
poral; Chas. A. Johnson, Corporal; Walter 
S. Dupont, Corporal; Hugh Worthington, 
Corporal; Harold Todd, Musician, Detroit; 
William Woodworth, Musician, Milan; Paul 
C. Hopson. Artificer; Jackson C. Hunt, 
Wagoner, Detroit. 

Privates— Wm. A. Baxter, Geo. W. Bailey, 
Albert E. Beebe, Frederic R. Blay. Ed- 
ward A. Burger, David A. Brown. Robert 
Brown, Limnaens P. Burgner. Albert J. 
Brandt, Thos. R. L. Cowherd, John H. 
Creegan, Dennis Carney, Arthur S. Dennis, 
Francis W. Draper, Peter Dusbeiber, Wm. 
M. Dygert. Robt. W. Denton, Harry A. 
Denecour. Paul G. Duerr, Adelbert W. Ev- 
ans, Montrose J, Faibairn. Fenton S. Fan- 
sher. Wm. J. Finucan, Wm. F. Girardin, 
Lewis S. Guest, Joseph Graham. Chas. L. 
Harrison. Mo?es A. Hart, Chas, W. Henry, 
Alfred B. Hinman, Peter Henningsen, 
Peter Hobart, Frank H. Hillebrand, Mar- 
shall M. Johnson, Donald A. Johnston, 
Henry C. Johnston, Geo. S. Johnson, Louis 
K. Kirchner, Matthew A. Krausmann, 
Robt. E. Knox, Walter J. Kehoe, August 
P. L. Krausmann, Chas, F. Luebner, Dam- 
ascus A. McKe una, -Frederic Maier, Jas. I. 
Mitchell. David Mcllwain, Geo. A. Mack. 
Chas. F. McKenzie. Robt. McLea, Edward 
B. Peppers, Wm. J. Reilly. Don C. Rice. 
Edward C. Savage. Barnev Schroeder. Geo. 
R. Somerville. Thos. G. Stonehouse, Frank 

N. Trevor, John F. Tyler, Alonzo M. 
Thayer, Wm. E. Valentine, Walter R. Wa^g- 
ner, Glenn A. Watkins, Detroit. 

K. Beattie, S. Beaubien, E. C. Berdan, De- 
troit; H. Burton, Jackson: W. B. Burhans 
Sand Beach; R. Brockman, E. J. Clifford, 
J. Connors, B. A. Dupois, R. P. French, C. 
H. Goyer, W. Gregg, Detroit; F. L. Green, 
Carsonville; L. F. Groesbeck, P. S. Gep- 
pert, J. R. Jensen, Detroit; C. Joseph, 
Quincy;i R. E. Lamb, Sand Beach; G. 
Lardie, J. Limjenau, P. L. McPawn, 
W. T. McFawn, J. C. Mahoney, L. 
Maloney, A. Pegler, J. C. Roberts, P. L. 
Shook, H. W. Singleton, W. Spaven, De- 
troit, J. Trimm, Imlay City; F. H. Tucker, 

Company M. 

John Considine, Jr., Captain; Richard W. 
Cotter, 1st Lieut.; Frank J. Cook, 2nd 
Lieut.; Thos. J. Barrett, 1st Sergt.; Michael 

E. Shaughnessy, Q. M. Sergt.; Frederick 

F. Ufford, Sergt.; Wm. P. Monahan, Sergt.; 
Wm. A. Willlts, Sergt.; Chas. B. Cooper, 
Sergt.; William Korte, Corporal; Thomas 
M. McEnhill, Corporal; Joseph P. Smith, 
Corporal; Anthony O. Steyskal, Corporal; 
Wm. C. IDelaney, Corporal; Thos. F. Mona- 
han, Corporal; Herbert S. Haddock, Musi- 
cian; Chas. H. A. "Strong, Musician; Geo. 
Glickley, Artificer; John W. McDonald, 
Wagoner, Detroit. 

Privates— John B. Allen, Thos. J. Ander- 
son John Behrens, Stephen B. Brennan, 
Earl W. Buckman, Frank Campbell, Jas. 
E. Casey, Archie Cochrane, Ruben G. Cor- 
by, Guy E. Coriden, Jas. T. Cowherd, Pat- 
rick J. Cunningham, William David, Wal- 
ter A. De Corte,* Thos. K. Doherty, Daniel 
J. Doody, Joseph J. Downing, George 
Henry Drew, Alexander Dunnebacke, Wm. 
I, Dwyer, Detroit; Plyn Earle, Corunna; 
Alexander G. Eddy, Wm. Fischer, Theo- 
dore Gaffney, Jo-hn A. Gallagher, Frederick 
J. Hamilton, Wm. Heimbuck, Jr., Jas. 
Hinchey, John J. Hospital, John M. How- 
ard, Vincent Hoddick, John W. Ireland, 
Henry H. Jones, Chas. H. King, John P. 
Kassane, Gregory G. Krein, August F. 
Kunz, Henry W. Little. Wlnfield S. Mc- 
Collom, Hugh A. McGuinn, Harry McMa- 
hon, Edward J. Mahon, Wm. L. Mahon, 
Jos. J. Martin. Herman Methner, Come'ius 
Moloney. John J. Morrison, Wm. P. Ne- 
ville, Edward J. Phillips, Fred J. Potter, 
Geo. Schlagenhauff, Harry Parkins, Wm. 
Schmidt, Walter C. Schmeck, Chas. A. 
Schulties, Alfred J. Sheehan, John P. 
Smith, Samuel Stockwell. Jos. P. Sullivan, 
Wm. Tewsley. Henry C. Ward, Jos. A. 
Wolf, Joseph Wynne, Detroit. 

Dennis L. Burns. Martin G. Coleman, 
Frank F. Drulard, Fred H. DeMars, John 
Daly, Peter C. Dixon, Jeremiah J. Down- 
ing, Detroit; Byron Holmes, Jos. H. Kene- 
ler, William Lemming, Chas. D. McConn- 
ville, Michael A. McNurney, Alexander M. 
Mouncey, Wm. H. Milan, Patrick T. O'Han- 
lon, Daniel O'Connor, Fred W. Parkins. 
Allen Parkins, Carl P. Peters, Royal 
Oak; Chas. A. Regan, not known: Chas. 
Richardson, Jas. J. Sullivan, Wm. J. 
Shaughnessey, Frank B. Somers, Anthony 
Wagner, James Walsh, Detroit. 

Muster Roll Thirty-Third Michigan Volunteers. 

Field and Staff. 

Chas. Li. Boynton, Colonel Port Huron 

Frederick J. Schmidt, Lieut. -Colonel 

Saginaw, E. S. 

Paul M. Roth, Major Owosso 

Frank H. Burton, Major Bay City 

Merrell E. Webb, Major Monroe 

Chas. B. Nancrede, Surgeon — Ann Arbor 
Lotiis W. Pease, Asst. Surg-eon.... Saginaw 
Guy G. Bailey, Asst. Surgeon — Cheboygan 
Chas. H. Sage, Jr., Chaplain.. Three Rivers 
Geo. L-. Harvey, 1st Lieut, and Adjt. 

Port Huron 

Oscar W. Achard, 1st Lieut, and Qr. 


William F. Giesel, Sergt.-Major — Saginaw 
Frank C. Wellman, Qr.-Mr.-Seigt... 

Port Huron 

Chas. B. Marks, Hosp. Stwd — Cheboygan 

John Hi Judson, Hosp. Stwd Alpena 

Fred W. Palmer, iHtosp. ^twd......Btro<>klyn 

Frank Heric, Chief Musician Bay City 

John W. Goldsworth, Prin. Musician.. Flint 
Jesse Wagar, Prin. Musician Bay City 

Coiiipaiiy A. 

William E. Stewart, Captain; James Shre- 
den Parker, 1st Lieut.; CHarles S. Martin, 
2nd Lieut.; Joseph J. Carscadden, 1st 
Sergt., Flint; Heinrich M. Gangnuss, Q. M. 
Sergt, Chesaning; Herbert M. I-iong, 
Sergt.; Thomas W. Hamilton, Sergt.; G. 
Arthur McConnelly, Sergt. ; Claude G. Web- 
ster, Sergt.; Samuel J. Klmbers, Corporal; 
Ordell E. George, Corporal; Fred C. Faver- 
eaux, Corporal; Clarence L. Booth, Cor- 
poral; Willis A. Coe, Corporal; George Pig- 
gott, Corporal; Wallace Eddy Artificer, 
Flint; Chas. H. Ferguson, Wagoner, Luce; 
Frederick Wrig^ht. Musician; Bert E. Bry- 
an, Musician, Flint. « 

Privates— John H. Baker, Elmer Baker, 
John Baird, David H. Blaine, Clyde Breede, 
Flint; William J. Barrett, Lansing; James 
V. Bellinger, Mt. Morris; Bryon E. Both- 
well, Flint; John M. Brown, Birch Run; 
Geo. H. Cox, Robt. A. Catlin, William H. 
Carr, Flint; Chas. M. Corville, Bay City; 
Jesse H. Dickerson, Percy D. Davidson, 
Chas. E. Davis. Flint; Willard A. DeLong, 
Clio; Neil A. Dewar, Edward G. Evans, 
Arthur G. Evart, Rodney W. Eaton, Wal- 
ter B. Foster, Michael Flynn, Flint; Wil- 
liam Gilbert, Fenton; Irving Hall, Flint; 
Albert J. Hauser, Fenton; Herbert E. 
Hempstead, Flint; Cornelius J. Hayes, 
Grand Rapids; Harry F. Hosier, Flint; 
Harry G. Jason, Shaftsburgt Edwin E. 
Jones, George Kenewell, Jolhn Kenewell, 
Karl Kendrick, Flint; Claude C. Lowry, 
Gaines; Wm. E. Loranger, Williamston; 
Jas. G. McCreedy, Flint; Duncan J. L. Mc- 
Coll, Atlas; Ernest McLain, Swartz Creek; 
Harry C. Nulty, Brighton; Harry M. Stev- 
enson, Wm. J. Stringer, Daniel T. Stanton, 
Frank N. Stewart. Albert L. Stanard, Wil- 
liam L. Scully, Martin Skall, Guy P. Scott, 
Flint; Louis J. Tallmadge, Lansing; Jas. M. 
Tubbs, Holly; Allir P. Van Slyke, John T. 
Van Buskirk, William Vert. John H. Wag- 
ner. Chas. Williams, Flint; Clarence M. 
Williams, Ann Arbor; Martin Welch, Wil- 
liam J. Weidman, Geo. J. Wier, Flint; Jas. 

A. Wheeler, Farmington; Fred W. Warren, 
WilMir H. Warren, Otisville; Cornelius 
Wilcox, Edwin A. Wilson, William A. Win- 
ters, Flint. 

Arthur G. McConnley, Philo V. Carr, 
(daud Cole, Chas. Davis, Stephen Delisher, 
Wm. A. Frise, Clarence Hartford, Flint; 
Frank E. Johnson, Salem; Weldon M. 
Lewis, Flint; Frank P. McAnley, Manistee; 
Arthur H. McCormick, Wallace B. Reid, 
Flint; Geo. Ryan, Saginaw; Roy L. Scott, 
Lansing; Geo. Soper, Wm. J. Stringer, 
Flint; Robt. Sinclair. Thos. J. Welsch, Bay 

Company B. 

William D. Hitchcock, Captain; Ernst C. 
Dust 1st Lieut.; James L. Morrow, 2nd 
Lieut.; Melvin H. Prince, 1st Sergt.; Amos 

B. Crow, Q. M. Sergt.; Alonzo P. Mills, 
Sergt.; Jacob Emmick, Sergt.; Chas. W. 
McLean, Sergt.; Arthur Heney, Sergt.; 
William G. Monaghan, Corporal; Chas. H. 
Kimball, Corporal; Herman E. Dove, Cor- 
poral; William A. Merrill, Corporal; Chas. 
Barden, Jr., Corporal; Chas. P. Clifford, 
Corporal; Lewis Claude Way, Musician; 
Robert W. Borland, Musician; Gordon Mc- 
Kay, Artificer; Joseph Ribble, Wagoner, 

Privates— Edward M. Aikens, Alfred E. 
Ash, Walter C. Bens, Frank J. Behning, 
Carl Beyer, John A. Brabon, Hans Carlson, 
Louis Christophersen, Oliver J. Clark, Ezra 
J. Collins, Frank Cramer, Jeriah L. Cur- 
rier, Napoleon Delile, Frederick Denner, 
Guy F. Downing, Neil Drag, Cyrus Dun- 
ham, Mark J. Ducharme, Sylvester E. 
Dust, Wm. F. Edwards, Charles W. Ellis, 
Hiram E. Gallagher, Harry D^ Geiger, Da- 
vid A. Gibson, Frederick N. Guernsey, 
Robt. J. Hamilton, Anthony Hanson, Chas. 
Hartig, Jr., Geo. J. Hassett, Wm. T. 
Hickey, Wm. Johnson, Oscar Johnson, 
Clarence L. Jones, Chas. Karr, Frank Kan- 
jorska, Reuben G. Levyn, Roderick Mc- 
Donald, Leuchling McDonald, Charles Mc- 
Dougall, John E. McGregor, Dougall Mc- 
Kenzie, James McPhail, Chas. P. iMcSorley, 
Francis J. Marion, Jno. D. Mulrena, John 
Muschal, Carl N. Nelson, Christian A. Op- 
penborn, Duncan M. Page, Albert Peppier, 
Anthony Peterson, Walter E. Seymour, 
William Sine, Nicholas Schmitz, Neil Spain, 
William F. Stevens, Frank P. Thompson, 
Walter E. Thorne, Fred Toland, Geo. V. 
Waldron, Chas. B. Whalen. Arthur J. Wil- 
kinson, Ernest Wolfe, Prank Wymon, 
Harry L. Warren, Alpena. 

Wm. Avis, Geo. F. Bartlett, Geo. F. 
Beckwith, Wm. J. Carpenter, Geo. Camp- 
bell, Andrew P. Ceslick, John Davis, Rich- 
ard H. Deadman, Fred A. Door, Chas. E. 
Evans. John B. Eller, Otto F. Grimm, 
Thomas Jacobson, John LeGraff, Thos. iS. 
Mortimer, Jas. O. McMurphy, Wm. B. 
Paton, Chas. A. Phillips, Lorenzo D. Wy- 
man, Alpena. 

Company C. 

William D. Parke. Captain: Charles H. 
Dumont, 1st Lieut.; George A. Mandley, 2nd 
Lieut.; Harry E. Burlow, 1st Sergt.; Jno. 

T. Sills, Q. M. Sergt.; Wm. N. Schultz, 
Sergt.; Henry H. Hotfman, Sergt; John H. 
Albert, Sergt.; Jno. L. Hiliker, Sergt.; 
Charles D. Webster, Corporal; Frank W. 
Koth, Corporal; Geo. T. Whaler, Corporal; 
Louie Irons, Corporal; Jas. E. Brockway, 
Corporal; Roy S. Youngs, Corporal; Frank 
E. Sharp, Musician; Walter D. Kurzrock. 
Musician, Bay City; Henry H. Whiterker, 
Wagoner, Sparta; Emil Gelinas, Artificer, 
Bay City. 

Privates— Emerson A. Annis, Michael An- 
derson, James A. Brown, Henry Campbell, 
Charles C. Cuthbert, Chas. C. Carter, Geo. 
A. Cobb, Will H. M. Carpenter, Chas. Cal- 
kins, Bay City; Frederick W. Crosby, W. 
Bay City; Everett S. Dunbar, Ralph M. 
Dawloy, Wm. H. Dollard, Wm. H. Ellis, 
Arthue E. Fesette, Hiram Presse, Harry 
D. Fenton, Paul E. Filiatreault, Bay City; 
Stanley Gilke, W. Bay City; John M. Geop- 
pert. Bay City; Frederick A. Greening, 
North Adams, Jerome B. Galloway, Dun- 
dee; Henry J. Graham, Bay City; Herbert 
Hallead, Saginaw; Wm. E. Hurlbert, Julius 
W. Hutchins, Duffleld: Wm. E. Johnston, 
Madison; John Karpus, Louis C. Knack, 
Florenz Lutzke, Frederick Lewis, Jos. La- 
fountain, Geo. P. Labadie, Frank Lang- 
staff, Avery A. Lyon, Jos. Lester, Frederick 
A. Hant, Chas. C. Merritt, Wm. Metzger, 
David L. Meyers, Chas. W. Marshall, Chas. 
Mueller, Frederick Meyers, Chas. J. Mcln- 
tyre, Jno. W. McKee, Bay City; Chester 
Nolan, West Bay City; Harry H. Pressley. 
Bay City; Albert Ostrom, Pentwater; Her- 
bert S. Perry, Chas. A. Pusey, Bay City; 
Burt Piper, Williamston; Cyrus A. Pringle, 
William Pringle, Albert Pellow, Gustave G. 
Reinhardt, John Riegle, Alvin Rouse, Clark 
C. Stockford, Henry H. 'Schroeder, James 
F. Sills, William H. Thompson, Royal E. 
Verity, Bay City; Prank B. Wiley, Leroy 
Wiles, New Haven. 

Wm. H, M. Carpenter, Wm. J. Defrain, 
Fred B. Hammond, Paul P. Hendrie, 
Prank L. Harwood, Arthur B. Kelly, 
Chas. E. Lafromboise, Fred L. Marsshall, 
Claude L. Martin, Bay City; Andrew G. 
Nobeck. Gaylord; Geo. L. Pearent, Bay 
City; Guy P. Parsons, Saginaw; Harry H. 
Pressley, Chas. L. Walk, Chas. D. Willard, 
Bay City. 

Company D. 

Ferdinand P. W. Giesel, Captain; Wil- 
liam R. Murphy, 1st Lieut.; Walter E. 
Grayson, 2nd Lieut.; Harry T. Rork, 1st 
Sergt.; Christian Leacher, Q. M. Sergt.; 
Frank Arndt, Sergt.; Prank McCullagh, 
Sergt.; Harry K. Terry, Sergt.; Peter 
Crist, Sergt.; Edward L. A. Stolze, Cor- 
poral; Conrad Pieger, Corporal; Frederick 
C. Fauselle, Corporal; Joseph H. Ceasor, 
Corporal; Chester C. Hayes. Corporal; Ed- 
ward II. Griggs, Corporal; Glenn G. Rhine- 
vault, Artificer; Fred King. Wagoner; 
Chas. F. Doering, Musician; John W. Sal- 
mon, Musician Saginaw. 

Privates— William H. Auger, Edward L. 
Benjamin, August A. Buchholz, Fred Blair, 
Lee H. Cotton, John W. Cannon. Ray 
Crandell, Thomas Crowley. William T. Dav, 
John T. Downs, Alvin Dice, John A. Dol- 

son, Rudolph Eudert, Geo. H. Fisher, Louis. 
W. Fessler, James A. Green, Chas. A. 
Genske, Saginaw; Paniel J. Hennessy,. 
Paines; Geo. J. Haigh, Saginaw; Emil O. 
Hartig, Bay City; Chester A. Hunter, Ern- 
est C. Inglehart, John Kabbrenner, Bert 

D. Kilburn, Henry J. Kull, Richard G. C. 
Krause, Saginaw; Ernest W. Lane, Ply- 
mouth; Andree G. Lockwood, William La- 
Fleur, Leston LeBeaf, Joseph P. Murphy, 
Fred Morse, Jas. McKinney, Saginaw; 
Daniel C. McRae, Tawas City; Frederick J. 
Myer, Chas. O, Mayhew, August Praszek^ 
Saginaw; Max H. Pansier, Detroit; Chas. 
H. Pagel, Wm. E. Patten, Saginaw; Guy 

E. Poole, Bay City; Robert Pierce, Moral- 
dus Pierce, Saginaw; Theodore A. Rozek,, 
Howell; Jesse P. Rogers, Benj. A. Robin- 
son, Burt E. Rork, Saginaw; Albert N. 
Richardson, Chicago, 111.; David E. Rail- 
ling, Saginaw; Richard Smye, Plymouth; 
Chas. Selhivenshaupt, Saginaw; Edward J. 
Schneider, Ann Arbor; John J, Splett, Al- 
pena; John A. Stadtlander, Fred O. Steele,. 
Julius A. Scheib, Sag-inaw; Herbert P. 
Sims, East Tawas; Geo. W. Van Conneti^ 
Bert R. Willsey, Robert Wood, Jno. S. 
Westover, Gustav. Wagner, Saginaw; Ar- 
thur J. Wagers, Detroit; Edward L. Zentz, 
Geo. W. Zeigin, Saginaw. 

Louis M. Beneway, West Branch; Joshua 
Backins, Wm. R. Brandt, Saginaw; Philip 
J. Brinket. West Branch; Chas. J. Ewald, 
Frederick C. Eggert, Saginaw; Geo. A» 
Gillett, Brent Creek; Stuart A. Gordon,. 
Saginaw; Ross L. Hillier, Fred D. Ingalls, 
West Branch ; Fred King, Prank E. Match- 
ett, Manley P. Milligan, Saginaw; Sidney 
P. McHale, West Branch; Mather Nieder- 
stadt, Richard A. Perry; Julius Scheib, 
Chas. W. Strock, Saginaw; Fred Snook, 
Rose City; William D. Yates. West Branch; 
Albert Zoeller, Saginaw. 

Company B. 

Jno. Q. Anderson, Captain; Wm. T. 
Harms, 1st Lieut.; Geo. H. Stolz, 2nd: 
Lieut.; Ralph G. Anderson, 1st Sergt.; Jas. 
K. Hunter, O. M. Ser2:t.; Alfred L. Merser- 
vev, Sergt.; Samuel Wilkinson, Sergt.; Rus- 
sell N. Colburn, Sergt.; Fred W. Pape, 
Sergt.; James Hendricks, Corporal; Edward 
Hahn, Corporal; Noble Wilkinson, Corpor- 
al; Thomas Strachen, Corporal; Thos. P. 
Johnson, Corporal; Chas. D. Walker, Cor- 
poral; Edward Scarth, Musician, Saginaw, 
E. S.; James E. Pesler, Musician, Gaylord; 
Chas. H. Barber, Wagoner, Ro^bt. R. Oliver, 
Artificer, Saginaw, E. S. 

Privates— Geo. S. Atkins, Saginaw, E. S. ;■ 
Arthur M. Andretsch, Detroit; Jay H. 
Brockway, Flint; Frank Burmeister, Sag- 
inaw, E. S.; Burt P. Becker, Bay City: 
Ernest P. Brunner, Saginaw, E. S. ; Cruder 
Bmder, Detroit; Milton Benedict, Lewis 
Blower, Saginaw, E. S.; Chas. A, Clinton, 
Detroit; John Camlskey, Saginaw, E. S. r 
Wm. Coleman, Laingsiburg; Thos. Cos- 
grove, Jiddy P. Canell. Walter Cook, Sag- 
inaw, E. S. : Chas. M, Carpenter, Detroit; 
Theodore Dicksc'hidt, Daniel Dewey, Ed- 
win Donaldson, Saginaw. E. S.; Fred De 
Moins, Ashley; Wm. Doetsch, Detroit; 
Emil English, Walter D. Elliott, Thos. H 

Finlay, Percy F. Goldie, Allen Gray, Henry 
B. Hoppe, Saginaw, E. S.; Geo^ jW, Hoff- 
man, Fenton; Frederick Harms, Saginaw; 
Frank Heike, Bay City; Adelbert H. Hack- 
ett, Arthur A. Hilt, C'has. Johnson, 
John C. Kennedy, Mosesi N. Kester, Alpena; 
Sidney F. Lake, Saginaw; Napoleon La- 
Barge, Glarence M. LeRoy, Milan; Walter 
B. McKey, Samuel C. Munson, Clarence B. 
Mason, Saginaw; Claude C. Mears, Jack- 
son; Bernard Naglevoort, Detroit; George 
Oatten, Saginaw; Robert Patchell, Bay 
City; Robert O. Reschke, Detroit; Godtfried 
Ross, Otto Stahl, Charles J, Sonnenberg, 
Fred Schroeder, Saginaw, E). S.; Louis B. 
Smith, Fenton; lEdward Turner, Davis; 
Geo. F. Trantz, Saginaw; Lewis G. Terry, 
Big Beaver; Edward A. Upton, Detroit; 
Lyman G. Wilkinson, West Bay City; Geo. 
Walkier, Saginaw; Fred A. Wells, Bay 
City; John A. Wright, Joseph J. Wolf, Jas. 
Warner, Louis Waterstradt, Wm. Waack, 
Fred Yockey, Saginaw. 

Frank B. Bence, Bay City; Geo. A. Bis- 
sonette, Saginaw, B. S.; James A. Barron, 
Port Huron; Alf Christersen, S'aginaw, B. 
S.: David T. Crozier, Monroe; Walter D. 
Elliott, Joseph Halser, George M. Johnson, 
Saginaw, B. S.; Fred G. Liser, Thomas M. 
McKee, Fred S. Marvin, Frank Mldzielski, 
Bay City; Edward Owan, Fairgrove; Chas. 
T. Peters, Saginaw, IE. S.; Lowry D. Pier- 
son, W. Bay City; Oscar M. Rector, Rock- 
ford; Geo. Rabidoux, Bay City; Robt. D. 
Stephenson, Saginaw, B. S. ; Fred IM. 
Schindette, Bay City; Jas. Sullivan, Sag- 
inaw, E. IS.; Hugh Stevenson, Ludington; 
David T. Steele, Akron. 

Company P. 

Joseph F. Walsh, Captain; George H. 
Brown, 1st Lieut.; Wm. A. McKenzie, 2d 
Lieut. ; James Stuart, 1st Sergt. ; Walter H. 
Timmonds, Q. 'M. Sergt.; John A. Barron, 
Sergt.; Francis G. Anderson, Sergt.; John 
S. Mann, Sergt.; Frank W. Gordon, Sergt.,; 
Clair R. Black, Corporal; Noble E. Petit, 
Corporal; Wm. C. Reynolds, Corporal; Wm. 
J. Duff, Corporal; Frederick Cuykendall, 
Corporal; Norval W. Marlett, Corporal; 
Claude A. Newcomer, (Musician; Hial B. 
Buckeridge, (Musician; Stephen A. Miller, 
Wagoner; James B. Toft, Artificer, Port 

Privates— 'Almon M. Bartow, Charles A. 
Baxter, George W. Bellow, Wm. E. Bon- 
ner, Duncan H. Bradbeer, Wm. J. Buel, 
Port Huron; Thomas W. Butler, Marine 
City; Charles W. Connor, Walter B. Crack- 
•el, Port Huron; John W. Currie, Marine 
City; Herbert Darr, Bast Greenwood; Wm. 
John Dingwell, Port Huron; Charles Don- 
nelley, Emmet; Wm. J. Dowdell, Homer H. 
Dunton, Edward Dwyer, Adolph E. Dreyer, 
Jamesi B. Embury, Ralph S. Meming, Har- 
ry S. Grermain, Wm. Green, George G. 
"Grigg, Wm. G. Half man. Port Huron; Al- 
bert Hartenstein, Detroit; Fred B. Has- 
Icell, Kenokee; Charles W. Henry, Abbotts- 
ford; George C. Higgins, Charles Hill, Jr., 
George B. Hill, Gabriel S. Holbert, Port 
Huron; Charles Jackson, Battle Run; Frank 
€. Jones, Fred D. Keener, Port Huron; 
Jacob Kromenaker, Marysville; Wm. T. 
Mallory, Geo. L. Maurer, Ralph W. B. Mil- 
lis, Granville G. Moran, Fred J. McGutch- 
€on, Thos. H. Mcintosh, Herbert B. Mcll- 
vain. Port Huron; Norman B. McLean, 
Flint; Jos. McMlllen, Sand Beach; Jos. P. 
MoNeight, Memphis; Thos. O'Halloran, 
IVillia J. Face, Port Huron; Rudolph Papst, 

LexUigton; Fred Percival, Chas. J. Phillips, 
Andrew B. Radigan, Wm. J. Ross, Fred M. 
Ross, Walter R. Rutley, Port Huron ; Loren 
C. Scramlin, Imlay City; Jas. F. Skelley, 
Geo. S. Smith, Maynard D. Smith, Stephen 
Smith, Geo. G. Springstead, Arthur C. 
Thomipson, Harry P. Thorn, Christy B. 
Walters, Clarke W. Washburn, Alex. Wend- 
over, Geo. W. Youngs, Port Huron. 

Wm. Allen. Capac; Milo Barden, Port 
Huron; Henry Brooks, Cheboygan; Farland 
Ballentine, M. D. Connelly, Harry A. Cline, 
John Callahan, Geo. T. Downing, Henry 
Davis, Wm. Ferrier, James Gallagher, W. 
A. Gardner, Herbert J. <3ree, James Huner, 
Norman B. Hyde, Thos. Hickey, Frank D. 
llyde, Robert Krenkel, Geo. Kitchen, Soil 
P. Mann, John O. McMahon, Chas. Mcin- 
tosh, Leo J. Smith, Wm. Steroskey, Frank 
L. Whiting, Port Huron. 

Company G. 

Arthur J. Van Epps, Captain ; Lee H. Re- 
tan, 1st Lieut. ; Willard M. Case, 2nd Lieut. ; 
Wm. E. Gardner, 1st Sergt.; August Snei- 
der, Q. M. Sergt.; Leo Guy Brewer, Sergt.; 
Henry B. Connersi, Sergt.; Ward B. Carl, 
Sergt.; Glen N. Angevine, Sergt.; Clemens 
Gabriel, Corporal; Roy O. Woodruff, Cor- 
poral; Silas M. Campbell, Corporal; Dennis 
P. McAuliffe, Corporal; Seth E. Beers, Cor- 
poral; Albert Frieseke, Corporal; Clifton I. 
Schenck, Musician; Geo. M. Hunt, Musi- 
cian; Willie Simington, Artificer; Schuyler 
Crane, Wagoner, Owosso. 

Privates— Darwin Austin, Ralph R. Ba- 
ker, Geo. T. Baker, Wm. Beers, Albert 
Baird, Menzo J. Bentley, Irwin Bliss, Luth- 
er B. Bradley, Delano E. Burbank, Fred S. 
Burhans, Frederick H. Brown, Henry B. 
Briggs, Phillip Conley, Wm. Comstock, Or- 
dell R. Cooper, Hugh M. Eaton, Frank E. 
Evans, Bvan L. Evans, David Fitzgibbons, 
Barney Gabriel, Louis Gilbert, Claude A. 
Giddings, Herman Grant, Henry Grogg, 
Starr W. Gruner, Archie Hammond, Geo. 
Haupt, Benj. Hobson, Walter Jackson, 
Frederick Kamm, Jos. Kelley, Leon Lewis, 
Ora A. Linabury, Guy D. Lincoln, Fred Lit- 
tlefleld, Harry B. Loomis, Jerry Maloney, 
Daniel J. Maloney, Jay Matteson, Marvin 
R. Monroe, Chas. S. Moses, Frank Nelan, 
Orison Norcross, Ollie Noonan, Lewes 
Odell, Lewis H. Osburn, Michael J. Phil- 
lips, Elbert W. Pickworth, Albert E. 
Proper, Jas. Fred Ross, Elzie Sanders, 
Henry D. Shaddean, Ernest C. Smith, Chas. 
C. Stiff, Leroy Taylor, Luie Tick, Irvin 
Thomas, Jno. O. Treadwell, Harry H. Van 
Dyne, Chas. A. Warner, Albert Wetherbee, 
Wm. S. Waterman, Henry M. Williams, 
Henry J. Williams, Barle Wilber, Owosso. 

Menzo J. Bentley, John S. Brown. Morton 
B. Card, Owosso; Wm. Derham, Corunna; 
Albert Evans, Thos. Gg(lusha, Owosso; 
Wm. Holdridige, Holly; Earl W. Hopkins, 
Robt. C. Harmon, Chas. Harnack, Albert 
Jebb, Arthur H. Letts, Clyde S. Lindsay, 
David ID. Moyses, James A. Nelson. Oscar 
L. Price. Owosso; Frank J. Roche, Fenton; 
Arthur B. Root, Geo. D. Rowe, Henry 
Rubleman, Owosso; Arthur Taylor, Samuel 
G. Williams, Ira W. Way, Cheboygan; Al- 
bert Wetherbee, Owosso. 

Company H. 

Wm. S. McArthur, Captain; John B. 
Boucher, 1st Lieut.: Daniel J. McDonald, 
2nd Lieut.; Frank B. Clarke, 1st Sergt.; 

Wm. A. Meden, Q. M. Sergt.; Jas. B. Chal- 
mers, Sergt.; Wm. F. Meisel, Sergt.; Wil- 
liam Atwood, Sergt. ; Wm. E. Mould, Sergt. ; 
Alfred D. Jackson, Corporal; Amos R. Ox- 
ley, Corporal; Fred M. Clement, Corporal; 
Earl S. Huibert, Corporal; Daniel Corlett, 
Corporal; Jas. Y. Livingston, Corporal; 
Edward A. Geyer, Musician; Wm. F. Geyer, 
Musician; Fred D. Wheelock, Artificer; 
Harry Hayden, Wagoner, Cheboygan. 

Privates— Jno. M. Allair, Walter Ano, Lee 
Benton, Geo. C. Barnes, Jas. D. Brooks, 
Lester L. Barnes, Adolph J. Bell, Geo. E. 
Burdo, Otto Bohn, Albert S. Borowing, Wm. 
J. Cross, Albert Chesley, Wm. G. Dufliny, 
Christopher A. Dickinson, John F. Davies, 
Carlton Day, Thos. W. Davis, Jno. B. 
Fisher, Chas. Foster, Louis Foumier, Eu- 
gene A. Geyer, Oscar C. Garrett, Edward 
A. Huibert, Wm. Henderson, Frank Hui- 
bert, Charles Hamlin, Cheboygan; Walley 
H. Hein, South Rogers; Wm. Hein, Wm. 
Heinzel, James Hudson, John Heingartner, 
Wm. Jones, Linden M. Jeffers, Lawrence 
Jedrzewski, John S. Jones, Cheboygan; Rod- 
erick Kennedy, Casnovia; Harry H. Kings- 
ley, Chas. F. Koschig, Joseph Kwelpwski, 
Claude B. Kittredge, Jno. Lamont, Frank 
Lockhart, Chas. B. Lepard, John McGinn, 
Jas. A. Martin, Anthony Malek, Jas. Moss, 
Jos. P. Maloney, Wm. Mosco, Geo. Misner, 
Angus A. McDonald, Cheboygan; Frank 
Neymeiyer. Grand Rapids; Jas. Parker, 
Cheboygan; Frank S. Perkins, Sparta; 
Chas. li. Pull, Evans; Wm. C. Sherman, 
Edward Stuart, Egbert A. Smith, Jr., Eric 
Siblom, Joseph Terris, Walter Tucker, Or- 
ange Wood, Henry Wait, Wm. Wizeler, 
Richard Young, Cheboygan. \ 

Wm. Baillargeon, Cheboygan^, John W. 
Cumm^ings, Engadine; Joseph Doner, Che- 
boygan; Thos. Dawson, Manistique; Wm. 
Eiberhardt, Peters Erickson, Marshall For- 
gener, U. Grant Grummond, John Gal- 
lagher, Frederick B. Harris, Chas. Hefft- 
ing, Geo. W. Judson; John Paul Jones, 
Cheboygan; Geo. Lequea, Mackinaw City; 
Albert B. Miller, Thos. McLaughlin. Che- 
boygan; Thomas P. Nolly, Detroit; Patrick 
O'Grady, James Rands, Royal L. *Ritter, 
Chetooygan; Frank J. Schwartz, James 
summons, Wesley Smith, Fred Smith, B. A. 
Smith, Jr., Midland; Wm. Taylor, Sagi- 
naw, E. S.; James Vollier, Grand Rapids; 
Chas. E. Winey, Cheboygan. 

Company I, 

Frank P. Graves, Captain; Jas. Harry 
Pound, 1st Lieut.; Floyd E. Daigneau, 2nd 
Lieut.; John Bell, Jr., 1st Sergt.; Chas. M. 
Barr, Q. M. Sergt.; Geo. B. Scihalrer, 
Sergt.; Jacob Roy Kramer, Serg<t., Benton 
Harbor; Nicholas B. Herric, Sergt., Bay 
City; Guy L. Bort, Sergt.: Edward J. Stev- 
ens, Cori>oral; Robert P. Lee, Corporal; 
Wm. Moore, Corporal; Lewis H. Foeltzer, 
C<»-poral; Edward H. Hilborn, Jr., Corporal; 
Gity G. Marsi Gorparai; Roscoe Roeder, 
Musician, Bay City; El tie O. Birkholm, 
Musician; Chas. Sullivan, Wagoner; Fred- 
erick Hand, Artificer, Benton Harbor. 

Privates— Jolhn J. Appleyard, Jr., William, 
Bennett, Henry S. Beals, John R. Bradley, 
Isaachar B. Barnes, Jr., Geo. Bassnot, 
Frank Brinkerhoff, El ward Beshens, Geo. 
C. Correll, Horace B. Correll, John W. 
Cone, Roy L. Cook, John R. ' Currier, 
Walter L. Donahue, Alsooi F. Felch, Fred 
Fowler, Gilbert Fuller, Ardhibald House, 
Chas. Hand, Leslie R. Hitchings, Lewis R. 
Johnson, Edward Keyes, Harry Lampler, 

Chas. Loeffier, Joseph N. Hauser, Chas. H. 
Lederer, Herbert L. Lemon, Adelbert G. 
Murphy, Ved Murphy, Louis Miller, 
William McEwan, Walter S. Martin, Jo-hn 
McDonald, Ward Mars^ Victor Heric, Bay 
City; Barratt O'Hara, Hugh O'Hara, 
Arthur W. Osborne, Eidward Petrequin, 
Loren Pegg. Alva R. Pyle, Harry W. Rowe, 
Stanley Russell, Harvey Robinson, Vernon 
Runyan, Frank S. Reynolds, Louis Rup- 
pert, Wm. Edward Swen, Thos. L. Swem. 
Elmer Swem, George Steenberg, Allen S. 
Smith, Fernando Shanks, Frank Stone, 
Carl Shanks, Clifton St. Crix, Johnson 
Thomipson, Chas. Urbschadt, Will W. 
Wertzberger, Harry S. White, Orlando D. 
Wheeler, Porter C. Walker, Jr., Chas. 
Wright, Chas. Walters, Fremont H. 
Williams, Benton Harbor. 

Bargaron Armadons, Niles; Wm. Cam- 
eron, Benton Harbor; Wallace Hanover, 
Buchanan; Edward L. Hawkins, Wim. A. 
Hurliss, Chas. E. R. Kueger, Frederick 
Murschil, Allan Rackllff, Harry J. Rufus, 
John A. Schairesr, Allen L. -Smith, Benton 
Harbor; Wm. O. Strawser, Buchanan; 
Robert H. Stead, Niles; Demetrine Wheel- 
er, Durlin W. Wheeler, Archie H. Wright, 
Hyland J. Wright, Benton Harbor; Walter 
E. Wright, Berrien Centre; Robt. L. Wells^ 
Buchanan; Willis W. Worick, Lodus; 
Frederick C. Zeigler, Benton Harbor. 

Company K. 

Chas. P. Wheeler, Captain; Wade L. 
Swartwout, 1st Lieut.; William F. Pack, 
2nd Lieut.; John W. King, 1st Sergt.; Jas. 

A. McJury, Q. M. Sergt.; Louis M. Evans, 
Sergt.; Chas. S. Hitchcock, Sergt.; Walter 

C. Jones, Sergt.; Frank E. Davey, Sergt.; 
Earnest J. Stilwell, Corporal; Sherman L. 
Culbertson, Corporal; Chas. R. Arnes, Cor- 
poral; Barton C. Nottingham, Corporal; 
Chas. A. Slater, Corporal; Jesse D. Dock- 
stader. Corporal; Emory L. Knickerbocker, 
Musician, Albion; Geo. B. Smart, Musician, 
Bay City; Ross P. Appleman, Artificer; 
Harmon Legg, Wagoner, Three Rivers. 

Privates— Joel Anton, L. C. Avery, Geo. 

D. Baker, Wm. B. Brown, Albert Benfeir, 
Artihur G. Bennett, Chas. S. Boyer, Harry 

B. Brown. Mikel Butcher, Wm. A. Butcher, 
Bennie Clay, Bismark M. Cooper, Bertram 
L. Downs, Newton Drake, Bert W. Evans, 
Daniel J. Everhart, Jno. H. Gray, Burton 
B. Gilman, August C. Greonburg, Elbert G. 
Griffin, Ross S. Hardesty, Jno. W. Hart- 
grove, Wm. H. Hartgrove, Clarence J. 
Hatch. Wilder W. Higgins, Elijah D. Helm- 
bacfh, Sylvester Ickes, Fred L. Kaiser. Jos. 
L. Kirby, Frederic A. Kramb, Amos I. 
Lincoln, Ch^s. A. Lincoln, Albert Machal- 
waska, Otis M. Marr, Frank J. Mtannlng, 
Frank E. Mero, Allen D. Monroe, Warren 
A. Mowrer, Lewis B. Money, Herbert 
McDonald, John C. McGowan, Louis M. 
MoMlllan, Orlo B Nayior, Guy H. Pixley, 
Arthur B. Prouty. Ira R. Price, Austin C. 
Ruggles, Berney B. Reed, Clarence H. 
Ruggles, Harvey J. Ruggles, He^nry D. 
Rogers, Chas. O. Romig, Arden R. Sey- 
mour, Clyde R. Schoonmaker, Jacob B. 
Smith, Eugene P. Spangler, Geo. W. 
Trickey, Earl L. Taylor, Otis D. Weinberg, 
Geo. H. White. Christian W. Wolgamood, 
Edward E. VVortinger, Orby L. Wright, 
Marion A. Young, Harry M. Younglove* 
Three Rivers. 

Wally Barringer, Fred M. Boyer, Three 
Rivers. Mich.; Edwin B. Carey, Centre- 
ville; Willie R. Green, Wm. C. Hartman^ 

X.eroy Ickes, James Kelley. Calvin W. 
Nash, Marcellus; Ray W. Nihart, Mendon; 
Louis E. Parker, Three Rivers; Chas. O. 
Romig, Marcellus; Edward E. Woitinger, 

Company L<^ 

Carl A. Wagner, Captain, Port Huron; 
Ablino J. Babcock. 1st L.le.ut., Flint; 
Charles O'Reilly Atkinson, 2nd Lieut., De- 
troit; Wesley J. Harrington, 1st Sergt., 
Port Huron; Chas. S. Morris, Q. M. Sergt., 
Muskegon; Ohas. A. Howard, Sergt., Grand 
Rapids; Clarence E. Long, Sergt., Lowell; 
Wm. E. Howard, Sergt., Grand Rapids; 
Frank E. Cavanaugh. Sergt., Muskegon; 
Chas. H. Boody, Corporal, Hart; Wm. K. 
Hiler, Corporal, Plolland; Scott Le^avitt, 
Corporal, Bellaire; Alfred A. Hickox, Cor- 
poral, Forest Home; Earl DeiWitt, Corpor- 
al, Muskegon; Frank Rauson, Corporaa, 
Lawton; Albert J. Clark, Wagoner, Dun- 
dee; Melville A. Cole, Artificer, Dimondale; 
Herman A. Tiefenthal, Musician, Hopkins; 
Lawrence E. C'ulp, Musician, Bangor. 

Privates— Hobert Acker, Rockford; Albert 
E. Akines, Muskegon; Wesley Andrews, 
Dimondale; Chas. H. Beier, Dundee; Custer 
Borst, Evans ; Frank M. Burton, Muskeigon ; 
Edward H. Brooks, Lawton; Henry Brown, 
Caileton; Claude A. Briggs, Evans; Geo. M. 
Beach, Deerfleld; Milford Brown. Williams- 
ten; James E. Crago, Lawton; Clifford H. 
Curtis, Sand Lake; Reuben P. Carr, Amble; 

Chas. L. Dickinson. Hastings; Edward C. 
Dailey, DufReld; Albert Darbee, Caro; Jno. 
T. Downs, Vassar; Geo. E. Emerson, Mon- 
roe; Bert E. Penning, Lowell; Jno. H. 
Franklin, Dimondale; Jno. T. Graves, 
Carleton; Walter K. Gray, Grand Rapids; 
Edward J. Grimes, Muskegon; Wm. H." Har- 
ris, St. Johns; Ulman A. Hauk, Lowell; 
Chas. M. Hallack, Sparta; Chaa F. Hiler, 
Holland; Del F. Harmon, Morrice; Jas. B. 
Hutton, Winfield; Ralph A. Jones, Vassar; 
Wm. E. King, Moline; Ottie Kelly, Grand 
Rapids; Maurice N. Lang, Lowell; Otis M. 
Lewis, Hart; Herman H. LaFountain, 
South Haven; Wm. E. Martin, Morenci; 
Arthur iMaleham, Geo. W. Mooney, Hol- 
land; Jno. P. Nelson, Howard City; Daniel 
G. Putnam, Grand Rapids; Glenn iM. Por- 
ter, Cedar Springs; Chas. E. Petrie, Twin 
Lake; Chas. E. Piper, Kibble; Wm. A. Phil- 
lips, Petersburg; Wm. S. Pierson, FUnt; 
Daniel A. Reagan, Croton; Sherman P. 
Reynolds, Lowell; Justin A. Rouse, Muske- 
gon; Hayes S. Rolf, Lowell; Byron Root, 
Bangor; Chas. H. Reeves, St. Johns; Char- 
ley Rooney, Ann Arbor; Alvah Smith, Mor- 
enci; Ferdinand G. Sebright, Burnips Cor- 
ners; Merihew A. Smith, Holland; Don A. 
Stark, Harry E. Saunders, Ann Arbor; Ray 
C. Tooker, Hopkins; Augustus D. Thorp, 
Sand Lake; Don I. Turner, Ann Arbor; 
Frederick Upell, Petersburg; Frank A. 
Williams, Wesley T. Wilson, Franklin J. 
Whitbeck, Grand Rapids. 

John J. Barber, Montrose; Thomas R. 
Cramer, Hudson; Robert G. Hosier; Sag- 
inaw; Emory C. Harding, Birch Run; Wm. 
B. McGregor, Ubly; Harry D. Morgans, 
Detroit; Dexter D. Peck, Plymouth; Rob- 
ert T. Richardson, Ubly; Frank E. tSinclair, 
Gladwin; John B. Smith, iMontrose; Wm. 
A. Smith, Otisville; Frederick Upell, 
Petersburg; Geo. J. Wain. Wm. E. Walker, 
John Walter, Detroit; Chas. R. Whitney, 
Rochester; Frederic E. Workman, John H. 
N. Parker, John N. Parker, Wm. R. Smith, 

Company M. 

Frederic W. Cowley, Captain; Geo. C. 
Waldo, 1st Lieut.; Robt. M. Kerr, 2nd 
Lieut.; Wm. J. Lawrence, 1st Sergt.; Dan- 
iel W. Smith, Q. M» Sergt.; Wm. N. Dren- 
nan, Sergt.; Byron E. Davis, Sergt.; Frank 
A. Hammond, Sergt.; Clarence A. Davis, 
Sergt.; Rufus Hatch, Corporal, Detroit; 
Chaa B. Mervick, Corporal, West Bay 
City; Clair R. Parrish, Corporal, Detroit; 
Jeddie E. Rabidoux, Corporal, Bay City; 
Chas. F. Rich, Corporal; Wm. F. Whiting- 
ham, Corporal; Theodore F. Bornman, Ar- 
tificer; Herman Schmidt, Wagoner, Detroit; 
Frank F. Faling, Musician, Eugene; Floyd 
H. Lockwood, Musician, Detroit. 

Privates— Harvey W. Agnew, Francis Av- 
ery, Wm. J. Battersby, Detroit; Frederick 
W. Bauer, Springwells; Jas. R. Bayer, 
Frederick H. Beyer, Andrew Bloetscher, 
Francis J. Brady, Walter G. Carolin, Da- 

vid A. Crawford, Francis A. CuUen, August 
Ehrenfried, Chas. H. Fay, Fred Gabourie, 
David Goldman, Fred D. Goldstone, Geo. O. 
Goward, Chas. H. Groth, Jr., G^o. L. Hayes, 
Jas. A. Havens, Detroit; John Havens, Al- 
pena; Lewis Hillman, Detroit; Arthur Hix- 
son; Grand Rapids; Benjamin C. Hooper, 
Willard Hopkins, Detroit; Arthur B. How- 
land, Almont; Geo. E. Kearney, Chas. H. 
Kennedy, ThoB. A. Lynd, Detroit; Marshal 
E. Lathrop, Rochester; Robt. L. Lindsay, 
Wm. J. Lynd, Allen H. Leach, Chas. M. 
Macoit, Arthur J. McCahill, James E. 
Mitchell, Detroit; Adolph J. iMilbrandt, 
Croswell; Edward L. Mundt, Lewis F. Pa- 
gel, Harry J. Pearson, Detroit; Floyd W. 
Passmore, Albion; Henry Peiffer, Jno. G. 
Paulin, Detroit; Arthur Raymond, Owosso; 
Jolm H. Reardon, Alexander Robinson, 
Burtram C. Rockey, William J. Rowe, Geo. 
W. Shai'pe, Wm. A. Schmidt, Harry J. W. 
Simpson, John H. Smith, Jacob A. Speier, 
Edward D. Suart, Frank P. Tobin, Jacob 
Van Vliet, Stephen M. Venard, Geo. J. 
Veth, Wm. Whalen, John P. Wilson, Newn- 
ham E. Winstanlev, Commodore Vander- 
bilt Yoder, Orman J. Yokom, Detroit; Jere- 
miah J. Colman, Midland. 

Ralph E. Bell, Otter Lake; Peter H. 
Beck, Geo. H. Booth, Leon Z. Foster, De- 
troit; Chas. A. Hamilton, Armada; Fred- 
erick W. Henning, John H. Keating. Al- 
bert E. King, Arthur Lorve, Frederick E. 
IMarquardt, Royal A. McWilliams, Edward 
J. Noonan, Clarence R. Spickett, Detroit. 

Muster Roll Thirty-Fourth Michigan Volunteers. 

Field and Staff. 

John P. Petermann, Colonel Alouez 

John R. Bennett, Lieut. Colonel.. Muskegon 

Edwin B. Winans, Major ±iamburg 

William G. Latimer, Major Detroit 

Fred M. Hodskin, Major Manistee 

James A. King, Surgeon Manistee 

John Bobb, Asst. Surgeon ..Calumet 

Julius M.Wilhtlm, Asst. Surg.. Traverse City 

Wm. E. Wright, Chaplain Big Rapids 

John McNaughton, Adjt. & 1st Lt.. Calumet 
Henry Roach, Q.M. & 1st Lt.. Ft. Clark, Tex. 

Jas. P. Ryan, Sergt. Major :. Muskegon 

Kenneth McLeod, Q. M. Sergt Calumet 

Wm. H. Rezin, Hosp, Stewd..Iron Mountain 

Geo. McElveen, Hosp. Stewd Hancock 

Gilbert V. Carpenter, Hosp. Stewd., 

Iron Mountain 
Frederick Scott, Chief Musician — Calumet 

Henry King, Principal Mus Chicago, 111 

George R. Holderness, Musdcian 

Coiiipaiiy A. 

OEli V. R. Falardeau, Captain; Chas. H. 
Milner, 1st Lieut.; Geo. R. 'Markham, 2nd 
Lieut.; John C. Brown, 1st Sergt.; Ernest 
L. Hesse, Q. M. Sergt.; Geo. L. Moore, 
Sergt. ; Calvin L. Benware, Sergt.; Chas. L. 
McCormick, Sergt. ; Jno. L. Waite, Sergt. ; 
Walter W. Brackett, Corporal; Edward L. 

Benware, Corporal; Ernest A. Hunt, Cor- 
poral; Dexter J. Pease, Corporal; Burton 
Phillips, Corporal; Carl Samuel, Corporal; 
Chas. E. Wakeman, Musician; Archibald 
R. Wright, Musician; Peter R. LaRocque, 
Musician; Frank Sherk, Wagoner, Big Rap- 

Privates— Gage H. Avery, Geo. Anderson, 
John J. Anderson, Fred A. Ashley, Freder- 
ick M. Benware, Stephen L. Bigelow^ Dan- 
iel G. Brown, Leonard Bruner, Elmer 
Beach, Rae Cady, Jno. C. Cameron, Renn 
Conard, Jed E. Cosper, Harry L. Crane, 
Arthur R. Canaan, Zachie Cox, Homer 
Durgy, Wm. F. Dailey, Frank Davidson, 
Homer C. Earl, Albert E. Gould, Big Rap- 
ids; David Hashley, Manchester; Mathew 
Heeny, Brighton; Chas. E. Harger, Neil 
Hosworth, Clarence Hill, Geo. E. Jones, 
Hermann Karzewski, Clyde F. Karshner, 
Frederick W. Knapp, Fred Krohn, Herman 
Kietzmann, Thos. P. Lynch, Steven A. 
Lindsay, Wm. H. Lane, Henry C. Miles, 
Edward W. iMinier, Harvey G. Mowl, Nels 
J. Nelson, Big Rapids; Chas. Nelson, 
Grand Rapids; Amil C. Nels»on, Frank 
O'Melia, Big Rapids; Bert L. O'Day, De- 
troit; Joseph Plowman, Geo. A. Rettin- 
house, Jno, F. Ryan, Frank Raub, Burley 
W. Rdyn^iftd, Guy C. Reed,- Edwin O. 
Roycc, Qtto Sobotta, Albert Stiokley, Ray 
C. Smitfl; Wm. St. Clair, Geo. Seaburn, 
Howard G. Seaman, Harman Stansloski, 

Horace L. Trafford, Frank Van Dozen, Wm. 
G. Ward, Thos. J. Ward, Victor T. Wright, 
Big Rapids. 

j^exter J. Pease, Big Rapids; Jesse Ander- 
son, Paul Boillot, Bear Lake; Elmer Beach, 
Crystal Valley; Harry G. Braman, Big Rap- 
ids; James A. Briggs, McBride; Eugene W. 
Brown, Elijah W. B glow, Big Rapids; Wm. 
R. Carman, Mecosta; Andrew Collins, Big 
Rapids; J. Gratz Cook, Leon H. Davison, 
St. Johns; Wm. E. M. Dockery, Neil C. 
Eastman, Big Rapids; Geo. W. Eldred, 
Chippewa Lake; Elmer Ganong, Myron Ga- 
nong, Woodville; John P. Hendemieer, Me- 
costa; Marin M. Hall, Big Rapids; Raymond 
G. Johnson, Adolph G. Libton, Mecosta; 
Green J. Miles, Big Rapids; David C. Mad- 
row, Hungerford; Lewis H Po ter. Big Rap- 
ids; Fred H. Peavey, Harry E. Rice, Wm. 
H. Randall, Benj. H. Swiler, Borland; Al- 
bert M. Whiting, Portland. 

Company B. 

John Stronach. Jr., Captain: Geo. H. 
Broadhead, 1st Lieut.; Daniel A. Waite, 2nd 
Lieut.; Frank L. Waite, 1st Sergt.; Roy C. 
Baker, Q. M. Sergt. : 'Byron Stansell, Sergt. ; 
Samuel Snyder, Sergt.; Ray Bradford, 
Sergt. ; Ward Estes, Sergt. •,^ Hansi Hanson. 
Corporal;. Edward C. Stokoe, Corporal; 
Leurence Nelson, Corporal; Chas. E. Cur- 

tiss. Corporal; Milton Smurthwaite. Cor- 
poral; Stanley Allen, Corporal; Nicholl 
Christophersen, Musician; Joseph Kliber, 
Musician, Manistee; Eugene Lancasiter, 
Artificer, Traverse City, John H. Donald- 
son, Wagoner, Manistee. 

Privates— Emil Anderson, Robert Allen, 
Chas. J. Blair, Joseph Bola, Manistee; Jno. 
A. Bailey, Durand; Thos. J. Barron, Jack- 
son; Peter Corbielle, Manistee; Geo. E. 
Cripps, Big Rapids; Oliver J. Crawford, 
Chicago, 111.; Charleston Emmett, Charles 
Fox, Albert D. Gilhooley, Oscar J. Gorce- 
chowlak, Manistee; Frank W. Gillman, 
Grand Rapids; Wm. J. Getty, Traverse 
City; Chas. Grotemat, Geo. Howell, Vamey 
M. Hadley, Arthur J. Hilliker, Thos. J. 
Haines, John Hubbell, Manistee; Michael 
Highland, Bay City; Burton C. Johnson, 
Fred E. Jentofot, Nicholas Jock, Tony 
Joneski, Frank Jarka, Otto Kettner, Ru- 
dolph F. Linke, Lars- Lucas, Chas. H. Lehr,. 
Patrick N. McDonald, John McCarthy, Au- 
gust Michlke, Valentine Mierzwa, Manistee; 
Casius C. Mishler, Lansing; Harry Miller,. 
Vernon Merritt, Fred C. Noble, John Nond, 
Wm. O'Neil, August Otin, Jno. O'Leary, 
Patrick O'Neill, Elmo C. Powell, Alfred J. 
Rivers, Jas. W. Rhoades, Norman P. Ran- 
son, Jno. Rennell. Harry Spicer, Roy E. 
Swank, Henry F. Schudlick, Walter Thomp- 
son, Arthur N. Tibbitts, Manistee; Oren 
Thorburn, Detroit; Ole C. Thompson, Mat 

C. Welbes, Wm. J. Wenzel, Geo. W. Wood- 
row, Chfis. C. Wagner, Peter J. Wicinski, 
Manistee; Chauncey J. Wyman, Big Rap- 
ids; Edwin T. Whitlow, Jackson; Hugh 
Welsh, David York, Manistee. 

Hans Hansen, Lawrence iSeison, John An- 
derson, Frank Buckner, John H. Chambers, 
Manistee; John E. Conway, Ernest Fleweii- 
Ing, Bear Lake; Johrj Wm. Hughes, Wm. 
A. Johnson, Manistee; Claude D. McGill, 
Bear Lake; Lee McFadden, Pentwater; 
Frederick Mackey, Manistee; Gust Nelson, 
Ludington; John G. Pierson, Bear Lake; 
James H. Retelle, Man stee; James Shuster, 
Frankfort; Peter C. Schira, Chief Lake; 
John T. Stroud, Grand Rap i 3s; Wm. Snyder, 
Manistee; Frank W. Smith, Chief Lake; 
Chauncey Smith, Bear Lake; Herman 
Schultz. Manistee; Chas. A. Turner, Bear 
Lake; Martin C. Wendell, Onekama; Wm. 
Wilbur, Frankfort: Frederick J. Wolf, Lud- 
ington; Wm. R. Wilson, Freesoil. 

Company C 

Frank C. 'Whitney, Captain; Edwin W. 
Watson, 1st Lieut.: Jno. C. Graham. 2nd 
Lieut.; Wesley W. Wren, 1st Sergt. ; Louis 
N. Udell, Q. M. Sergt. ; Louis P. Dryer, 
Sergt.; Roy E. Ashley, Sergt.; Bela L. 
Cogshall, Sergt.; Lee H. Trott, Sergt.; 
Adam A. Rodgers, Corporal; William L. G. 
Mcintosh, Corporal; Oliver C. StanfCer, 
Corporal; John B. Stuit, Corporal; Louis I. 
Brock, Corporal; Roy E. Alberts, Corporal; 
Kund Gunderstrup, Musician; Geo. W. 
Dixon, Musician; John Stoppels, Wagoner; 
Elmer Flycht, Artificer, Muskegon. 

Privates.— Louis N. Anderson, Tony T. 
Baker, Chas. W. Bayne, John J. Bellanger, 
Harry iN. Boyer, Andrew J. Bradley, Har- 
old W. Brock, Eddie Brothers, Clinton E. 
Brown, Wm. E. Brown, Geo. Bullock, Wal- 
ter A. Cross; Fred L. Curry, Rubin W. 
Duram. John E. Durham, Clyde Easton, 
Albert E. Ellison, John Essenberg, Samuel 
Feltman, Frank P. Foegen, Roy M. Gal- 
lagher, iCornelius Geerling, Chas. E.Greene, 
Chas. A. Hancock; Daniel O. Harkins, Geo. 
H. Haverkate, Franklin L. Hedrick, Ernest 
G. Hibner, Geo. V. Hibner, Martin F. 
Hoben, Frank A. Hohenstein, Fred B 
Huffman, Hans Johnson, Robt. F. John- 
ston, John M. Kamhont, Chas. E. Kings- 
bury, Walter H. Krebs, Frederick A. Laf- 
lin. Homer L Locklin, Henry Mohr, Casper 
J. Mortivedt, Geo. L. McCormich, Mus- 
kegon; Frank S. Misner. Grand Rapids; 
Joseph O. INault, Peter F. Nelson, Fred- 
erick D. Nims, Niels Olson, John S. O'Don- 
nell, John Peters, John J. Peterson, Ed- 
ward F. Plunkett, John N. Quick, Rodney 
A. Quick, Hiram V. Robinson, James 
Roach, August W. Rojan, Nelson J. Ro- 
vick. Thos. J. Ryan, Philip J. Thompson, 
John Waalkes, Albert P. Walters, Wm. J. 
Watson, Jno. O. Westerland, iRobt. E. Wil- 
liams. Wm. P. Wilson, Muskegon. 

Roy E. Albert, Freosoil; Frank Antisdale, 
Muskegon; Peter Borgeman, Conklin; J as. 
Brandt, Wm. Bluhm, Rolland Dav.s, Chas. 
Eraser, Foress B. Fisher, Muskegon; Benj. 
Graham, Frank Hile, Muskegon Heights; 
Albert Meyers, Arthur Nelson, Dalton; Ed- 
ward R. Swett, Gilbert Solheim, Muskegon; 
John Sternsburg, Arthur Slorf, Muskegon 
Heights; Lee H. Trott, Frank E. Webb, 
Geo. W. Williams, Wm. H. Robillard, Pent- 

Company D. 

Julius E. Fliege, Captain; William H. 
Thielman. 1st Lieut.; Angus McDonald, 

2nd) Lieut.; Chas. Koppelman, 1st Sergt.; 
Frank J. Kohlhaas, Q. M. Sergt.; Thos. D. 
Ritchie, Sergt.; Allan Cameron, Sergt.; 
Chas. Guibord, Sergt.; Daniel Holland, 
Sergt.; Edwin J. Collins, Corporal; John R. 
Macdonald, Corporal; John Trevarrow, 
Corporal; Herman Jusola, Corporal; Henry 
Kaufmann, Corporal; Angus W. Kerr, 
Corporal; Axel F. Johnson, Musician; 
Frantk M. Larson, Musician; Wm. C. Hill, 
Artificer; Dennis Harrington, Wagoner. 

Privates. — John Amolsch, Jos. R. Barrett, 
Eli Bastien. Mike Belangie, Jno. J. Bru- 
nette, Thos. E. Bushnel, Albert J. Chap- 
man; Jas. H. Cox; Chas. F. Currey, Mar- 
cus A. Daniels, Wm. J. Dolan, Wm. P. 
Duerre, Antonio P. Entenza, Chas. J. 
Erickson, Arthur Finley, William Fisher, 
Calumet; Augustus H. Gansser, Bay City; 
William A. Gertz, Lake Linden; Joseph 
Grenier, Edward Grimmeke, Homer A. 
Guck, Peter P. Haan, Louis Hansen, John 
Hogan, Albert Hooper, Thos. V. Jilbert, 
Chas. E. Johnson, Jas. Johnson, Geo. J. 
Kemp, Thos. Kennedy, Robert Labarge, 
John Lanto, Albert Larson, Edward Lean, 
Carlos J. Light, Geo. Lind, Wm. M. Lyon, 
Albert Matheson, John A. McDonald, James 
McGinnis, John McKinnon, Kenneth Mc- 
Lean, John McRae, Wm. Medlyn, Jno. Mess- 
ner, Martin Messner, Wm. Middleton, Sam- 
uel Millington, Frank J. Muck, Calumet; 
Jno. F. Mueller, Lake Linden; Frank H. 
Ott, Calumet; Sanford C. Rose, Detroit; 
Harry Rowe, Wm. Schenk, Adam Schick, 
Emil Swanson, Francis J. Vivian, Jacob M. 
Wagner, Wm. B. Wallace, Ernest Ware- 
ham, Wm. Weis, Fred W. Wilkins, Calu- 
met; Floyd A. Willson, Jas. V. Wills, Ann 
Arbor; Floyd A. Yeomans, Calumet. 

Chas. J. Antllla, Jos. Bruveau, Caesar 
Bargo, Wm. H. Closs, Lawrence L. Distell, 
Calumet; Jos. Dejarlais, South Lake Lin- 
den; Chas. Duncan, Peter C. Daering, John 
M. Erikson, Theo A. Henderson, John J. 
Hurley, Joseph Himanek. Andrew Joke, An- 
gus Kerr. Jas. Lewis, Robt. W. McClements, 
Dennis McCarty, John E. Moen, Julius W. 
Peterson, John F. Perreault Dav d Reno, 
Calumet; Chas. Thomas, Flint; John Tre- 
varrow, Geo. J. Wilson, Graham S. Wittle, 
Henry Wesala, Calumet. 

Company El. 

Silas J. McGregor, Captain; Thomas 
Touhey, 1st Lieut.; John O'Connell, 2nd 
Leiut.; Alfred J. Holt, 1st Sergt.: Mar ton A. 
Sturges, Q. M. Sergt.; Wm. J. Hunting, 
Sergt.; Hans R. Hansen, Sergt.; Frank H, 
Sundstrom, Sergt.; John Oliver, Sergt.; 
Wm. J. Clark, Corporal, Iron Mountain; 
Jas. Chester Knight, Corporal, Norway; 
Chaa B. Parent, Corporal; Edward J. Ken- 
ney, Corporal; Wm. G. Sundstrom, Cor- 
poral; Chas. R. Warne, Corooral; Thos. 
Hosking, Musician; Robt. G. Burbank, 
Musician; Wm. Jacobsen, Artificer; Jas. 
Reynolds, Jr., Wagoner, Iron Mountain. 

Privates— Paul Altmann, Norway; John 
Allison, John Ashton, Willis Brady, Iron 
Mountain; John H. Carey, Quinnese; Wm. 
J. J. Cameron, Wm. Clements, Iron Moun- 
tain; Peter D. Cook, Norway; Jas. A. Davis, 
David Earley, John Early, John Engstrom, 
Louis Engstrom, Iron Mountain; Ervin E. 
Fisher, Loretta; Leman I. Flagg, Norway; 
Thos. S. Flaherty^ Frank E. Foster, Iron 
Mountain; Matt Foucault, . Homestead. 
Wis, ; Chas. Grade n, Hans Gunders^n, Pat- 
rick H. Holland, Iron Mountain; Andrew 
Johnson, Pembrine, Wis.; August Johnson, 

Matt Johnson, Oscar Johanson, Allen La- 
Brook, Joseph O. Lambert, Hector LePage, 
Geo. B. Lovejoy, Frank Luke, Thorvai 
Lyng, Edward Lamieux, Chas. Marx, Le- 
baron W. Margison, Emil Marsch, Daniel 
MoNellis, Wm. McWhirter, Don C. Mc- 
Conin, Michael Michlin, Chas. W. Nelson, 
Chas, A. Nordeen, Iron Mountain; Chas. A. 
Nugent, Niagara, Wis.; Oscar Peterson, 
John Powell, Iron Mountain; Frank J. Rey- 
nolds, Florence, Wis.; Gabriel Rogeri, Pe- 
ter Rule, Fred E. Russell, Arthur Scott, 
Qhas. Scott, Geo. W. Shrigley, Iron Moun- 
tain; Arthur Solomon, Calumet; Wm. D. 
Sommerville, Menominee; John Symons, 
Negaunee; Henry B. Schwellenbach, Gas- 
tave Trollen, Jr., Omer Trudell, Jos. Vra- 
bel. Iron Mountain; Arthur O. Warriner, 
Calumet; Chas. A. Wicke, Fred L. Wright, 
Iron Mountain. 

Edward L. Bender, Adolph M. Beriaults, 
Rudolph Conrad, Wra. J. Cav/ling, Jos. a. 
Doran, Richard Doyle, Iron Mountain; Rob- 
ert Fisher, Loretta; Adolphus Gerrett, Lake 
Linden; Samuel Hallam, Iron Mountain; 
Chris Hansen, Crystal Falls; Thos. Hayes, 
Louis Herrick, Iron Mountain; Ira Jackson, 
Iron River; Geo. Johnston, Crystal Falls; 
Jas. Johnson, Vulcan; John Kammerer, Jr., 
Crystal Falls; Edward Kenney, Chas. H. 
La Duke, Iron Mountain; Wm. D. Loftus, 
Duluth, Minn.; Edward P. Lott, Jr., Iron 
River; Henry Luke, Quinnesee; Geo. Mor- 
r 11, Crystal Falls; Archie Mclsaac, John V. 
McKenna, Frank Nelson, Chris K. Peter- 
son, Iron Mountain; Richard Willis, H^rry 
Schwellenbach, Pembine, Wis. 

Company F. 

George Millar, Captain: Chas. A. Hen- 
drickson, 1st Lieut.: Rudolph J. Haas, 2nd 
Lieut., Hougihton: Chas. Thebo, 1st Sergt., 
Hancock; Carl Krist Rath, Q. M. Sergt.; 
Jno. C. Osborne, Sergt., Houghton; Irving 
J. Shields, Sergt. ; Henry W. Hecker, Sergt., 
Hancock; Jno. G. McB^arlane, Sergt., 
Houghton; Wm. J. Sanders, Corporal: An- 
gus McDonald, Corporal; Chas. B. Craw- 
ford, Corporal, Hancock; Carl C. Jensen, 
Corporal, Houghton; Jno. Driscoll, Cor- 
poral, Hanoook; Jos. N. Demarce, Corporal; 
E. Fenner Douglass, Musician, Houghton; 
Homer Covey, Musician, Eaton Ranids; 
Jno. E. Mildon, Artificer; Louis J. Walters, 
Wagoner, Houghton. 

Privates— Axel Anderson, Houghton; Clay- 
ton L. Allen, Milan; Geo. Boven, L'Anse; 
Hugh B. Bentley, Hancock; Henry I. Breit- 
man, Geo. Bartlett, Peter Begain, Hough- 
ton; Claude E. Brockelbank, Coldwater; 
Wm. J. Carah, Jno. M. Croze. Houghton; 
Narcissus L. Crebassa, Baraga; Wm. De- 
cota, Hancock; Ray L. Eggleston, Hough- 
ton; Louis Etliier, Hancock; Robt. L. Ed- 
wards, Houghton; Elton H. Esselstyn. Lan- 
sing; Wm. De J. Evans, Edward Foote, 
Houghton; Jno. F. Fred, Hancock; Thos. 
G. Glendenning, Houghton; Bird M. J. Cit- 
zen, Hancock; Geo. H. Galletley, Prairie- 
ville; Jno. E. lleikka, Hancock; Albert C. 
Haas, Thos. Hazel, Houghton; Patrick J. 
Healy, Hancock: Henry Hendron, Neil 
Hume. Houghton ; Arthur A. Hood, Ply- 
mouhth; Wm. Frank James, Hancock; 
Frederick W. Jackson, Andrew Jacobson, 
Robt. H. Kehl, Houghton; Nicholas Klimer, 
John J. Keeler. Hancock; Aaron I4chty, 
Grand Rapids: Frei W. Loranger, Hough- 
ton: Ax^l R. Lindvall, Victor E. JLiljcqulst, 
Henry P. Mead, Robt. D. McDdfiell, Han- 
cock; Phillip F. Mitchell, Frank J. McEIery, 

Wm. T. Michaelson. Houghton; Jno. R. 
Morrison, Hancock; Geo. K. Osborne, Glenn 
O. Obenhoff, Jos. M. Pumerville, Houghton; 
Samuel R. Penlberthy, Hancock; John J. 
Plessmann, Houghton; Wm. G. Pellow, 
Hancock; Geo. A. Rowe, Calumet; Frank 
J. Rutherford, Hancock; iRotot. B. Siller, 
Houghton; Claude B. Sawyer, Hancock; 
August G.Sdhlaak, Jno. F. Stanton, Hough- 
ton; Geo. W. Taylor, Hancock; Pemtoroke 
G. Tucker, Hougihton; Chas. G. Tabbert, 
Detroit; Delbert Vanderwert, Jno. L. Wil- 
liams, Hancock; Otto Wagner, Dollar Bay. '. 
Chas. L. Anderson, Wm. C. Bryant, Han- 
cock; Chas. DeLong Champs, Ironwood; 
Robt. L. Edwards, Hayes Fredericks, 
Houghton; Kaarle Fenander, Hancock; Ed- 
ward C. Fuller, Jos. A. Greenlef, Hough- 
ton; Frank Gribbes, Calumet; Alex. C. 
Hartle, Baraga; Michael Helpakka, Han- 
cock; John Holm, Jay B, Halsted, Hough- 
ton; Wm. La Plant, Ontonagon; Alfred Les- 
lie, Michael Ludowise, Reuben Masters, Eu- 
gene Monroe, Frank Mulligan, Houghton; 
Donald E. McDonald, Hancock; Elmer A. 
Otto, Baraga; Peter Oksa, Hancock; John 
E. Pollock. Sault Ste. Mar e; Edward M. 
Rentenbach, Hancock; Jas. H. Vivian, Red 

Company G. 

Robert S. Welsh, Captain; Henry F. 
J-Iughart, 1st Lieut. ; Gilmore G. Scranton, 
2nd Lieut.: Wilfred T. Rains. 1st Sergt.; 
Alford H. Colwell, Q. M. Sergt. ; Edward M. 
Lacey, Sergt.: Edgar C. Lemon, Sergt.; 
Fred H. Simith. Sergt.; John K. Dawson, 
Sergt.; Albert H. Passmore, Corporal; John 
A. Gowan, Corporal; Wm. A. Gouldiing, 
Corporal; Robt. C S\yea;tt, Corporal; Leo 
P. Cook, Corporal; Geo. Stanlev, Corporal, 
Sault Ste. Marie; Clement C. Wheeler, Mu- 
sician, Port Huron; Eugene J. O'Neill, Mu- 
sician; Thos. E. Roberts, Wagoner; jPeter 
Murray, Artificer, Sault Ste. Marie. 

Privates— Geo. H. ^dams, Jno. N. Adams, 
Chas. M. Andrews, Sault Ste. Marie; Jas. 
H. >sselin, Bav Mills; Bertram M. Allen, 
Pontiac; Chas. Bailey, Paul J. Besiier, Sault 
Ste. Marie; Harvey J. Blake, Detroit: Jos. 
H. Booth, Geo. R. Buchanan, Geo. A. Camp- 
bell, Arthur L, Cameron, Chas. DeHate, 
Wm. M. Douglass, Walter E. Duquette, 
Adam E. Ferguson, Ross Allen Frederick, 
Wm. C. Frederick, John McBean Freder- 
ick, John Gleason, Bertrand F. Gooirich, 
Henry C. Gowan, Nelson A. Hall, Edward 
H. Haynes, Frederick A. Jamison, Fred D. 
Jenks, Harry A. Killips, Ffank LauTidon- 
ville, Thos. R. Lindsay, ^Sault Ste. Marie; 
Austin J. Lipsett, Conrad Lehman. Chel- 
sea; Willis L. Lyons. Howell; Jas. L. 
Mathews, Geo. M. Mathews, Jno. H. Mac- 
kin, Thos. P. Mackin, Thos. E. McCoy, Jno. 
McCoy, Lorenzo J. McEvoy, Chas J. Mc- 
Evoy, Jas. W. Martin, Roy McNaughton, 
Sault Ste. Marie; Jas. N. McNally, Sag- 
inaw; Thos. W. Michael, Chester R. Moran, 
Melvin W. McMa«siter, Robt. E, Nimmo, 
Chas. W. Phillips. Edward J. Riordan, Ed- 
ward R. Ripley, Harvey G. Ripley, Frank 
H. Roach, Arthur P. Rose, Samuel H. J. 
Roseborough, Joseph C. Rouleau, Norman 
W. Sipe, Sault Ste. Marie; Lewis C. Smith, 
Gaylord; Edward E. Smith. Jno. A. Stein- 
lein, Jr., John Taylor, Alfonsus Taylor, 
Archibald T. Tremi)e, Frederick J. M. Tur- 
ner, Albert J. Van Wyck, Walter J. Wirth, 
Sault Ste. Marie. 

Wm. Alport, Harry 1E3. Bell, Bay Mills; 
Wm. F. Cairns, John T. Fleming, Chas. 
Follis, Sault Ste. Marie; Sydney W. Fox, 

Traverse City; Samuel Gardner, Martin 
Healy, Sault Ste. Marie; Jas. J. June, John 
Kanal, Bay City; Wm. B. Mitchell, Sault 
Ste. Marie; Willard Moore, Algonac; Jas. 
Mulligan, John MeCay, Louis McCay, Alex. 
Mclnnes, Sault Ste. Marie; Frederick Mc- 
Keldy, Bay City; Calvin Neff, Sault Ste. 
Marie; Danile Ontag-o, Detona; Albert H. 
Passmore, Josejyh C. Rauleau, Sault Ste. 
Marie; Geo. Roy, Saginaw; Wm. J. Scully, 
Harry J. Taylor, Sault Ste. Marie; Jos. Vio- 
let, Au Train; John C. Walker, Edward 
Young, Sault Ste. Marie. 

Company H. 

Robt. J. Bates, Captain ; Frank J. Alexan- 
der, 1st Lieut.; Wm. J. Tresise, 2nd Lieut.; 
Fred Brewer, 1st Sergt.; Anton R. Nelson, 
Q. M. Sergt; Clarence W. Durkee, Sergt.; 
Christian P. Lee, Sergt.; Wm. T. H. Prout, 
Sergt. ; Wm. Rodda, Sergt. ; Chas. Richards, 
Corporal; Jas. Voyce, Corporal; Thos. Sal- 
ter, Corporal; Albert Morris, Corporal; 
Frank A. Hoffman^ Corporal; Heairy J. 
Grils, Corporal; Geo. A. Scott, Musician; 
Olaf Holemo, Musician; Frank Hanson, Ar- 
tificer; Daniel E. Gates, Wagoner, Iron- 

Privates— Jno. Bennett, Thos. K. Bennett, 
Luther C. Brewer, Hugh Bartlett, Julius 
Bentzen, Wm. Capstick, Chas. Clemens, 
Emil Carlson, Michael F. Covey on, Jno. 
Carlson, Frank Casanava, Lewrence Cun- 
ningham, Ironwood; Ernest Criippen, Owos- 
so ; Frank C. Davis, Jas. Downey, Robt. Ex- 
worthy, Chas. E. Evans, Edward S. Guyer, 
Jos. Gallinatti, Jno. A. Grils, Alrich Grils, 
Ironwood; Henry Glynn, Owosso; Jas. J. 
Harrington, Ironwood; Henry F. Hogfman, 
Bessemer; Chas. Hermanson, Dayton H. 
Hinds, Arthur J. Houle, Alfred B. Hill, 
Ironwood; Albert Johnson, Saginaw; Jno. T. 
Langsford, Gustave E. C. Lasch, Chas. F. 
Loerke, Emil W. C. Lasch, Richard Lasoh, 
Henry Laasenen, Ironwood; Frith joff Mat^ 
tila, Muskegon; Jno. F. Mihelchick, Wm. T. 
Moyle, Wm. MoMinn, Andrew B. Munthe, 
Benj. Millington, Geo. Mayer, Elias Mackin, 
Gustave Mackin, Michael J. Merdaunt, Nels 
Nelson, Jas. A. O'Neill, Wm. Otto, John C. 
Otterholm. Jno. A. Prince, Wm. J. Pascoe, 
Frank Piontkowski, Ironwood; Jas. L. Pass- 
more, Saginaw; Walter E. Ritz, Ole Saline, 
Jacob J. Sero, Ironwood; Rinaldo K. Sherd, 
Owosso; Wm. J. Schattilly, Saginaw; Geo. 
F. Triplett, Wm. M, Urquhart, Edward J. 
Wanzer, Fred W. Wagner, Patrick Walker, 
Pitt S. Wilson, Ironwood. 

Chas. B. Anderson, Arthur N. Best, Jas. 
Chinn, Patrick Foley, Clarence W. Durkee, 
Thos. Dalter, Chas. Garland, Joseph P. Gar- 
land, Geo. W. Grange, Frederick Gygie, 
Clarence E. Haines, Edward Harman, Iron- 
wood; Chas. Houle, Bessemer; Geo. W. C. 
Jenson, Richard Koppe, Ernst Kreger, 
Philip J. LaBlonde, Ironwood; John H. 
Lawler, Mazonanle, Wis.; Michael Madden, 
Daniel O'Brien, August G. Peterson, Chas. 
A. Peterson, Ironwood; Wm. Ryan, Besse- 
mer; Emanuel Stephens, Ironwood; Chas. 
Standberg. Negaunee; Wm. Townsend, N. 
Lindale, Ohio; Urvin Zimmerman, Chicago, 

Company I. 

Frank D. Curtis. Captain; Glen J. Law- 
less, 1st Lieut. ; Alfred P. Harley, 2nd lieut. ; 
Chas. L. Cheney, l&t Sergt.; Leonard P. 
Gemund, Q. M. Sergt.; Joseph C. Kalkofen, 

Sergt.; Frank A. Cheney, Sergt.; J. W. 
Hanson, Sergt.; Harlow T. Joslyn, 'Sergt. ; 
Jesse A. Guernsey, Corporal; Harry L. Rice, 
Corporal; Clarence C. Ohamberlain, Cor- 
poral, Ionia; Frank W. Lowrey, Corporal, 
Lake Odessa; Lee O. Hall, Corporal; Wm. 
H. Cowin, Corporal; Walter S. Swanger, 
Musician; Raymond L. Horton, Musician; 
Harry S. Cooper, Artificer, Ionia; Michael 
H. Guilfoy, Wagoner, Lake Odessa. 

Privates— Geo. T. Briggs, Chas. R. Bouk, 
Ionia; Walter R. Blakely, Petoskey; Robt. 
W. Banhagle, Roy S. Barnes, Eugene 
Brooks, Ionia; Archie Birkett, Muir; How- 
ard T. Cooley, Lake Odessa; Rollin E. Col- 
lier, Ionia; Irving R. Cowin, Edmore; Perry 
Cummins, Albert Coon, Alfred B. Covey, 
Ionia; Jno. H. Campbell, Manistee; Fred 
Denny, Lyons; Ward Estep, Earle L. Ea- 
vey, Herbert J. Emmons, Ionia; Jno. A. 
Ferguson, Palo; Geo. M. Penderson, Ionia; 
Wm. A. Cavit, Lake Odessa; Roy M. Gates, 
Ionia; Earnest S. Greenwalt, Palo; Harry 
P. Gardner, Muir; Bert Hills, Belding; 
Ohas. Holcomb, Saranac; Claud R. Harring- 
ton, Ionia; John P. Hunsicker, Woodland; 
Bert L. Haight, Ionia; Christian Hansen, 
Sheridan; Geo. X. Joslin, Smyrna; Adolph 
Kordt, Ionia; Howard J. Lee, Lake Odessa; 
David H. Lake, Hastings; Claude A. Lane, 
Ionia; Onesime F. May, Detroit; Henry G. 
Miller, Gus W. A. Nims, Ionia; Stephen H. 
Otto, Rosina; Harold J. Paul, Ionia; Morse 
R. Palmer, Belding; Dee R. Pierce, Port- 
land; Benj. H. Quick, Ohas. M. Rice, Ionia; 
Fred W. Rummler, Belding; Ernest W. 
Ross, Ionia; John Betterstoff, Belding; 
Royal H. >Sparks, Jas. W. Sparks, Byron L. 
Smith, Bert L. Shattuck, Ionia; Abraham 
L. Snyder, Milo C. Snyder, Orange; Thos. 
P. Sherry, Ionia; Ohas. Shipman, Ernest O. 
Showerman, Sebawa; Nelson A. Vanorman, 
Ionia; Wilson J. Waltman, Orange; Wm. J. 
Webber, Ionia; Geo. R. Wilkinson, Hawk- 
head; Archie L. Westover, Herman G. 
Yaihnke, Ionia. 

Wm, Austin, Sheridan; Oscar Badden, 
Ionia; Norman Barker, Lake Odessa; Leon 
Bowers, Curtis Brooks, Frank Cheney, Geo. 
M. Castner, Fred Cott, W. H. Colling, Alvin 
Cook, Ionia; James Curtis, Lyons; Samuel 
Ellison, Saranac; Lawrence Hauselman, 
Fennville; Homer A. Hodges, Sheridan; 
Thos. Lawless, Lyons; Jay Meland, Ionia; 
Frank Minier, Belding; Milton Ostorn, 
Clarksville; Edward Pickell, Ionia; John J. 
Richard, Lake Odessa; Chas. Robinson, 
Blanchard; Leon Sales, Ionia; Allen Short, 
Symona; Frederick Smith, Ionia; Hiram 
Tucker, Arthur Waldron, Lyons. 

Company K. 

Robt. J. Farrar, Captain, Mt. Clemens; 
Frederick S. Padgham, 1st Lieut. ; Cady Lee 
White, 2nd Lieut., Allegan: Walter M. 
Tromblay, 1st (Sergt. ; Albert P. Mitchell, Q. 
M. Sergt., Mt. Clemens; Fenner Van Auken, 
Sergt., Allegan; Fred F. Rutter, Sergt., Mt. 
Clemens; Claude B. Sweitzer, Sergt., Ot- 
sego; John E. DeKay, Sergt., Mt. Clemens; 
Roy L. Noggle, Corporal, Allegan; Thos. E. 
Meaney, Corporal, Richmond; Jno. Punches, 
Corporal; Kerby Montague, Corporal; Clif- 
ford Fox Corporal; Deo Vaughn. Corporal, 
Allegan; Chas. M. Mattoon, Musician, Wil- 
liamston; Robt. D. Cranby, Musician; Chas. 
McDermott, Wagoner, Mt. Clemens; Chas. 
M. Lee, Artificer, Allegan. 

Privates— Walter S. Brown, Burdette L. 
Brown, Allegan; Lester Burton, Hilliards; 

August Brinkert, Allegan; Herbert C. Bat- 
ty, Richmond; Albert W. Beihnke, Barney 
Bellard, Richard Bellard, Joseph P. Boden, 
Mt. Clemens; Elmer G. Cheney, Gobleville; 
Edwin m. Crannell, Plairawell; Wm. B. 
Craw, Lansing; Albert Dunn, Webberville; 
Thos. W. Doweling, Mt. Clemens; Geo. H. 
DeWitt, Traverse City; Tennis M. Bmmett, 
Frank. N. Emmett, Lansing; Chas. L. Fitch, 
Allegan; Chas. B. Fisher, Almont; Geo. M. 
Forbes, Plainwell; Frank W. Gerchow, Ar- 
mada; Frank B. Granger, Everett L. Gib- 
son, Allegan; Clark K. Haughton, Davis; 
Phillip J. Hibbert, Mt. Clemens; Lloyd H. 
Hoff master, Allegan; Jas. B. Harlan, Ot- 
sego; August J. Jorn, Mt. Clemens; Jas. J. 
Joives, Armada; Frank Jeffrey, Otsego; 
Geo. Kent, Elmer A. Kent, Allegan; Ru- 
dolph B. LaCroix, Mt. Clemens; Dougal Mc- 
Innis, Alpena; John A. Marshall, Plain- 
well; Wm. H. McLellan, Allegan; Earnest 
Musser, Hopkins Station; Wm. H. Morey, 
Mill Grove; Horace Newbury, Theodore J. 
F. Oehnke. Walter E. Olde, Mt. Clemens; 
Mark C. Purdee, Fennville; .Ray Pardee, 
Allegan; Theron L. Pratt, William Reddty, 
Otsego; Earnest T. Read, Romeo; John A. 
Riker, Webberville; Rldhard S. Smith, Al- 
legan; B. S'choonmaker, Jr., Kalamazoo; 
August J. Schwark, Mt. Clemens; Jno. L. 
Schwark, Ernest A. Stewart, Fred Shar- 
binaw. Ray; Era A. Stout, Bert O. Ser- 
geant, Allegan; Dallas P. Tennant, Ar- 
mada; Wallace I. Temple, Richmond; Segar 
H. Vanderrecht, Allegan; Thomas E. Walk- 
er, Otsego; Geo. H. Wright, Birdie A. Wil- 
son, Wm. W. Weston, Merrett C. Woodgate, 

Wm. Breitman, Hancock; Anthony Britz, 
Burdette Brown, Houghton; John E. De 
Kay, Frank Dubay, Arthur Ebert, Geo. J. 
Ellis, Wm. Frederick, Mt. Clemens; Jas. 
Gorman, Hancock; Michael Hollinger, 
Houghton: Frank W, Johnson, Calumet; 
Nicholas M. Lenz, Edward R. Lang, John 
W. Lennebacher, Edward R. Mallast, Mt. 
Clemens; Theo. Massman, Hancock; Fred 
Merrill, Mt. Clemens; Abraham Morton, 
New Baltimore; Frederick Miller, Mt. Clem- 
ens; Wm. NefC, Cleveland, O.; Leo J. Nys, 
Marquette; Frank Panter, Hancock; Walter 
W. Pilkey, Mt. Clemens; Garfield Scramlin, 
Davis; Arthur E. Simcock, Hancock; Wm. 
A. Stillweyger. Houghton; Albert Tanner, 
Mt. Pleasant; Walter L. Trombley, Wm. H. 
Trombley, Mt. Clemens; Herbert Van Slam- 
brook, New Baltimore. 

Company L. 

Samuel W. Wheeler, Captain; John S. 
Wilson, Is't Lieut., Marquette; James A. 
Leisen, 2nd Lieut., (Menominee; Dennis Ho- 
gan, 1st Sergt.; Anton Eimbs. Q. M. Sergt., 
Escanaba; Edward Blackwood, Sergt., Mar- 
quette; Chas. Baker, Sergt., Menominee; 
Joseph Thomas, Sergt., Negaunee; Ralph 
W. Saxton. Sergt., Menominee; Elmer E. 
Clark, Corporal, Negaunee; Albert C. 
Christophersen, Corporal Menominee; Fred 
S. Hoar, Corporal, Marquette; Ralph H. 
Murray, Corporal, Menominee: Edward C. 
Watson, Corporal: Jos. A. Thoney, Cor- 
poral; Geo. H. Jackson, Artificer, Mar- 
quette; Martin J. Chllstad, Wagoner, Me- 
nominee; Debounaire Green, Musician, Carl 
W. Peterson, Musician, Marquette. 

Privates— Fred Ackerman, Menominee; 
Wm. Anderson, Jno. C. Bergeon. Escanaba; 
Joseph Bearry, Thos. J. Beaudry, Oscar M. 
Brown, Marquette; Amil Bougren, Escan- 

aba; Daniel Brunette, Menominee; Fred 
Gram, Escanaba; Albert E. Champney, 
Traverse City; Oscar Carlson, Escanaba; 
Frederick B. Elliott, Marquette; Hugh 
Early, Escanaiba; Jno. T. Flynn, Peter 
Grant, Jr., Marciuette; Chas. Grunert, Es- 
canaba; Frank H. Gigler, Salem; Frederick 
W. Giese, Menominee; Samuel Hopper, Jr., 
Negaunee; Hans Hansen, Marquette; Olaf 
A. Husley, Jos. Iketa, Negaunee; Andre G. 
Jonson, Lars Johnson, Escanaba; Ezra C. 
Keith, Lewis J. King, Menominee; Robt. A. 
Kelley , Grand Rapids ; Herman S. Kallman, 
Escanaba; Henry Koester, Jr., Negaunee; 
Albert Larson, Menominee; Martin D. Leon- 
ard, Escanaba; Wm. A. Lyons, Marquette; 
Alfred Lavinge, Escanaba; Clyde J. Loomis, 
Wilfred Murray, Marquette; Edward Myott, 
Negaunee; Geo. Martin, Escanaba; Richard 
Morgan, Calumet; Emile Montpas, Esca- 
naba; John F. McAulifEe, Negaunee; Robert 
McKillop, Marquette; John McLeod, De- 
troit; Geo. Nottle, Marquette; Jas. Olson, 
Jas. O'Connell, Menominee; Anthony O'Don- 
nell, Escanaba; Walter Peters, Marquette; 
Jos. J. Perow, Escanaba; Edward Pigott, 
Negaunee; Henry Renken, Grand Rapids; 
Gust Rasmussen, Frank C. Reando, Jos. 
Schroeter, Menominee; Clarence A. Stude, 
Negaunee; Otto Sheriff, Escanaba; Joseph 
P. Shepard, Marquette; Delore Trotochand, 
Negaunee; Frederick J. Tonn, Menominee; 
Chas. J. Young, Peter F. Vandenboom, Mar- 
quette; Stephen A. Valentine, Escanaba; 
Wm. Villeneure, Stewart Zryd, Marquette. 

Harry R. Ball, St. Louis; John H. Bow- 
den, Chas. O. Bonson, Champion; D. N. 
Brown, Henry Burk, Edward J. Cline, Mar- 
quette; Chas. E. Oowper, Sand Beach; Jas. 
P. Curren, Menominee; John Freeman, 
Champion; Peter E. Gingrass, Jr., Ishpem- 
ing; Albert Godfrey, Janoa, Ohio; Thos. 
Gunderson, Detroit; Fred S. Hoar, Mar- 
quette; John Haggerty, Negaunee; Gust H. 
Horngrin, Champion; Alfred F. Jackson, 
Sault Ste. Marie; F. W. Komalls, Lexing- 
ton; Albert F. Larson. Champion; David 
Miller, James McCoy, Wm. T. Pettitt, Ed- 
win M. Quinn, Marquette; Gust A. Schultz, 
Ishpeming: Raphael Thomas, Champion; 
Robt. M. Young, Marquette. 

Company M, 

Joseph V. Mcintosh, Captain; Joseph 
Klaasen, 1st Lieut.; Hiram I. Knapp, 2nd 
L'eut. ; Geo. Farbuck, 1st Sergt.; Geo. B. 
Doyle, Q. M. Sergt.: Oscar E. Thomas, 
Sergt.; Otto J. Kyselka. Sergt.; Herbert D. 
Cage, Sergt., Traverse City; Reuben H. Os- 
born, Sergt., Calumet; Geo. G. Thirlby, Cor- 
poral; .las. R. Stables, Corporal; Geo. F. 
Dago, Corporal; Martin Winnie, Corporal; 
Ralph S. Hastings, Corporal; Julius C. 
Johnson, Corporal; Stafford Champney, 
Musician; Edgar A. Newton, Musician: Wm. 
R. Bateson, Artificer; Chas. L. Slade, Wag- 
oner. Traverse City. 

Privates— Grenville Alexander, Roland W. 
Boughton, Chas. Bootman, Clair Buckner, 
Traverse City; Wm. J. Breithaupt, Gre'l- 
ickville; Wm. E. Clune, Ernest Cooper, 
Clarkson O. Corbitt, Fred G. Covey, Geo. 
H. Culman, Cloyd Dalzell, Leroy M. David- 
son, Alfred Day, Harvey Decker, Traverse 
City; Hiram A. Dickinson, Oscoda; Wyatt 
A. DeWitt, Traverse City; Bert Dunham. 
Wexford; Frank M. Fuller, Summit City; 
Edward B. Garnett, Chas. R. Gunton, Ells- 

worth Hale, Eugene G. Hargraves, Robt. 
F. Herkner, Traverse City; Elwyn Hill, Wil- 
liamsburg; Wm. J. Hilliker, Dick H. Hun- 
ter, Ernest C. Irish, Traverse City; Chas. 
E. Kiplinger, Charlotte; Wm. A. Lafayette, 
Geo. R. Mather, David J. McMeekan, Tra- 
verse City; Carl V. Moody, Summit City; 
Donald S. Morgan, Wm. H. Nash, Arthur 
Nedham, Amil F. Nerlinger, Geo. R. New- 
berry, Earnest J. Nichols, Norman O. Palm- 
er, Frank H. Parks, Walter C. Perry, Co- 
llege J. Raslgnol, Fred M. Reed, Traverse. 
City; Frank Riley, John A. Riley, Wexford; 

Wm. R. Roberts, Ernest iSalensky, Arthur 

D. Scott, John W. Scott, Robt. J. Selkirk, 
Andrew Sleder, John B. Smedley, Chas. F. 
Smith, Wm. H. Smith, Frank R. Spealman, 
John O. Tatman, Clifford B. Thacker, Wal- 
ter T. Thirlby, Verlin C. Thomas, Claude 
C. Vandervorm, John A. Wood, Robt. E. 
Walter, Jas. C. Woodworth, Traverse City; 
Nelson J. Wyckoff, Summit City; Martus 

E. Wright, Cairo. 

Robt. F. Brown, Marquette; Benj. F. Car- 
lisle, Chas. Carpenter, Lafayette W. Case, 
Dominick Chase, Irving Cook, Geo. F. Dags, 

Herbert Dean, Traverse City; Hans P. Es- 
pinson, Edmore; Jay B. Eraser, Traverse 
City; Lewis E. Henderson, Copemish; El- 
mer Hendrickson, Wm. G. Henry, Leon B. 
Huff, Traverse City; Harvey L.Huntsinger, 
Kingsley; John Jessup, Peter Johnson, Hi- 
ram J. Knapp, Otis J. Lahym, Orrin D. 
Morse, Frank D. Nay, Albert Noroting, 
Traverse City; Frank Rich, Muskegon; John 
E. Rose, Fowlerville; Jas. R. Staples, Tra- 
verse City; Chas. B. Schofield, Allison C. 
Shafford, Lewis M. Thorson, Lee W. Wight- 
man, John A. Wood, Fowlerville. 

Unassisned Tlilrty-fourtli M. V. I. 

Joseph H. Burg, Detroit; Elmer S. Bas- 
set t, Saline; Guy D. Carpenter, Blisfield; 
Floyd M. Chatterton, Lansing; Henry B. 
Gammon, Ann Arbor; John H. Howard, 
Port Huron; Thos. P. Iversen, Big Rapids; 
George W. Levin, Michigamme; John Lu- 
cas, Detroit ; Anthony Martin, Grand Ledge ; 
Adelbert Mitchell, Iosco; Die P. Nelson, 
Big Rapids: Otis Pond, Unadilla; Andrew 
W. Palmer, Lansing; Wm. H. Smith, Muske- 
gon; John Strick, Iron./ood; Alfred B. Sto- 
nex, Brighton. 

Muster Roll Thirty-Fifth Michigan Volunteers. 

Officers^ Field and Staflf. 

E. M. Irish, Colonel Kalamazoo 

W. L. White, Lieut. Col Grand Rapids 

Harry H. Bandholtz, Major Constantine 

James S. Knox, Major Grand Rapids 

O'Brien Atkinson, Major Detroit 

Maj. O. P. Barber, Surgeon Saginaw 

Capt. A. J, Grube, Asst. Surg Coldwater 

Capt. L. B. Sandall, Asst. Surg Au Sable 

Capt. W. C. Stevenson, Chaplain Clinton 

1st Lt. Frank H. Idema, Adjt..Gd. Rapids 
1st Lt. Wm. D. McDonaldr-Q. M Ionia 

Campany A, 

Herbert F. Sands, Captain, Pentwatcr; 
Joseph L. Kraemer, 1st Lieut., Detroit; Al- 
phonse Balck, 2d Lieut., Detroit; Oscar P. 
Munson, 1st Sergt., Shelby; John W. Car- 
lyle, Q. M. Sergt., Montague; John H. Her- 
rington, Sergt., Pentwater; Horton F. 
Kimball, Sergt., Ludington; James E. Oli- 
ver, Sergt., Pentwater; Ralph A. Calkin, 
Sergt., Montague; Richard R. Browning, 
Corporal, Pentwater; Eddy W. Fleming, 
Corporal, Shelby; Francis Terwilliger, Cor- 
poral, Montague; Charles Krohn, Cofporal, 
Pentwater; Burr M. Backus, Corporal, 
Ludington; John Pearce, Corporal, Pentwa- 
ter; Robert Johnson, Corporal, Hesperia; 
Thomas E. Steffe, Corporal, Montague; 
Daniel O. Critchet, Corporal, Ferry; How- 
ard B. Smith, Corporal, Ludington; Edgar 
A. Webb, Corporal, Hart; Charles S. Eddy, 
Corporal, Ecorse; Albert C. Weidensee, Mu- 
sician, Pentwater; David N. Lagensen, Mu- 
sician, Pentwater; Frank A. Curtiss, Arti- 
ficer, Ludington; Clarence D. Shepperd^ 
Wagoner, Ludington. 

Privates— Peter Allard, Ludington; Theo- 
dore D. Achilles, Hart; Merritt D. Archer, 
Ferry; Alexander Betters, Ludington; Ben- 
jamin P. Beaudreau, Ludington; Roy F. 
Bird. Pentwater; Wm. R. Briese, Hart; Le- 
roy Brown, Ludington; Bernhart W. Buen- 
nihg, Ludington; Roy W. Calkin, Mon- 
tague; Wm. S. Compton, Shelby; Wm. I>. 
Casselman, Montague; Frankie F. Char- 
land, Pentwater; Willis D. Clark, Pentwa- 
ter; Barney W. Clarke, Shelby; Morton H. 
Cook, Mears; Simon Coons, Ludington; 
George A. Critchet, Shelby; Herbert Cur- 

rie. Hart; Raleigh Damrell, Hart; Glenn A. 
Decker, Ludington; Jochem J. DeRuiter, 
Pentwater; Chas. R. Erdly, Wolf Lake; 
John R. Evans, Pentwater; Henry Filion, 
Pentwater; Wm. S. Frink, Hesperia; Jesse 
H. Fulkerson, Montague; Newton L. Gage, 
Shelby; John P. Gasahl, Whitehall; Albert 
Giddings, Hesperia; Allen Grant, Pentwa- 
ter; Roy J. Grant, Pentwater; Charles N. 
Hall, Montague; Ernest Halliwill, Pentwa- 
ter; Benjamin L. Ham, Shelby; Edward D. 
Hughes, Crystal Valley ; Frank Hurver, 
Pentwater; Frank P. Jensen, Pentlvater; 
Clayton L. Johnson, Hesperia; Joseph Kau- 
tenburg, Mears; John LeClair, Ludington; 
Burton H. Lewis, Shelby; Vernon N. Lit- 
tle, Shelby; Wm. L. Lozo, Ludington; Louis 
Mangold, Montague; Abraham Martin, 
Hesperia; Earle N. Mason, Ludington; 
Walter D. McBane, Ludington; Frank N. 
McFadden, Pentwater; Clarence D. Mills, 
Hesperia; Carl O. Mord, Whitehall; Henry 
K. Meyer, Shelby; Chas. B. McGinn, Lud- 
ington; Clair C. Murphy, Shelby; Joseph 
P. Moeller, Detroit; Jay E. McLouth, Hart; 
Henry Neumann, Ludington; Eldert Nien- 
house, Pentwater; John W. Pelkey, Shel- 
by; Frank L. Palen, Blbridge; Jerome W. 
Palmer, Sunfleld; Geo. Quinn, Ludington; 
Frank D. Rollins, Defiance. O.; John Rod- 
dy, Ludington; Dennis W. Schiffender, 
Ludington; Frederick Schmieding, Shelby; 
Harold B. Schofield, Ludington; Roy H. 
Schofield, Ludington; Charles R. Smith, 
Hesperia; Verne Smith, Hesperia; Fred- 
erick M. Staal, Pentwater; Joseph Tate, 
Elbridge; William R. Videan, Ludington; 
John A. Walker, Whitehall; Robert R 
Walters, Mears; Moses Waterman, Hes- 
peria; Norman E. Williamson, LaGrange, 
111.; Richard Wells, Ishpeming; Levi Wa- 
terman, Hesperia: Robert White, Luding- 
ton; David C. Whiting, Crystal Valley; 
Moses Whalen, Hesperia; Malcolm Whalen, 

Company B. 

Frank D. Buckingham, Captain, Flint; 
George H. White, 1st Lieut., Jackson; 
Frank T. Collver, 2d Lieut., Lansing; Ste- 
phen A. Crane, 1st Sergt., Deer field; George 
P. Stringham, Q. M. Sergt., Battle Creek; 
George L. Rafferty, Sergt., Escanaba; Ben- 

jamin It. Fry, Sergt., Dimondale; Harry L. 
Doherty, Sergt., Bangor; Milton D. Baser, 
Sergt., Ogden Centre; Frank E. Helmka, 
Corporal, Manistique; William H. Case, 
Corporal, East Jordan; Benjamin P. Gird- 
ler, Corporal, Grand Rapids; Arthur J. 
Hughson, Corporal, Manistique; Edward J. 
Curley, Jr., Corporal, Manistique; Jay W. 
Lytle, Corporal, Howard City; Herbert H. 
Mosher, Corporal, Escanaba; Fred Brassol, 
Corporal, Manistique; James O. Young, 
Corporal, Ogden Centre; Jesse P. Wright, 
Corporal, Escanaba; Newell E. Covert, 
Corporal, Morenci; Edward E. Stine, Cor- 
poral, Battle Creek; Chriss Rosen, Mu- 
sician, Howard City; Frederick Clinton, 
Musicain, Plymouth; John Long, Jr., Arti- 
ficer, Deerfield; John Heaton, Wagoner, 
Grand Rapids. 

Privates — Frank Amstalz, Eldridge; 
Frank C. Bedell, Bellaire; Harry J. Berch, 
Baltimore Township; Clarence L. Beach, 
Deerfield; Edd E. Bacon, Battle Creek; Roy 
M. Britton, Bangor; Wm. C. Bentley, At- 
wood; Goodwin S. Beaver, Bangor; Jasper 
G. Berry, Deerfield; Fred W. Bills, Manis- 
tique; Arthur Brock, Caro; Clarence E. 
Clymer, Ithaca; Seymour D. Crittenden, 
Manistique; Herbert M. . Churchill, Carson 
City; Wm. E. Cooper, Bellaire; Albert P. 
Cornell, Wexford; Claud W. Clark, El- 
bridge; Wesley H. Dick, Charlotte; Guy E. 
DeNio, Bay City; Allen Davis, Union 
Home; James H. Doty, Union Home; Leo 
M. Doan, Grand Rapids; Louis A. EUinger, 
Hopkins Station; Alvin W. Eddy, Escana- 
ba; Reuben R. Pties, Lowell; Edwin A. 
Genia, Hart; James A. Harris, Deerfield; 
Cornelius Howard, Jr., Midland; Glen A. 
Judd, Wexford; Guy T. Johnson, Wexford; 
John A. Jenkins, Ogden; Elic J. Kelley, 
Sand Lake; James Kuhns, Boyne City; 
James A. Knee, Keene; Clyde Leavitt, Bel- 
laire; Edwin J. Lyon, Hart; Joseph Leach, 
Deerfield; Wallace A. Lavigne, Curtis; Guy 
S. LaPorge, Elk Rapids; Albert E. Miller, 
Hastings; John A. McPherson, Bellaire; 
Samuel Milbourne, Potterville; David S. 
McMillan, West Sumpter; Herbert Marcus, 
Bellaire; Roscoe Marshall, Ogden; Harry 
E. Monier, Quaker; Chas. S. Norris, Hop- 
kins Station; Henry A. Newberry, Bellaire; 
Vernor H. Putney, Hart; Harry W. Price, 
Bellaire; Leroy Polmantier, Howard City; 

Roland I. Phillips, Bangor; Alfred B. 
Plumb, Cedar Springs; Leo B. Perry\ How- 
ard City; Joseph Ross, Charlotte; William 
Rider, St. Johns; George Ricket, Wexford; 
Royal P. Ruddock, East Jordan; George L. 
Stearns, Howard City; Peter Sherick, Ban- 
gor; Fred Sweet, Morenci; Chas. E. H. 
Smith, Manistique; Harley B. Smith, Bel- 
laire; Frank Seymour, Wexford; Edgar 
Snyder, Boyne Palls; Frank Stephens, St. 
Johns; Clyde Thompson, Sumner; Oscar C. 
Treachout, Petoskey; William O. Thatcher, 
Caro; Charles L. Taylor, Walkerville; Fay- 
ette B. VanGilder, Edgerton; John Verost, 
Grand Rapids; Bert J. Wadleigh, Manis- 
tique; Walter Wright, Bellaire; James A. 
Wilber, Manistique; Frank W. Wagoner, 
Rothbury; Henry L. Winters, East Jordan; 
Francis A. Warner, Dowagiac; Charley 
Wagner, Charlotte; Edward H. Wellman, 
Ford River; Alvah Young, Ogden. 

Company C. 

Albert E. McQabe, Captain, Petoskey; 
Plavel J. Smith, 1st Lieut., Petoskey; Irv- 
ing B. Bates, 2d Lieut., Port Huron; Fred 
T. Williams. 1st Sergeant, Petoskey; Rich- 
ard T. O'Rilley, Q. M. Sergt., Brutus; 
Fred A. Dobe, Sergt., Harbor Springs; 
Charles S. Worden, Sergt., Petoskey; Amiel 
Favier, Sergt., Mancelona; Frenk H. Wil- 
kinson, Sergt., Charlevoix; Edwin Bennett, 
Corporal, Charlevoix; Fred lE. Tilden, Cor- 
poral, Petoskey; Douglas B. McKenzie, 
Corporal, Petoskey; Warren H. Wheeler, 
Corporal, Petoskey; Edward R. Rose, Cor- 
poral, Petoskey; Prank Wilkinson, Cor- 
poral, Gaylord; Will F. Langworthy, Cor- 
poral, Petoskey; Herbert L. Davis, Cor- 
poral, Petoskey; George H. Waite, Cor- 
poral, Alanson; Amasa P. Smedley, Cor- 
poral, Petoskey; George Schlee, Corporal, 
Petoskey; William M. Bache, Corporal, 
Charlevoix; William H. Blanchard, Mu- 
sician, Petoskey; Fred E. Waug-h, Musi- 
cian, Gaylord; Thomas M. iRumsey, Wag- 
oner. Petoskey; William James, Artificer, 

Privates— Henry G. Aley, Charlevoix; Ar- 

den J. Alger, Petoskey; Alvin D. Barkley, 

East Jordan: Luther W. Bishop, Good 

I Hart; Pearl T. Beeman, Charlevoix; Martin 

Bar, Petoskey; William Beeley, Port Hu- 
ron; George Belcher, Petoskey; Ward E. 
Barrett, Mancelona; Magwin A. Coatta, El- 
;niira; George H. Crump, Oden; Joseph A. 
Cobe, Harbor Springs; John G. Coutts, Pe- 
toskey; John W. Cotes, East Jordan; Otto 
C. Christman, Harbor Springs; Louis H. 
Diamond, Alanson; Oliver W. DeLong, Pe- 
toskey; Franklin E. Davis, Petoskey; John 
Donnelly, Peck; John Fischer, Bellaire; 
Frank B. Ferris, Petoskey; Walter French, 
Alanson; Charley E. Gould, Alanson; John 
E. Golden, Petoskey; Eddy J. Gunnison, 
DeWitt; Sam A. Hall. Petoskey; Bruce 
Hanshew, Charlevoix; Thereon J. Henry, 
Petoskey; Fred E. Hart, Pentwater; James 
A. Hart, East Jordan; Perry W. Hoig, Bru- 
tus; Henry O. Henrickson, Manistee; Wil- 
liam H. Hamilton. Boyne City; William M. 
Healey, East Jordan; Charlie A. Johnson, 
Alba; Herman Kreger, Waltenburg; Clar- 
ence D. Kirk, Petoskey; Arthur J. Ken- 
well, Charlevoix; Harry H. King, Petoskey; 
Alexander Lark, Cross Village; Chas. H. 
Loveless, Petoskey; Daniel Ludington, Pe- 
toskey; William Lively, Mancelona; Roscoe 
L Lampson, Petoskey; James E. Moran, 
Charlevoix; Herbert R. Masales, Petoskey; 
Frank F. Mcintosh, Alanson; Walter Moon, 
Charlevoix; David Mathews, Jonesville; 
Tracy S. Newall, Ellsworth; Frederick O. 
Paquette, Charlevoix; Chas. D. Paquin, Pe- 
toskey; Alvin L. Paquin, Petoskey; Ed- 
ward C. Price, Alden; Thomas Petoskey, 
Petoskey; Omar F. Rumsey, Petoskey; 
John A. Ruefli, Petoskey; Moses Stable, 
Mancelona; Thos. B. B. Smith, Gaylord; 
Francis E. Sherman, Charlevoix; Louis E. 
Sweet, Alanson; Tom B. Struble, Petoskey; 
Guy E. Strock, Clarion; Frank E. Spears, 
Petoskey; William S. Sigsbee, Lansing; 
Archibald G. Thompson, Boyne City; Rob- 
ert D. Tripp, Petoskey; Wm. H. Taylor. 
Grayling; Ethen W. Thompson, Boyne 
Falls; Arthur J. Underwood, Petoskey; 
Frank VanBuren, Boyne City; Frank M. 
Wilson. Gaylord; Fred A. Wright, Charle- 
voix; William Willis, Petoskey; George R. 
Whipple, Brutus: Albert T. White. Petos- 
key; Henry W. Weber, Wolverine; Chas. B. 
Woerfel. Boyne City; Frederick N. Wysard, 

Company D. 

John B. Haines, Captain, Dundee; Svlves- 
ter S. Zeluff, 1st Lieut., Dundee; Charles A. 
Jordan, 2d Lieut., Dundee; John F, Wood- 
ard, 1st Sergt., Kalamazoo; C. F. Haines, 
Q. M. Sergt., Dundee; Frank S. French, 
Sergt., Dundee; William G. Drake, Sergt., 
Blissfleld; Chas. R. Cahill, Sergt., Tecum- 
seh; Andrew Arthur, Sergt., Victor; Bert 
O. Chapman, Corporal. Dundee; Martin P. 
Elder, Corporal, Petersburg; John W. 
Snell, Corporal, London; Conrad F. Her- 
zog. Corporal, Maybee; Arthur K. Gould, 
Corporal, Milan; William Cavanaugh, Cor- 
poral, London; William E. Throop, Cor- 
poral, Adrian; Edward J. Mooney, Cor- 
poral, Northville; Myrt Terry, Corporal, 
St. Johns; Benj. S. Eggleston, Corporal, 
Jonesville; Carl W. Schafer, Corporal, Ida; 
Andrew. Maurer, Musician, Adrian;. Chas. 
E. Edwards, Musician, Dundee; Milton 
Mates, Artificer, Lulu; William L. Buck, 
Wagoner, Dundee. 

Privates— Albert L. Aldrich, Ovid: Sey- 
mour E. Allen, Adrian; Samuel H. Allison, 
Dundee; Herbert L. Austin. Ovid; John W: 
Barber, Northville; William B. Barber, 
Northville; Albert Brockman, Dundee; Ed- 
win C. Broadbent, Ada; Herman F. Brock- 

man, Dundee; Roy L. Balcom, Ovid; Daniel 
Berkey, Schofield; Charles Clark, Dundee; 
John M. Cosgrove, Hudson; Isaac T. 
Crocker, Northville; Winfield Cronawert, 
Petersburg; Clarence E. Curtis, Dundee; 
Peter Cuzyk, Detroit; Lewis Daily, Ida; 
Chas. D. Buhl, Dundee; Leo A. DeShetler, 
Dundee; Theo. E. De Shelter, Dundee; 
Frederick Deitle, Manchester; Peter 
Doolittle, Northville; Floyd Eads, Dun- 
dee; William P. Fisher, Detroit; Thomas 
Gorman, Dundee; Arthur Grant, Ovid; 
Henry B. Gregory, Owosso; James A. 
Groom, Adrian; Star Hallett, Blissfleld; 
William L. Hampton, Ovid; David J. Han- 
son, London; Earl C. Hall, Milan; George 
S. Hickerson, Haney, O. ; Frederick Hines, 
Blissfleld; John Y. Harris, Fremont; Ar- 
thur L. Howard, Berlin Heights, O. ; Luther 
F. Jaro, Blissfleld; Chas. A. Keller, Dun- 
dee; James H. Keene, Dundee; Galen T. 
Keene, Dundee; Chas. Knapp, Grand Rap- 
ids; Crist. W. Litstaff, Dundee; Isaac 
Lounsbury, St. Johns; Edward J. Lyon, 
Plymouth; William J. H. Mueller, Dundee; 
George E. Morehouse, Ovid; George W. 
Morgan, Northville; John M. Moulton, Buf- 
falo, N. Y.; Edwin E. F. Niles, Whigville; 
Irwin Niles, Ovid; Geo. A. Palmer, Azalia; 
Byron G. Northrop, Westfield; James H. 
Plunkett, Dundee; Abram Pratty, Fowler; 
William G. Reichart, Manchester; Cor- 
nelius J. Roach, Bellaire; Lewis G. Remel, 
Adrian; Albert P. Robbins, St. Johns; 
Harry L. Rockwood, Union. City; John S. 
Russel, St. Johns; Thomas W. Ryan, 
Adrian; Benjamin Schupp, Jasper; John 
Schrader, Dundee; Theodore Schrader, 
Dundee; Orson C. Simpson, Ovid; Sylvester 
H. Smith, Dundee; Worth B. Smith, 
Adrian; Leslie M, Stead, Tecumseh; Henry 
B. Steffens. Clinton; John R. Stroub, Dex- 
ter; John Strech, Blissfleld; Frank J. Sut- 
ton, Northville; Edward Traub, Salem; 
Joseph W. Uhl, Dundee; John J. Vandeven- 
ter, Dundee; Collie O. Waltz, Blissfleld; 
Fred W. Wenner, Manchester; Isaac D. 
Wright, Plymouth. 

Company Id?. 

Will A. Prince, Captain, Alpena; Harry 
Hill, 1st Lieut., Saginaw; Henry C, Ham- 
mill, 2d Lieut., Alpena; Herbert W. San- 
born, 1st Sergt., Saginaw; Lyman S. Van 
Osman, Q. M. Sergt., La Rocque; Marshall 
A. Oakley, Sergt., Standish; George N. 
Comfort, Sergt., Alpena; James A. Griggs, 
Sergt., Saginaw; Joseph S. Peters, Sergt., 
Saginaw; Charles Kerns, Corporal, Sag- 
inaw; Henry Schust. Corporal. Saginaw; 
Joseph W. Sovey, Corporal, Harrisville; 
William J. Springstead, Corporal, Au Sa- 
ble; Sinclair O'Toole, Corporal, Wilson 
Township; Frank Jewell, Corporal, Twin- 
ing; William H. McClintock, Corporal, Al- 
pena; Orasmus G. Doty, Corporal, Stand- 
ish; Henry E. Thompson. Corporal, Tawas 
City; Adolph Vasser, Corporal, Alpena; 
Carl P. Lunning, Corporal, Grayling; Wil- 
liam J. McQueen, Corporal, Hillman; 
Charles A. Kellogg, Musician, Alpena; 
Frank Sutherland, Musician. Oscoda; Wil- 
liam C. Francis, Artiflcer, Standish; Wil-r 
liam J. Whiting, Wagoner, Maple Ridge. J] 

Privates — John A. Adair, Omer; Louis E. 
Axford, Attica; William H. Barr, Twining; 
Alfred Baker. Millersburg; Neal A. Beaton, 
Grayling; William A. Bunker, Tawas City; 
Milton E. Beamer, Tawas City; Elbe J. 
Brunett. Alpena: Curtis R. Brown, Vassar; 
Frank R. Burt, Black River; Henry C. Bre- 

mer, Spaulding; Adrian M. Brackinreed, 
Alpena; William A. Brackinreed, Alpena; 
John N. Campbell, Grayling; Ernest T. 
Carley, Grand Rapids; Frank L. Charbo- 
reau, Oscoda; George B. Crawley, Hillman; 
John Clark, Saginaw; Gideon Crotean, 
Grayling; Ezra S. Couchey, Tawas City; 
Thomas Corcoran, Harrisville; Charles De- 
Wolf, Hillman; Willian E. Dunham, Os- 
sineke; Thos. J. Duncan, Green Township; 
John W. Duncan, Green Township; Charles 

E. Doyle, Black River; Edgar J. Dyer, 
Grayling; Robert N. Dillenbeck, Whitte- 
more; Charles D. Embury, Standish; James 

F. Emerson, Harrisville; Harvey Flewell- 
ing, Alpena; Daniel Ferguson, Hillman; 
Morris Fecto, Alpena; Eugene Fauble, 
Grayling; Eli Grise, Tawas City; Howard 
J. Gasahl. Mears; Willie Gates, Turner; 
Thomas J. Harrison, Alpena; Albert A. 
Henderson, Owendale; Charles L. Hecox, 
Ossineke; Clarence T. Harrington, Alpena; 
Robert Hompstead, West Harrisonville; 
Ernest J. Heinrich, East Tawas; Frank J. 
Hottois, Whittemore; Joseph Kelly, Long 
Rapids; George Larson, Grayling; Peter J. 
Martin, Millersburg; Lionel H. Marshall, 
Saginaw; Espa A, Merrill, Roscommon; 
William L. McCombs, Long Rapids; Robert 
McDonald, Hillman; Archie C. McKinnon, 
Lewiston; Hugh McKinnon, Black River; 
Peter J. McPhail, Au Sable; Malcolm E. 
McKenzie, Tawas City; Fred Probanz, 
Twining; Bruce A. Palmer, Standish; Peter 
E. Peterson, Grayling; Thorwald R. Peter- 
son, Grayling; Benjamin F. Price, Gray- 
ling; Charlie J. Rawling, Alpena; Verney 
Royce, Omer; Russell C. Richardson, Sag- 
inaw; Wayne Russell, West Branch; Albert 
Smith. Alpena; Willard E. Smith, Au Sa- 
ble; John Seymour, Twining; Chas. A. 
Skidgel. Standish: ChPs. J. Stever, Gray- 
ling: Anson L. Trumley, Grayling; Ben- 
jamin F. Thompson, Long Rapids; George 
Vincent, Gustin; Edward Vaughan, Osooda; 
Joseph T. Wrimple, Alpena; James Wallace, 
Black River; John Worth, Au Babble; Joseph 
S. Williams. East Tawas; Ambrose A. 
Walsh, Twining; Otis H. Warren, Lewiston; 
Chas. B, Wilbur. Frederick; Edwin P. 
Young, Hillman; Chas. C. Zie.m, Alpena. 

Company F, 

John M. Gleason, Captain, Port Huron; 
Horace P. Svkes, 1st Lieut., Wyandotte; 
Bertram J. Bishop, 2d Lieut., Wyandotte; 
Oscar W. Neuman, 1st Sergt., Windsor, 
Ont. ; Edward N. Munro, Q. M. Sergt., De- 
troit; Walter C. Warren, Sergt., Detroit; 
Edgar Ward, Sergt., Port Huron; John 
Neis, Sergt., Port Huron; John F. Atkin- 
son, Sergt., Detroit; Charles Davidson, 
Corroral. Port Huron: William Oles, Cor- 
poral, Lexington; Walter M. Wilkins, Cor- 
poral, Wyandotte; John C. Gorman, Cor- 
poral, Wyandotte: Frank Kenney, Cor- 
poral, Cheboygan; Elmer Shumar, Corporal, 
Imlay City; John W. Conway (cook), Cor- 
poral. Detroit; Michael Purcell, Corporal, 
Wyandotte; George A. McDougall, Cor- 
poral, Port Huron; Walter Ryland. Cor- 
poral, Kendallville, Ind. ; Halmer E. Lacey, 
Corporal, Wyandotte; Marcus C. Ware, 
Corporal. Imlay City; Kibby La Beau, Mu- 
sician. Wyandotte; Guy J. Fisher, Music- 
ian, Hillsdale;- James B. Birdsall, Artificer, 
Prairie Depot, Ohio; John W^ Hopps, Wag-^ 
oner. Gardendale. fj 

Privates— Chas. L. Ahnert, Detroit; Wil- 
liam Begerman. Wyandotte; Henry H. 
Bellville, Wyandotte: Robert J. Belt, De- 

troit; Eugene F. Betwee, Wyandotte; 
Thomas Blashak, Detroit; Frederick Block, 
Sicky Centre; Walter Brandt, Detroit; 
Charles J. Burger, Detroit; William E. 
Burwell, Port Huron; Charles O. Dauson, 
Port Huron; Herbert W. Filkins, Wyan- 
dotte; August Flocks, Wyandotte; James 
Foster, Port Huron; Bernard R. Freda, De- 
troit; Frank Gorman, Wyandotte; Henry 
Graham, Wyandotte; Purcyvall M. Glover, 
Cleveland, O. ; William H. Green, Wyan- 
dotte; Edward G. Groth, Detroit; Chester 
Harding, Wyandotte; Bernard C. Hart, 
Port Huron; Robert Hoffman, Detroit; 
Thomas Hogan, Wyandotte; Frank Isabell, 
Port Huron; Aldo L. Isham, Wyandotte; 
George Jacklin, Wyandotte; William J. 
Johnston, Port Huron; Alfred La Beau, 
Wyandotte; Alexander Labo, Wyandotte; 
Fred La Bo, Wyandotte; Dave La Bo, Wy- 
andotte; Joseph La Bo, Wyandotte; George 
Larose, Wyandotte; Arnold Letherer, Wy- 
andotte; Richard Leitz, Detroit; Albert 
Lewis, Cleveland, Ohio; Harry McCloy, 
Wyandotte; William Malloy, Port Huron; 
Herman Markoff, ,Ir., Detroit; William E. 
Martin, Detroit; Bernhard Meier, Colgate, 
Ohio; Magnus Meier, Wyandotte; Norman 
E. Morrell, Detroit; Frederick Mouchet, 
Jr., Wyandotte; Francis Murphy, Detroit; 
William Murray, Port Huron; Howard H. 
Parker, Port Huron; Claude F, Peck, Shel- 
by; Thomas Pocock, Wyandotte; Edward 
Poss, Detroit; William Ranspack, Detroit; 
William Ragen, Wyandotte; George B. 
Reese. Detroit; James C. Reynolds, Colum- 
bus; John E. Riley, Wyandotte; Chas. S. 
Ross, Port Huron; George Rushlow, Wyan- 
dotte; Ralph F. Sell, Detroit; Patrick 
Shaw, Wyandotte; August Schultz, Romu- 
lus; William Smith, Port Huron; Harry J. 
Snelling, Imlay^ City; Chas. Springstead, 
Wyandotte; Hugh Steinhainer, Wyandotte; 
Frank Stepanick, Wyandotte; Thomas 
Tims, Wyandotte; Thomas Tomlinson, 
Port Huron; Richard Toomey, Wyandotte; 
William J. Steinhanre, Wyandotte; Louis 
Vroman, Wyandotte; James Welsh, Port 
Huron; William H. P. Wenner, Detroit; 
George B. Wilber, Imlay City; Frank R. 
Williams, Imlay City; Oscar Wollensack, 
Wyandotte; Fred Dare, Port Huron; 
Charles Thomas, Ithaca; Glen W. Gale, 
Middleville; George O. Burwell, Detroit; 
William H. Eeattie, Flint; Otto Worden, 

Company G. 

Nathan T. Simpson, Captain, Hartford; 
Harry W. Bush, 1st Lieut., Kalamazoo; 
Bret H. Crockett, 2d Lieut., Decatur; Harry 
P. Wilcox, Sergt., Dowagiac; S. L. Lawton, 
Sergt., Lawton: Warren J. Clark, Sergt., 
Lawrence: Adelbert D. Hurlbut, Sergt., 
Lansing; Thos. R. Masten, Sergt., Brown- 
ville; Art emus Rathburn, Sergt., Dowagiac; 
Tv/f^ilton Scpttergood, Corporal. Dowagiac; 
Edgar M. Snow, Jr., Corporal, Paw Paw; 
Frank Shurer, Corporal, Bangor; F. H. 
Slee, Corporal, Bangor; Will F. Sweet, 
Corporal, Lawrence; Harry E. Huff, Cor- 
poral, Dowagiac; Glenn M. Gardner. Cor- 
poral, Dowagiac: Richard Abrams. Corpo- 
ral, Lawrence: Clare E. Burleigh, Corooral, 
Kalamazoo; Lewis M. Peake. Corporal, 
Niles; John McKay, Corporal, Lawton; Ed. 
A. Bush, Corporal. Lawton: Chester E. 
Warner, Musician, Lawton; Frank J. Har- 
dv, Musician, Detroit: Duane McAllister, 
Wagoner, Lawrence; Frank E. Blood, Ar- 
tiflcer, Vandalia. 

Privates — Clarence H. Ackerman, Ban- 
gor; Geo. F. Branch, Lawrence; Stephen 

A. Brazill, Kalamazoo; Edward Bunting, 
Sturgis; Relly T. Bates, Paw Paw; Clauae 
Bocker, Kalamazoo; John J. Berkenstock, 
FowlervlUe; William M. Baldwin, Vandalia; 
Thomas D. Boughton, Charlotte; Elijah 
Burt, Niles; Fred J. Bush, Kalamazoo; 
William S. Boyer, Bunton; William H. Cra- 
mer, St. Joseph; John Ira Cronk, Lawton; 
Lewis M. Chapton, Paw Paw; Warren 
Cookingham, Sturgis; Germ Cookingham, 
William H. Leeson, Marshall; George F. 
Sturgis; Gail A. Comber, Lawrence; John 
L. Cramer, St. Joseph; Fred A. Curtis, Vo- 
"Hcia; Chas. H. Deneke, Hartford; Walter 
S. Derendinger, South Lyons; Homer 
Dewey, Silver Creek; Bert Decker, Bloom- 
ingdale; Ellis D. Diver, Marshall; Chas. D. 
Daniels, Lawrence; George ,H. Enos, Do- 
wagiac; Lucius W. Elliott, Northville; Wil- 
liam E. Fox, Decatur; Edward Fay, Kala- 
mazoo; Lewis B. Force. St. Joseph; Chas. 
P. Gibson, Grand Rapids; Albert Gardner, 
Lima; Samuel Gregg, Dowagiac; John J. 
Griffin, Lawton; William L. Huber, Char- 
lotte; Perry R. Holland, Lawrence; Frank 
C. Harmon, Northville; Clarence S. Hurl- 
but, Lansing; Frank Harbin, Bangor; John 
W. Hatfield, Niles; Peter D. Henion, Law- 
ton; James W. Hall, Decatur; Frederick 
Harbin, St. Joseph; Ray H. Ives, Cassopo- 
lis; Andrew J. Jenkins, Paw Paw; Patrick 
E.yKelly, Dowagiac; Bert S. Lister, Bu- 
chanan; Willie C Labady, Decatur; 
James H. Loshbough, Dowagiac; Orson R. 
Lampson, Sturgis; Matt M. Maloy, Dowa- 
giac; Merrit E. Martin, Paw Paw; Henry 
Mahoney, Decatur; James F. Moran, Dai- 
ley; Dennis B. Myers, Dowagiac; Henry A. 
Morley, Lawton; Ernest J. Mann, Dowa- 
giac; Willie H. H. Mclntyre, Decatur; Em- 
erson McPeeter, Kalamazoo; William H. 
Mathews, Niles; William Osborn, Kalama- 
zoo; Robert B. Oaks, Decatur; Loomis V. 
Powers, Glenwood, William A. Pike, Deca- 
tur; Fred Rock, Lawton; Benj. E. Sprague, 
Plymouth; Frank M. Searls, Niles; James 
G. Smith, Dowagiac; Guy L. Saulsbury, 
Dailey; Arthur S. Slee, Chicago, 111.; Burr 
T. Sweet, Lawrence; John L. Shoemaker, 
Lawrence; Marshall D. Smith, Cassopolis; 
Adam Spencer, Detroit; William F. Slach- 
ter, Sturgis; Ernest P. Trysto, Northville; 
Roland B. Underwood, Penn; Orvllle Lee 
Willis, Bangor; Adelbert C. Wicks, Dowa- 
giac; Joseph L. Wilson, Lawton; Chas. H. 
White, San Francisco, Cal.; Arba A. Mar- 
tin, Lawrence. 

Company H. 

John L. Thorburn, Captain, Midland; Roy 
I. Taylor, 1st Lieut., Mt. Pleasant; Will E. 
Reardon, 2d Lieut., Midland; Burt W. 
White, 1st Sergt.. Grand Rapids; Paul W. 
Swartz, Q. M. Sergt., Midland; Fred H. 
Shorts, Sergt., Mt. Pleasant; Richard H. 
Poillon, Jr., Sergt., Detroit; Fletcher G. 
Booth, Sergt., Sumner; Glenn E. Baney, 
Sergt., Ithaca; George F. Sommer, Corpo- 
ral, Saginaw; Timothv Kirwin, Corporal, 
Riverdale; John C. Timmons, Corporal, 
Midland; Prank Conrad, Corporal, Mt. 
Pleasant; Harry R. Conklin, Corporal, 
Springport; Eddie W. Pine, Corporal, 
Loomis; Fred C. Whitney, Corporal, Mt. 
Pleasant; George P. Robertson, Corporal, 
North Star; Frank M. Shroyer, Corporal, 
Ithaca; John M. Banders, Corporal, Ithaca; 
James P. Whitney, Corporal, Romeo; Har- 
ry H. Johnson, Corporal. St. Louis; Aaron 
Rosenthal, Musician, Clare; William M. 
Crampton, Musician, Northville; Archie L. 

Scranton, Artificer, Wcidman; James Mc- 
Gregor, Wagoner, St. Louis. 

Privates— Frank C. Alswede, Averill; Bird 
Allen, Perrington; Almond A. Babcock, 
Clare; James E. Butman, Clare; Samuel 
Blennee, Saginaw; Raymond H. Bangs, 
Alma; George A. Bo wen, Clare; Americus 
V. Barks, Fremont; William Burch, Mid- 
land; Ray Broadhead, St. Louis; Oscar J. 
Bright, Harrison; Arthur Blakely, Mio; Syl- 
vester B. Brott, St. Louis; Eli Bugbee, 
Brinton; Charles L. Brayman, Midland; 
William J. Carrel, Alma; Albert C. Camp- 
bell, Greenwood; Stephen A. Clymer, Ith- 
aca; Theodore E. Cook, Somerfield; Clifford 
C. Clark, Clare; James Curran, Lathrop; 
Chas. C- Critchfield, Ithaca; William J. 
Dennis, Midland; Sidney E. Dalrymple, Ith- 
aca; George W. Dunstan, Temple; Ruther- 
ford B. Durling, Loomis; Wesley Dafoe, 
Curtiss; John Dillon, Mt. Pleasant; Conrad 
Enders, Mt. Pleasant; Raymond W. Parn- 
ham, Midland; Noah H. Pry, Midland; 
Chas. M. Farrell, Toledo, Ohio; William IJ. 
Gilmore, Shelby; Fred Greenfield, Deerfleld; 
Arthur Higgins, Midland; Albert M. Hawes, 
Richmond; William C. Hollinger, North 
Star; Lester Howey, Coleman; Warner A. 
Johnson, Midland; Gus T. Johnson, Mid- 
land; Ralph M. Knickerbocker, Edgewood; 
Thomas E. Lobdell, Rathbone; Enos Lewis, 
Ithaca; William J. Miller, Midland; Charles 
P. Murphy, South Arm; Louie R. Messen- 
ger, Cooks; Myron Murgittroyd, Brecken- 
ridge: Louis Mortenson, Whitehall; George 
McGihon, Caldwell; All McKsic, Midland; 
Donald McKinley, Dryden; William A. Mc- 
Donald, Midland; Elmer W. McDonald, 
New Haven Center; Charles A. Percell, 
Mlddleton; Charles Peterson, Whitehalll; 
Janies H. Payne, Midland; Ernest L. Rose, 
Midlanad; George A. Robinson, Clare; Guy 
Rosekrans, North Star; Zacharias D. Rule, 
Mlddleton; James Smith, Midland; Austin 
E. Smith, Hope; Asa D. Stanbery, Deer- 
field; Fred L. Stoutenburgh, Alma; John 
E. Shively, Emerson; Fred A. Stancliff, 
Midland; Alfred Saleno, Ithaca; Charlfes E. 
Smith, Flint; George A. Spicer, Alma; 
Michael Timmons. Midland; Wilber S. Tut- 
tle, Mlddleton; George A. Thurlow, Glad- 
win; Prank Vanconant, Clare; Marvin E. 
Wyman, Midland; Leon Weymouth, North- 
ville; Thomas A. Wellman, Ford River; 
Archie J. Warner, Damon: Albert H. Web- 
ster, Ithaca; George A. Whipple, Midland; 
Albert J. Wilson, Cla^e; Oren J. Young, 
Grand Ledge; Zopher E. Yoder, Clare. 

Company I. 

Gilmore G. Scranton, Captain, Sault Ste. 
Marie; Chas. H. Chapman, 1st Lieut., Sault 
Ste. Marie; Chas. W. Adkins. 2d Lieut., 
Manistique: Wm. A. Bur dick, Sergt., Man- 
istique; Wm. S. Putnam, Sergt., Manis- 
tique; John Mc Williams, Sergt., Manis- 
tique; Wm. H. Dawson, Sergt., Columbus 
Junction, Iowa; John G. Case, Sergt., 
Manistique; Thos. H. R. Silverhiehn, 
Sergt., Manistique; Harry C. D. Ashford, 
Corporal, Manistique; Charles Smithers, 
Corporal, Manistique; John F. Beardslee, 
Corporal, Flint: William R. Winchel, Cor- 
poral, Ovid; Fred A. Rayburn, Corporal, 
Alpena; H. G. Ellis, Corporal, Amadon; 
Andrew W. Paulsen, Corporal, Manistique; 
Geo. L. Rose, Corporal, Manistique; Arthur 
C. Briggs, Corporal, Plymouth; John P. 
Anderson, Corporal. Manistique; Albert J. 
Thompson, Corporal, Muskegon; James St. 
James, Corporal, St. Ignace; Thomas C. 

Lewis, Musician, Grand Rapids; Fred By- 
ers. Musician, Manistique; Geo. P. Ander- 
son, Artificer, Manistique; Patrick Gratton, 
Wagoner, Manistique. 

Privates— Clyde Armstrong, Bannister; 
Chas. H. Brown, Greenland; Frank R. 
Berry, Flint; Wm. Bestman, Manistique; 
Prank E. Blakely, St. Ignace; Alexander 
Bawks, Pickford; William P. Behrend, 
Sault Ste.- Marie; Abram D. Boomer, Man- 
istique; James P. Bloomer, Manistique; 
James G. Crilley, Manistique; George W. 
Crawford, Ontonagon; Fred T. E. Crane, 
Ontonagon; James P. Corgan, Ontonagon; 
Will Caplin, Manistique; Rock Chartier, 
Manistique; Peter R. Clare, Manistique; 
George Conley, Sault Ste. Marie; Fred M. 
Cooper, Sault Ste. Marie; Mark W. Cal- 
beck. Bay Mills; Myron C. Doane, OtisvlUe; 
Robert N. Dodge, Gladstone; Oscar Deh- 
lin, Manistique; Louis Dahlberg, Manis- 
tique; Alexander Daignadt, Manistique; 
Seymour Davis, Saginaw; Henry Evert, 
Manistique; Archie Gonyea, Manistique; 
William R. Galbraith, Manistique; William 
Gordon, Manistique; Lyle R. Glendenning, 
Detroit; John Girvin, Rudyard; Simon 
Grace, Argyle; Percy A. Greenwood, De- 
troit; Henry B. Hursh, Thompson; Charlie 
Hans, Sault Ste. Marie; Nelson H. Hunter, 
Jackson; Thomas Halpin, Greenland; 
Henry T. John, Manistique; Nicholas Ken- 
dall, Manistique; George H. Kipp, Camden; 
MiUerd L. Kump, Gulliver; Thomas E. 
Kemp, Sault Ste. Marie; Edward A. La- 
versa, Hudson; William T. Laversa, Hud- 
son; Napoleon Labranche, Manistique; 
Oliver Lafreniere, Manistique; Otto Lag- 
man, Manistique; Herman J. Lamotte, 
Sault Ste. Marie; William Martin, Novark, 
Canada; Sylvanus Middlebrooks, Man- 
chester; Albert Myers, Banister; Alexander 
G. Murray, Red Jackett; John D. McPher- 
son, Sault Ste. Marie; Arthur J. McMillan, 
Ontong^gon; Murdick McNeil, Manistique; 
Charles McKay, Manistique; Frank Nebel, 
Sharenville; Charles Nass, Manistique; 
Prank J. Newsom, Bahhister; Mlkeal P. 
O'Donnell, Manistique; Godfrey A. J. Ol- 
son, Manistique; Charles O'Hara, Flint; 
Jerry Poupard, St. Ignace; Walter P. Par- 
ker, Ontonagon; : Edward J. Palmer, Man- 
istique; Frank Riley, Manistique; William 
J. Ryan, Bay City; John D. Roberts, Ban- 
nister; Prank J. Robison, Lapeer; iMfred 
Sisco, Manistique; Michael Scanlon, Flint; 
Josepih Schiffender, Ludin^ton; Henry 
Salby, Ontonagon; William Sampson, Bay 
City; Michael Smith, Thompson; William 
E. Smith, Jr., Manistique; Johial Sheets, 
Manistique; Edward Swadling, Deerfleld; 
Michael Tucker, Sault Ste. Marie; Fred- 
erick Walsh, Bay City; William H. Welch, 
Davison: Leroy M. Woodruff, Manistique; 
Daniel E. Webster. St. Ignace; Elijah R. 
Leavens, Manistique. 

Company K. 

Richard S. Lockton. Captain. Marshall; 
Clark O. Fountain, 1st Lieut., Grand Rap- 
ids; Guy M. Rowley, 2d Lieut., Charlotte; 
Dake A. Smith, 1st Sergt., Portland; Edwin 
D. Mallory, Q. M. Sergt., Nashville; Lew. 
J. Groak, Sergt., Charlotte; Prank Cath- 
cart, Sergt., Marshall; Herbert N. Sapp, 
Sergt., Marshall; Robert Lewis, Sergt., 
Hastings; .William H. Ryan, Corporal, 
Kalamo; Robert H. Mitchell, Corporal, 
Middleville; Roy H. Town, Corporal, Mar- 
shall; Elton L. Howe, Corporal, Charlotte; 
William W. Gaston, Corporal, Marshall; 

Cortey P. Gushing, Corporal, Charlotte; 
William E. Lear, Jr., Corporal, Grand 
Ledge; Charles J. Griffith, Corporal, Mar- 
shall; Harley M. Andrus, Corporal, Hast- 
ings; Edwin W. Grants, Corporal, Middle- 
ville; Jay J. Mead, Corporal, Rice Creek; 
Harry P. Dickey, Musician, Marshall; Lodie 
W. Penton, Musician, Middleville; Georgo 
D. McNames, Artificer, Marshall; George B. 
Webb, Wagoner, Detroit. 

Privates— Lewis O. Allen, Charlotte; 
Charles W. Arbaugh, Marshall; Albert J. 
Baker, Albion; Perry A. Bailey, Millbrook; 
Thomafe M. Batey, Middleville; George A. 
Boyle, Pontlac: Fred J. Beck, Marshall: 
Alonzo J. Bishop, Jr., Chester; Lemuel 
Bishop, Hastings; William H. Bohen, De- 
troit; John M. Burkle, Marshall; Ptank 
H. Barnaby, Hastings; George L. Burrill, 
Pentwater; Ernest T Clark, Unionville; 
Jack Conrad, Marshall; James D. Cush- 
man, Marshall; Harlow G. Carter, Jr., 
Hastings; P. E. Cook, Marshall; Albert H. 
Carveth, Hastings; Charles J. Corson, Mld- 
rnovin^r/^llen E. Day, Charlotte; Charles 
W. Deiner, Detroit; Milton B. Depew, 
Charlotte; William H. Dickens, Middleville; 
Arthur C. D. Dernier, Deerfleld; Albert W. 
Doollttle, Eckford; William H. Douglas. 
Hastings; Charles S. Dunham, Marshall; 
Lee H. Dell, Charlotte; Adellan M. Fair- 
child, Charlotte; Ray Foulk, Grand Rapids; 
William W. Puller, Manistee; Charles G. 
Glaser, Detroit; Floyd L. Green, Sand 
Lake; Otis G. Gilbert, Shelby; Alfred H. 
Holsenburg, Battle Creek; Edward J. 
Howay, Detroit; Frank T. Holmes, Lud- 
Ington; Nicholas C. Hoey, Marshall; Al- 
fred C. Hodgson, Detroit; Charlie H. Hart- 
ford, Nashville; Lewis N. xHartson, Te- 
konsha; Prank E. Herrlngton, Dowllng; 
Edward W. Hulford, Plnconning; William 
Jacobson, Trufant; Ernest Keech, Hast- 
ings; Edward J. Kirkpatrick, Charlotte; 
Bruce D. Knowles, Vermontville ; Isidor 
Lang, Detroit; Harvey Lear, Charlotte; 
Lower, Predonia Township; Angus Mc- 
Lachlin, West Bay City; Ralph McGorm- 
ley, Gresham; Newell McCansey, Char- 
lotte; Earl A. McElroy, Ludington; Elmer 
McNee, Middleville; Jesse Mabrey, Mar- 
shall; William A. Miller, Charlotte; Ed- 
ward L. Oles, Marshall; Jesse E. Prescott, 
Charlotte; Earl H. Pryor, Middleville; Her- 
bert S. Reid, Detroit; Henry D. Root, 
Middleville; Philip A. Ryan, Marshall; 
William J. Sp.ckett, Dowllng; John H. San- 
ders, Marshall: Harry N. Simmons, Lan- 
sing; Henry S. Sheldon, Hastings; Simon 
W. Smith, Middleville; Arthur C. Thacker. 
Detroit; Fred A. Thayer, Battle Creek; 
Charles B. Tyler. Marshall; Martin Van 
Der Ble. Holland; John B. Vlamlnck, De- 
troit: Roy S. Way, Marshall; Elroy James 
Waldorf, Hudson; Louis P. Werner, Mar- 
shall; Clarence E. Wiley, Middleville; Al- 
bert Woodmansee, Dowllng; Spurgeon 
W'llson. Middleville: Pdward H. Zimmer, 
Grand Rapids; Joihn Zanger, John O. Zuver, 

Company L, 

William G. Pleischhauer, Captain, Reed 
City; Geore-e R. Burt, 1st Lieut.. Saginaw; 
Henry A. Rioley, 2d Lieut., Saginaw; An- 
drew Tyner Woolipert, 1st Sergt., Kalkaska; 
Theodore Shadegg, Quartermaster Sergt., 
Minneapolis, Minn.: Lawrence M. Slosson, 
Serp't.. Reed City: Fred .T. Simonson, Sergt., 
Kalkaska; Robert Bailey, Sergt.. Evart; 
Otto E. MoCutcheon, Sergt., Saginaw; 
William W. iSlmonson, Corporal, Kal- 

AViillun it. Ii;,rih- 

iiii;nn v. M;i 

Howell ; 

.-. ' w. s. ; :<■ 

: ,f,>...'r.h W \\: :.;-.i 

::i!i: '>' '^V^.o'l\. I'j 


"W. S. : rh:;il..s. . 


; f:r 
K. « 

H. ■ 

, 1 >V':<. :■: \hKl:lU 
; .Ir.hri v\':,r,i. K 
!■. K.i:k'!:^><:i ; Kal] 
rri }i. \V >,,[;;.rf. !■; 


stiis L. Smith. l»<i 
liuek, II o "" ' 

.apecr: Willianl M. Snyder, 
!ust V, Schlusler, Pontlac; 
'ontlac: Kdward P, Smith, 
M, Snillii, 

Charles A. 
■cliie M. Sflsbv, Howell: 
, Duck Lake: Byron G. Scol- 
lay, Pontlac; Wilford Scollav. I'mitiac; 
(!hfirlPR D. Stcvcrs. Pontine; I^red Thorpe, 
Pontlae; Louis N. Tliompson, Brighton; 
r.eo T.. Thomas, Pontiao; Oren J. Torrev. 
Oxford; Edwin Van Sl<'kle, flreen Onks; 
George Woonaeoti,. Pontiao; Raymond T. 
Woodruff, Parshallvlllc; Elmoron White, 
Birmiiig-ham; Earl Wiekharn, Bis Rapids; 
Fi-ert Wood. Silverwood; Charles J. Walsh, 
(Irand Ra.plds; Wilson P. Woit^on, Beldlng; 
Arthur K. Wallier, Oxford. 


nt I'll 


K.i^d! r,, lia 

!h>'iV.' U'"'sl';"l. 

hh:--Mn. iV.-d 

S^riO.; riow^f' 

.■ !^^■'i^^■'■y:.'_^^ 

■'i'-iilk l-\''i,a.' 

|],i-!!-:nd; Vv 
li.:'.^!:; Al.-:- 

['■or!:.;', Wal 

.i.'vi.'k W Ki 
an.i-r K. N' 


i" jk;:.-^ i>. M:Ki! 

Privates^^Howard B, Hall, Plvrnoulh; 
Reiijamin Johnson, Carlton; W'illiam JI. 
Rugg, (4rand Rapids; I^yle A. Williams, 
Xashville; Carl Promenchenkel, Northvllle; 
Albert H. Borland, Mast Tawas; William 
G. Lees. Plymotith; Ezra L. Robinson, Har- 
bor Springs; Frank .1. Steyenson, Green 
Oak; Arthur Bvrnes. Flint; Edward Bull, 
Flint; ^ Charles Dobei; Detroit; Theodore E. 
Schwinck-, RkdiJleltl; August E. Winter- 
?tlne, Saginaw; Robert LJ McKlnnon. Ox- 
ford; Duncan McHae, GreenbusK; Claude 
B. Moor€^, .lohnstow^n. N. Y.; .loseph A. 
Zess, • I'ort Huron; Daniel 10. Johnson. 
Dowa.q1ac; Ray S. Garter, JIadley; John 
D. Throop. St. Louis; .John H, Blain, 
Marion; Eugene S. Hutchinson, Plymouth; 
John G. Moeller, Buena Vista; Beecher A. 
Storey. Marion; George A. Tillottson, Shel- 
by; Michael J. Kennedy. Orion; Harrv R. 
MfFarland. Montague: Fred W. Xisbett. 


Vv^<\ [;. 


Muster Roll Michigan Naval Reserves. 

Wilkes, G Lieut, 

Newberry, T. H Lrieut., Junior Grade 

Lothrop, C. B Lieut. Junior Grade 

Baton. F. L Ensign 

Hendrie, S Ensign 

'Stand'ish, F. D Ensign 

Parker, W. R Ensign 

Gaylord, F. B Ensign 

Parker, D. L P. A. Surgeon 

Co61ey, M. E Chief Engineer 

Mehlman, A Assistant Engineer 

Atwood, S. P., C. M. 
Anderson, C, C. P. 
Annneke, E. E.. O. S. 
Ammerman, J. C, O. S. 
Brown, C VanD., O. S. 
Bohnhofe, P. A., Lds. 
Boj'd, Raymond, Lds. 
Boyle, J. W., Lds. 
Botsford, C. E., Lds. 
Bonheyo, R. J., Lds. 
Beck, A. L., S. N. M. 
Bromley, E., C. P. 
Becker, H. R., C. P. 
Broadhead, R. T., Cox. 
Berry, G. P., M. Ist-C. 
Becker, T. A., Sea. 
Baker, G. B., Y. 2d. C. 

and Ship's Writer. 
Brush, H. S., O. S. 
Bland, Jos. E., Sea. 
Baker, J. E., O. S. 
Baldwin, L. R., O. S. 
Burke, G. F., O. S. 
Blome, A. R., O. S. 
Bellman, F. M., F. 1st. 
Bagley, P. P., Sea. 
Ballard, J. A., Sea. 
Buhl, W. E., Acting 

Cox. of steam cutter. 
Buckley, J. P., Sea. 
Beaumont, J. W., Sea. 
Bernart, E. T., Sea 
Bourbonnais, W. O., S. 
Buckley, H., Sea. 
Beamer, G. H., Cox. 
Coffin, I. J., Sea. 
Cook, P. T., Sea. 
Clarkin, John, Sea. 
Connery, W. S.. Cox. 
Connors, J. J., F 1st. 
Campau, A. Mc, O. S. 
Chapman, C. W., O. S. 
Carpenter, J. L., Sea. 
Creen, J. E., O. S. 
Chandler, G. M., O. S. 
Clark, W. A., Q. M. 1st. 

Campau, M. W., M. W. 
Crowell, I. M., Blks. 
Cotter, S. M.,F. 2d C. 
Cummings, H. P., C. P. 
Cressy, W. D., C. P. 
Cole, Darius, Lds. 
Cowles, C. H., Lds. 
Case, M. H., Sea. 
Comer ford. M., M. 2d. 
Derry, E. J., Copsm. 
Dumas, W., IF. 1st C. 
Davidson, D., Blksm. 
Diack, A. W., Sea. 
Ducharme, A. J., Sea. 
Drake, J. W., O. S. 
Demorest, E. H., O. S. 
Doane, II. B., B. M. Ic. 
Dwyer, J. L., Navigat- 
or's Writer. 
DufReld, D. B., B.M. 1. 
Denby, E., G. M. 3d. 
Eberts, A. E., Lds. 
Bngle, E. A., Mes. At. 
Ewing, G. A., F. 2d. 
Bckert, F. A., F. 2d. 
Foljan, A. H., C. P. 
Ford. B. W., C. P. 
Prothingham, W. B.,S. 
Fales, B. R., Q. M. 
Poster, W. M., Sea. 
Flint, A. W*, O. a 
Fox, W. B., O. S. 
Fairbanks, C. M., C. 
Foster, J., M. 1st C. 
Grelshaber, J., Lds. 
Gleason, W., R. M. 
Gage, W. H., Lds. 
Goldsmith. W. G., Ls. 
Groesbeck, W. C, Ls. 
George, R. G., Lds. 
Gainey, G. H., Lds. 
Goodby, J. H., jr., Se. 
Gleeson, D., F. 1st. C. 
Go-ldie, W. P., O. S. 
GagG, G. S., O. S. 
Guillotte, G. B., O. S. 

Gillett, G. F., Sea. 
Godfrey, D. F., Ptr. 
Green. A. H., Cf. Ma. 
Gould, G. F., F. 1st C. 
Green, J. F., F. 1st C. 
Grady, J. F., 1st C. 
Hess, H., Lds. 
Hewett, J. E., F. 2d. 
Higgs, H. J., Bugler. 
Hutchinson, L., O. S. 
Holmes, D. R., Lds. 
Horton, B. D.. G. M. 1. 
Hinc'hman, J. A., Sea. 
HendHe, G. T., Sea,. 
Howell, C. A.^ Sea. 
Heverman, C. P., Sea. 
Howe, W. H.. P. 1st C. 
Holland, Morritz, C. O. 
Hargreaves, C. R., O. S. 
Hodges, B. R., Oiler. 
Holland, R. T., Cf. Y. 
HodBon, H., O. S. 
Harris, S. S.. G. M. 2d. 
Button, W. H., Jr., C. G. M. 
Hammond, C. P., C. M. A 
Hecker, P. C, B. M. 2d. 
Hinchman, T. H., C. M. 
Iberschoff, A. E., O. S. 
Irvine, J. C, Lds. 
Jewett, H. M., Cox. 
Joy, H. B., C. B. M. 
Jewett, E. H., G. M. I. 
Jackson, G. H., P. 2d. 
Judson, J. W., Sea. 
Janks, A. P., Lds. 
Janke, A. P., Lds. 
Jackson, H. W., F. 2d. 
Ressler, A. H., Lds. 
Kirchner, R. G., Sea. 
King, C. B., Of. <M. 
Kennard, H. P., P. P. 
Keena, L. J., O. S. 
King, E. L., O. S. 
King, J. E., Lds. 
Kennedy, E. H., Lds. 
Kennedy, P. L., Lds. 

Lewis, J. P., G. M. 1. 
Loud, H. K.. Sea. 
Lozon, G. H., W. T. 
Luke, G. C.,P. 2dC. 
Limbach, W. M., O. S. 
Linn, R. S., O. S. 
Leonard, H. N., O. S. 
Larroway, C. M., P. 1. 
Lyster, H. L., Sea. 
Leonard. O. R., Lds. 
Leach, P. A., Lds. B. 
Lee, R. W., C. P. 
Lount, W. P., C. P. 
Leacih, R., Ms. Att. 
Land on, B. P., P. 2d. 
McMillan, H. D., C. Y. 
McDonnell, R. G., C. C. 
Mc Adams, A. D., O. S. 
McGuire. B., Lds. 
McLaughlin, G., Ms. A. 
McDonald, J. R., W. C. 
McCarthy, J. W., P. 2d. 
McGlynn, J. W., P. 2d. 
Macgurn, P. G., Lds. 
Macleod, E. W., O. S. 
Merrauld, E., Ms., At. 
Morris, G. E., O. S. 
Mersfhon, J. D., B. M. 2. 
Masshick, P. C., Oiler 
Main, Geo. A., Sea. 
Marymont, L. A., O. S. 
Myers, J., P. 1st C. 
Merritt, J. P., P. 1st. 
Mosier, O. W., Sea. 
Munger, W. A., Sea. 
Moran, W. A., Sea. 
May, S. L., Cap. Clerk. 
Murrin, T. P., Sea. 
Muir, A. McG., Sea. 
Malone, H. J., Lds. 
Mill», C. W.. C. P. 
Maiaske, G., C. P. 
Miller, A. W., C. P. 
Myhrs, A. C. P. 2d C. 
Newberry, J. S., C. Q. 
Nichols, J. T., G. M. 3d. 

Nail, E. B., Sea. 
O'Donohue. M. J., P. 2. 
O'Connor, M., Sea. 
O'Day, W. M., C. M. 3. 
Owen, S. F., M. A. 3d. 
Owen, G. S., Sea. 
Owen, W. B., Lds. 
Oliver, E. P., Wd. Sd. 
Potter, A. v.. Sea. 
Peters, J. J., C. P. 
Parker, B. D., Lds. 
Patterson, G. McK., O. S. 
Partridge, C. E., Lds. 
Paine, R. P., Lds. 
Pell, J. B., O. S. 
Pickering, C. H., O.S. 
Pottinger, J. H., Sea. 
Penny, H. C, Cf. Y. 
Phelps, A., O. S. 
Quinn, A. J., Lds. 
Quierley, E., P. 1st C. 
Rorison, R. B., O. S. 
Ryan, E. J., M. 1st C. 
Ryan C. M., P- 1st C. 
Ruhl, A. P., 2d C. 
Rogers, C. C, P. 2d C. 
Rich, G. P., S. Oh. 4. 
Rusco, J., C. P. 
Reschke, P. B., Lds. 
Russell, A. W., Sea. 
Russel, H. L., Sea. 
Ruch, P. C., G. M. 2d: 
Rathbone, C. A., Cox. 
Ryan, W. H., P. 1st. 
Stanley, A. H.., Lds. 
Smith, R. C. Mc 1st. 
Simpson, J., C. P. 
Stillwell, S. S., S. W. 
Suthpin, A. E., Lds. 
Scheib, J. P., Lds. 
Sousie, D., Lds. 
Seibel, H. S., Sea. 
Scliwan, V. E., Sea. 
Standart, H. W., Sea. 
Smith, Geo. H., Sea. 

Smith, E. P., Sea. 
iSicribner, H. D., P. 1st. 
Shipman, E. J., O. S. 
Shurley, B. R., Apoth. 
Sterling, J. T., O. S. 
Sager, A., O. S. 
Snow, M. B., O. S. 
Stringham, J., Jack-o'- 

Schulte, R. M., M. 2d. 
Sutton, W. E., Oiler 
Stecker, W. A., O. S. 
Symons, J. S., O. S. 
Steele, J.. Q. M., 2a C. 
Sibley, M. M., Wr. T. 
Sn^th, Louis, Sea. 
Stratton. W. B., Q. M. 3. 
Steele, A. L.,F. 1st. 
Seuggart, N. Apoth. 
Sudendorf, W. E., M. 
Tyrrell, A. P., Lds. 
Taylor, P. L., C. P. 
Tausandfreund, G., F. 
Tilden, H. C, Lamp- 

Tilton, McL., jr., O. S. 
Thomas, W. H., Ch. C. 
Tousey. M. R., Sea. 
Wagner, C, S-hipwright. 
Whiteside, O. E., Ms. 
Widman, C. H., Lds. 
Wolf, P. B., jr., Lds. 
Winter, G., Lds. 
Welz, W. B., LdiS. 
Warner, E. L.. Sea. 
Whitney, G., (Sea. 
Welch, D., P. 1st C. 
Wetzel, E. H., O. S. 
Wurzer, L. C, O. S. 
Williams, B. L., O. S. 
Wdbber, C. H., Cox. 
Whitney, J. P., Sea. 
Witbeck,E.S., G.M.I. 
Yemans, C. C, P. 2d. 
You:nig, G.. Ms. At. 

Key to Abbreviation— C. M., Chief Machinist; C. P., Coal Passer; O. S., Ordinary Seaman; Lds., Landsman; Cox, Coxswain; Mch., 1st C, First Class Machinist; Yeo, 2d C, Second Class 

Yeoman ; Sea., Seaman -Fire, 1st C, First Class Fireman ; Q. M., 1st C, First Class Quartermaster ; W. T., Water Tender ; Blksm., Blacksmith ; 

B. M.jlst C, First Class Boilermaker; C. M. B., Chief Boatswain's Mats ; G. M., Gunner's Mate. 

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